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  1. Hi archer, my buddy has the same problem with or without USB Mouse/Keyboard - same issue with PS/2 equipment. BUT....as i see in your config you had problems with OCZ RAM? He has the same like you - did you RMA it or change to another type? Maybe this is the reason why...:confused:
  2. Hey folks, a buddy of mine has problems to install VISTA Home Prof. 32bit (OEM Systembuilder) on his system shown below: Mainboard: DFI INFINITY 975X/G Bios: 2006/10/26 (all settings default or normal) CPU: Intel Pentium D Processor 930 (FC-LGA4, "Presler") Memory: OCZ Platinum Edition DDR II 800 2X512 MB CL4-4-4-15 HDD: Samsung HD080HJ P80,80GB 7200, 8MB Cache, S-ATA II DVD combo: Samsung SH-S183A Graphic card: Gainward GF8800GTS 320MB WLan: D-Link dwl-g520 revB power supply: Tagan TG480-U15 First boot with DVD inside, installation without serial number - screen shows extracting data, installation begins and updates will install (no connect to internet because WLan card is NOT installed!); reboot, text screen tells that windows will configured for the first start; reboot, text screen tells that windows will configured for the first start, HDD is working and NOTHING - system hangs! He has changed the graphic card to a "normal" 8MB PCI-Card - same... Anybody any idea for the reason??:confused:
  3. @KNOP Have seen you are using same RAM as me [1 GB (2 x512) G.skill 4800 FF] and your Opti is about 3GHZ :drool: My Opti 146 (0540 FPBW) is rock stable @3GHT @1,58V but till know it´s impossible for me to work 1:1 with my RAM .... also with loosen timmings 2.5-4-4-8 :confused: Can ypu please give me some advice about MEM-Settings, thx
  4. Today tweaking a bit with 6.23-2BT and same settings like before (@290MHz FSB). Thought that using higher special VID control does stabilize Vcore better but nothing: Vcore (Load): 1.472 V (1.075V * 136%) NOT PRIME95 stable (faills after 1.5 Hours) Vcore (Idle) : 1.453 V (same settings and measuring points as before) Vcore (Load): 1.506 V (1.100V * 136%) PRIME95 stable.... Vcore (Idle) : 1.488 V (see above)
  5. Using the 166/200 divider with no prob at 3.1Vdimm on my BH5 at 241MHz - with more Vdimm (3.3V in order to switch to the 5V Rail that causes massiv heat !) and same timmings my RAM goes rock stable at memtest for hours at 250MHz (3.0GHz). So i think its not the divider at all or the ram - will try tweaking with loc.o settings...will also try to lower LDT and Chipset voltage. Vcore (Load): 1.490 V (measured DIRECT over C290 near CPU with Metrix DMM) Vcore (Idle) : 1.472 V (same as above) Vdimm (Load): 3.104 V (measured DIRECT over EC79 near DIMM1 socket with Metrix DMM) Vdimm (Idle): 3.110 V (same as above)
  6. :confused: is there any newer revision (E6) available that reach 3 gig ??? IMO this is the same as all other using to oc so there must be another fact to change like ram timmings or something else....
  7. Had changed my Venice to an Opteron CABYE 0540 FPBW and do some experencies the last days - at the moment i have a rock solid rig on 2.9 GHz, but every more FSB its not Prime95 stable. Increasing Vdimm to 3.3 V helps to pass MemTest 1.65 (Test 5 and 8) for hours, windows start up an OK, but priming not possible. Also have losen the RAM timmings (specially MAL & RP) and increase the Vcore to 1.55 V (DMM measured), but nothing helps. Need same advice what to do now, cause some other people with the same steppings reach 3.0 GHz without problems. should change to 6.23-2 and use 136% Vidd special for more stable Vcore ?? EDIT: MBM5 are yet not calibrated - the shown Vcore are NOT the real measured by DMM (1.493 V)
  8. Have anyone any experience with DFI-mobos and Gigabytes new case 3D AURORA ? Heard that DFI NF4 mobos can´t use onboard sound (karajan modul) with BOTH (?) exhaust fans installed - is that right :confused: See also www.insanetek.com/index.php?page=gigabyte3daurora_8
  9. OK, from your point-of-view understand this cause myself worked as an technican on chip-level repairing motherboards some years ago BUT, as the customer, it´s some different :cool: so may ask you again: Are there any possibilities that the Vcore is HIGHER as BIOS/SG showing us ? If YES, how much is or can be the difference ? @everyone Did some of you guys ever measure Vcore or Vdd on the nF4-Mobo ? Any suggestion welcome
  10. @AG & RG Can you still ask the engineers from DFI where to measure Vcore on the board OUTSIDE the CPU area ? Maybe i use the wrong name for it - i mean the voltage which is choosen by the bios as "Vcore" plus something like 113% e.g. I want to check the REAL voltage which is supplied to the cpu to verify what the bios showing me because i guess it´s to LOW
  11. thats what i do but ...how can i believe Vcore set in BIOS is REAL at CPU ? Or in another way ... which is the right setting for real 1.7 V Vcore in BIOS ??
  12. Hi, i´m new so forgive if my question was noob.. Smartguardian (and also PC Health Status in BIOS) shows me 0.1Volt LESS than it was real on the MoBo (NF4 Ultra D, Bios 3.10p) e.g. Vdimm if i measure it with my DMM .... normal or not ? So i´m not sure to believe, what SM and BIOS show me on Vcore and other .. :confused: I guess reading something in a post anywhere but don´t remeber yet so please give me advice, thanks
  13. @Jester FPS thanx - it helped got nice temp now @soundx98 where did you get these programm (seems like smartguardian with another skin..)? -> http://premium1.uploadit.org/soundx98//2802desktop.JPG
  14. I´m new here, so please forgive my noob question... My mobo (Ultra-D Rev A00) also shows me wrong (too high) temps: e.g. CPU Core 70 degree Celsius (BIOS pc-health status: 25 degree...) ! also use the software directly from ITE (SGuardian_it8712_8900135-250.zip), but same game... Any ideas :confused:
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