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  1. Location set (sorry about that). I have version 3 for the 623 bios. I tried with one stick on all slots but no result (with corsair and also with kingmax). I did notice something odd with the corsair stick - they run with verry weird timings for their price 3-3-3-8 @ 400Mhz ...hmmm. Also tried other combinations of timings... here are the results: 2-3-3-8 - passes memory test, 3 short beeps I think then restart 2-2-2-8 - passes memory test then white boxes on my screen and that's it 2-3-2-8 - idem 2-3-3-8 2.5-3-3-8 - idem 2-3-3-8 2.5-2-3-8 -idem 2-3-3-8 and then I quit tried giving them more voltage but with no result (up to 3.1, I didn't go any further) Also cleared cmos (also disabled the marvell ) - no result (I don't have multiple HDD superflyguy, just a hitachi t7k250) (I don't have any USB device plugged when it freezes) Although I didn't think the fans made a difference I disconnected one of them (the antec one - it seemd to draw more power from the specs) but still with no result. Thank you for the welcome but it would have been even better if I had a system that worked for more than 30 minutes without freezing ...
  2. I am using a hitachi-lg combo ... it's not much but it's fine for me (I am also using a external usb sony dvd-rw but that isn't the issue since I only plug it in when I need it - the problem occurs without that drive plugged in). I was using the marvell lan, switched to vitesse locked after 13 min, plugged in a 3com, locked after a while ...
  3. tried also with different rams, the system isn't overclocked ...
  4. Hi. I am having a weird problem. My system worked fine for about 2 months then this problem started (without me doing anything and without power failures): The system randomly freezes when in windows (I am using windows XP with the latest drivers for...everything). It doesn't matter what I do after a random period of time it just locks, I can't move the mouse and the HDD led is off and stays off. This also happens if the computer is idle. I tried the following to solve the problem or find out what causes it: -memtest for 10 hours about 3 times - test ok -reflashed bios from bootable cd, fdd, win flash -checked all 4 power cables on the MB (all fine) -used another psu 550W -used another memory kit (the corsair in the sig) on all slots -prime95 (locked after a period of time ; it would have even if I didn't run prime95) -tweaked the voltage for the cpu (by the way by default it showed 1.36 v not 1.4)(I think it ran a little bit longer ... not sure) -memory voltage (now it's 2.8v) any ideea what's the problem ?
  5. Hi. I just bought a PS85-bl MB. On the specs it does not explain if it supports intel celeron 1.8 Ghz cpu. Mine does not seem to work. Is there any bios update available to fix this "problem" or it isn't a problem, it was just designed this way ? thanks.
  6. Did you give it a try with another HDD ? Seems like bad sectors from HDD or something with the memory controller (or even the memory itself).
  7. and where can I find those options in nVidia's drivers ? I supose those drivers are part of the unified driver for nForce 4 (more exactly the IDE driver) but I can't seem to find the controls for IDE, SATA ... the usb problem seem to come and go now ... I think I will do a fresh install this night.... [edit] found them thanks [edit]
  8. I don't think I was explicit enough. The winxp sp2 drivers didn't work either , that's why I installed OrangeWare drivers from the support CD. Other ideas ?
  9. Hi. I just installed Windows XP SP2 on my system but the USB 2.0 ports don't seem to work. After I installed WinXP and all the drivers (including the latest driver from nVidia for nForce 4) but the USB ports don't seem to work at 2.0 speed. I plugged in a USB 2 flash disk and Windows said that the device can perform better, and to click on the text. In the available USB ports list it sais that no port can support 2.0 speed. In the system the usb hub lists as USB 2.0 (after I installed the drivers from the support CD - [the drivers were from a 3-rd party - OrangeWare, version 2.02.2 i think] but windows keep on insisting that there are no HiSpeed USB ports installed on my system. As far as I know WinXP SP2 does not require aditional drivers for USB 2.0 support but is doesn't work and neither does it work with the orangeware drivers. Do you know what is the problem here, or do you have another version of the USB drivers I can try ? The other problem is that my HDD (hitachi gts t7k250 160 GB sata II) which is configured from its utility program to function in SATA II mode is detected by the BIOS as ATA - 133 and I don't know any windows utility that can detect the SATA mode the HDD is running. the settings for the HDD in its utility are: spread specturm clocking : enabled SATA mode: SATA 2 (3.0Gbps) can you help me pls ?
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