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  1. Hello, I still am unclear on how to do this memtest thing. Also, when the blue screen of death comes up I wrote down the error. It is the typical blue screen, but it says "A problem has been detected and windows must shut down to avoid damage..." DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL At the bottom of the blue screen it says like technical error and then... Stop 0x000000D1(0x00000011,0x000000FF,0x00000001,0x867....) Does this help? I still can't install windows. People have been telling me to do memtest stuff, but I have no clue how to do that. I've been stuck for over a week now. The error comes either after windows loads all this stuff at the bottom. The furthest it gets is to the license agreement part of the windows installation. After that, it always crashes into the blue screen without fail. THanks! -Jeff
  2. Before I do anything else, I have the Hard Drive connected to the SATA 1 location. I will report back with what the actual error says on the blue screen of death. Also, regarding the removing of one graphics card... If i take out one, wont i have to change all the jumper cables because the i wont have two graphics cards using the SLI bridge? When i put the two in, the directions for the MOBO said to change these 6 black jumper things from one position to another in order to make the SLI work... Do I have to change this back?
  3. Hello everyone, I updated my signature and got some more information. First off, it said this when i started up the BIOS. The first one was quickly on the first screen and the second one came after the logo screen. nv45 p211 sku44 VGA BIOS Sil 3114 SATAraid 5.1.37 I disabled the logo screen in the BIOS and then rebooted and found the date 3/10/05 in the bottom left part of the screen, so i assume that would be my bios version. Also, I figured out that I didn't have 2 of the power connections to my motherboard, so I connected them. I retried installing windows, but still the same problem as before. Just to make sure. The 4 power connections are... 1) 24 pin ATX power. 2) 4-pin 12 V power right next to the above 3) 5V/12V 4 pin thing near the big fan 4) small 4 pin 5V/12V in between the place where the processor goes and the PICE1 slot I have all of these connected. Also, now that I have my BIOS version and whatnot, what is the next step. I am not sure how to run a memtest, so i think i need help with that also. Thanks! Look forward to hearing your replies!
  4. Oh, also. I am not sure what version of BIOS of it is. I just got everything off Newegg and you know what kind of MOBO i got, so I guess I got the version that comes standard with my type of motherboard. Thanks for the help anyone
  5. Hello, I posted before but you folks said i needed to give you more information about my system. I basically copied the high-end system on the high-end buyer's guide on anandtech. I got... Processor Athlon 64 4000+ 90nm (Retail) Motherboard DFI LANPARTY UT SLI-DR Memory 2x512MB OCZ EL Platinum Rev 2 Video Card 2 x 6800GT XFX Hard Drive Seagate 250 GIG Seagate SATA Optical Drive NEC 16X DVDR 3520A Case AeroCool Spiral Galaxies Power Supply Enermax EG565P-VE FMA2.0 SLI 535W Ok. This is the first time i've ever built a system so I need almost step my step help. I have hooked everything up (seemingly in the right way). I got the two XFX Geforce 6800 GT's connected with the SLI bridge, and I followed the instructions about how to connect them to the motherboard. Everything else is all hooked up. I haven't really hooked up the extra USB ports and headphone jacks on the spiral galaxies case, but I really don't care about those, I just want to get the thing working. Here are my problems. When i start up the computer it seems fine, that is i can go into the BIOS and screw around and stuff. However, when I try to install windows it asks which partition to put the installation on, which is normal. But it says the unpartitioned space is onl 130 GIG, instead of 250 which my hard drive is. So this is kind of weird. Second, and most important. When I create a new partition and actually start installing windows, the furthest it'll get to is to accept the license agreement. Then, I get the blue screen of death. This happens without fail everytime. This leads me to believe something is royally messed with my hard drive... The fact that it only recognizes the 130 GIG and then dies when i try to install windows on it points me in this direction? Do i need to use the floppy disk that came with the MOBO? I thought that was only for if I wanted to use RAID. I really need help. I don't know much about technical aspects of the computer. I am really unfamiliar with the BIOS and all the options. I haven't really changed anything in the BIOS areas, I just left them on whatever the default was. I have no intention of overclocking or doing anything extreme, I just want to get the system working. Any ideas? DFI help me! -Jeff
  6. This is my first time building a computer. I am using the DFI nforce 4 UT SLI or something, I have 2 6800 GT's using the SLI bridge. I have a 250 gig seagate in the SATA 1 slot, and am using 1 gig of ram. Everything should be plugged in to the correct slots. I can get to the BIOS and screw around there, but when I boot up with the windows CD i have 2 problems: 1) When it asks where i would like to install windows (which partition), it states that I have only 130 GIGs of unpartitioned space, yet my hard drive is 250gig, so why does it only recognize half of it. 2) When i create a partition and try to install windows, it instantly gives me the blue screen of death. I have tried this multiple times and it either freezes on the partition select screen or after I choose which partition to install windows. I NEED HELP!! Thanks
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