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  1. En, you are right. But I think since they use the same nf4 chipset, it should be ok.
  2. But if you have a hardware problem, how can you fix it? For example i don't know what I should do except change the motherboard in my situation. And thanks for your good words.
  3. It's not likely. I just uninstalled all the related devices in device manager, shut down my computer, change motherboard, turn on computer and login into windows xp. Install nforce drivers and forcewware drivers. And ererything is fine now. I don't think this has nothing to do with what I did. two days ago in order to solve this problem, I even tried windows xp 64bit edition. Whatelse can I do for it? So it's simply a hardware failure.
  4. After I changed my sli-dr to asus a8n sli premium, the high cpu usage problem which bothered me all these days disapperaed. So it's a motherboard failure. Too bad i have to rma this dfi sli-dr. It seems that when you select motherboard, you'd better go for the brand like asus and gigabyte. I know DFI got many good reviews for it's nf4 board, but nah...... maybe I will keep myself away from it after this.
  5. Actually I've already tried not to use ata card but no luck. Whenever irq 18 is used, there comes this problem
  6. BTW: I've already tried single card with fresh windows xp. But as soon as I installed the video drivers(after nf4 chipset drivers of coz), there comes this cpu usage problem.
  7. BTW: I mean I have already tried fresh instal without network. But I 've already installed the latest drivers.
  8. You mean after I install the latest nvidia drivers, I open the computer case and put another card in slot 4 and set the jumpers to SLI mode?
  9. If there is a conflict of irq sharing, why there is no warning displayed in device manager?
  10. Do you know if a hardware proble mmay cause this? And what is eyecandy in windows xp? Thanks
  11. I know I have post several threads here, but I really don't know what to do now. I've already exclude the problem of win xp (fresh install), virus (fresh install without network) and drivers (official driver) Here is my situation: 1. install just one video card in pci-e slot 1 and set jumper to single vga mode. In windows xp device manager, it says this card uses pci slot 6 (pci bus 5 and irq is 18. Under this set up, there is a high cpu usage problem. When I use some software to check, it says it is a hardware interrupt which pccupise cpu. 2. install just one video card in pci-e slot 4 and set jumper to single vga mode. In windows xp device manager, it says this card uses pci slot 9 (pci bus 2 and irq is 17. 3. install both cards in pci-e slot 1 and 4 and set jumper to sli mode. it says that the one in pcie 1 is in pci slot 7(pci bus 4, irq 19) and the other one in pcie 4 is in pci slot 6(pci bus 5, irq 18) . Same cpu problem appears. And if I disable the card in pci shlot 6 (irq 8), which is in the pci-e slot 4, problem disappears. Now anybody knows if this is a hardware problem? In single mode, both cards work well in pci-e slot 4 but not in pci-e slot 1. And in sli mode, the one in pci-e slot 1 works well but not the one in pci-e slot 4. Should I RMA the video cards or motherboard?
  12. of coz. high cpu usage appears as soon as i install forceware drivers. No other driver or program is installed except for win xp and nforce and forceware drivers.
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