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    Help me OC x2 3800

    check the stickies?? READ READ 2
  2. ^^ ditto..........OC the card and don't worry about CPU for 3dmark 03 and 05. you wanna see a score jump then use 3dmark 01. Can use ATITool or RivaTuner to OC the vid card.
  3. jbmx4life

    Memory timings headache.........

    well in my testing I have come to find out that I cannot stabely run my ram in dual channel at anything 225HTT+. I can run each stick at 250HTT in prime blend with no errors and as soon as I put the other stick into the rig, I get BSOD's, Prime errors, and reboots. Is an RMA a plausible way to go here as Patriot advertises this ram to run upto 266HTT 1T in dual channel? or Should I just continue to beat a dead horse and fvck around with this crap some more?? I seem to constantly be getting NO WHERE. I just got a 7800GT a week or so ago and I have yet to game or benchmark the card due to these probs. I NEED SOME RESOLUTION. Here are the timings that I am currently using: 200 1:1 E 2.5 3 7 3 8 14 2 2 2 2 4708 E Auto 0 Weak 4 Level 1 8.0 Normal 5.0 256 D 16 7 D
  4. jbmx4life

    Uhh..Error After 4 Mins In Prime 95?

    instead of blend try small fft's. that will stress mostly your cpu and if it fails then you can concentrate on tweaking just your cpu. If that passes then it is most likely that it is our ram killing the blend.
  5. jbmx4life

    Memory timings headache.........

    I am not saying to only use the stock multi but I am also saying to NOT use a really low multi like 4. 200x4=800 and how is that going to stress the controller? I am going to go up with the HTT til I hit the limit of the CPU and then I will drop the multi by 1. So, I am using a 3500+ Venice that is 200x11=2200 and it can do about 2.8-2.85 so once I hit about 250-255 then I have to drop the multi by 1 to 10. 250x10=2500 which is still well over stock speed and keeping the mem controller stressed to show other errors that might not be shown with a lower multi and cpu speed. Is that a bit better explained??
  6. jbmx4life

    Memory timings headache.........

    well I am still lost on this whole thing I know that it has to be the mem cuz I have verified my cpu to run a 2.85 and I am only trying for 2.8 on it. I am hoping that over the course of this weekend I can get my rig 100% stable. My new testing methodology is this: make sure that everything is stable at stock run 2 hours of Prime95 blend if Prime95 passes then up HTT by 5 and run 2 hours of Prime95 blend repeat the above til i get errors once I get errors either try tweaking mem settings or mem voltage Right now I am not in an agreement with another testing method. The method that states to use a low cpu multi and just keep upping the HTT to find the mem max. I don't think that is really feasable since the mem controller is on the cpu now. If you got the CPU underclocked then there is going to be less stress on the mem controller also resulting in higher mem clocks than you can get once you try to merge the findings together. Am I thinking right on this??
  7. Anyone got any Venice core and 704BTA Bios results? That is what I am running in my rig and I cannot for the life of me get the damned thing stable. I just wanna play games on my new 7800GT...... EDIT: I swear that no matter what settings I put in or how many passes of memtest I run, this stuff just will not work. I went thru 10+ hours and 292 passes of memtest #8 and the POS still won't boot to windows. HELP!
  8. jbmx4life

    Memory timings headache.........

    I think that what they need to do is make a memory settings section. Base it on like BH-5/UTT in one, TCCD/TCC5, and other. Can either break it down by manufacturer or just make it a requirement in the post. That way people would have to search for stuff like seeing as how it is so important on the NF4. EDIT: OMFG.......... Blooz1 ur da man. I totally forgot about that thread. Yeah I guess that I could have searched some but I am just frustrated and at wits end with this thing. If I can't this thing stable soon it will all be sold off, tossed out the dorr, or done whatever with on the particular day that I am 1000% f'ed up with it.
  9. jbmx4life

    Memory timings headache.........

    If you click the link and look at the table listed by AG you would see all of the timings and settings that I used..... Constanople.... thank you for your detailed response and I will be trying thos settings shortly. I shall return with hopefully good news..... P.S. I have that guide printed and it really hasn't been helpful..... just gave me more timings to bust my head over. :mad:
  10. jbmx4life

    Memory timings headache.........

    come on someone has to have some input on this........
  11. AG OR SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, here is my prob: I have yet to get my rig stable. I can get the CPU to 2.8 no prob and have that part be stable. All of the memory settings are what is killing me. I found this thread and read thru it. I decided to use the settings that AG had posted up for the TCCD he used in his tests. I ran memtest thru 41 FULL PASSES and I got back NO ERRORS. I was stoked.... I thought that this was it and that I would finally be able to game on my rig. YEAH RIGHT, DREAM ON! As soon as I went into the BIOS and turned off memtest it wouldn't boot to WinXP. JUST GREAT! Now that I feel like I am back at square one....... I have come to wits end with this rig. I don't know where to start with this thing anymore. Somebody help me, pwease....?
  12. jbmx4life

    High HTT = Monitoring Errors??

    no the HTT multi was at like 2 or 3...........
  13. jbmx4life

    chipset cooler, evercool or iceberg

    I have ordered a ton of stuff from jab-tech and they are great. Never had one issue with them and they ship FAST!
  14. jbmx4life

    High HTT = Monitoring Errors??

    any help here?? When I back the HTT down then it reports normal...