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  1. Ok run at 2T. 3-3-3-8 Same, still get errors from Memtest.
  2. Details Part Number » VS1GB400C3 Type » DDR-400 (PC-3200) Size » 1GB Latency » 3-3-3-8-2T Package » 184-pin DIMM Heat Spreader » None This is what i found. They actually run at 2T :eek2: My carelessness.. I shall go try again.
  3. Can i conclude that, It's my Rams that's giving the problem? Because i tried both at yellow slots which gives error. So there isn't a problem for my board. And CPU shoudln't be the cause right? thanks.
  4. Problem : Memtest #7 Error at Stock Speed. Stock Timings. 2 Of my sticks are in Orange Slots. I tried Stick 1 alone. It is error-free for both 2.5v and 2.6v. I tried Stick 2 alone. It is error-free for only 2.5v. So when i plugged both in, i made them run at 2.5v, dual channel. But i get memtest error. I couldn't really figure out why do i have such error. Individual sticks = Error-free :tooth: Dual Channel = Error in Memtest #7 :drool: I tried flashing BIOS. Resetting CMOS. Swap to yellow slots. Voltage. Timing. Getting a fan to blow at them But i still get error :sad: Really wish people here can advise me, what is wrong with my system?
  5. Alright guys, i have the NF4 SLI-DR board here and recently it suddenly can't post with 2 sticks of my corsair 1 GB valueselect rams . But somehow i manage to fix it by taking out the cpu and putting it back. After that incident, i can't overclock anymore! My processor once got up to 2.6 GHZ but now it can't even do 2.2 GHZ. No matter what i try it still won't work. What should i do? please help :sad: Tried flashing BIOS also.. but still won't work :drool:
  6. Called my distro, they confirmed that it's my board th :mad: :mad: it's died.
  7. Tried with 2 x 512mb rams also. It didn't work too. I tried my 2 x 1 GB rams on Ultra-D and it works. Can i confirm it's my motherboard's problem?
  8. Ok tried what thunda asked me to do, but still won't work. :sad: Please help, this is making me sick of this board. I had this problem since i changed to X2 3800+
  9. Yes i tried, both of them are working. I cleared CMOS with my PSU plug in, guess i would try that. Thanks.
  10. No i won't work with both sticks on Yellow slots as well..
  11. Yes, one stick it will work. There is no problem with my memories.. I cleared my CMOS for ZILLION TIMES.
  12. It would forever stuck at 3 LEDs
  13. I have this problem with my Corsair Valueselect Samsung UCCC Chipset rams on Orange slots. It works perfectly a few minutes ago, but suddenly when i restarted my computer, it just won't post. I don't understand why, i checked the sticks are working already. Please help. :drool:
  14. May i know anyone of you here uses the HSF on NF4 SLI-DR? would it block the fourth DIMM? Thanks! i tried searching but no matchs. :nod:
  15. Please note that i am able to see BIOS and Windows loading screen, it just turn blank when i reach Welcome screen.