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  1. Hey thanks for the thought iamkoza - you caught the same drift as me, because I've decided in the end if I can't resolve this I'm gonna get legal and treat myself to a good sound card. Unfortunately I can't use Newegg cos I'm in England and they don't ship here (although there is constant speculation that they are expanding over here soon)...
  2. Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure it's something to do with the Source engine. Source games definitely support 7.1 sound - or at any rate, they offer it as an audio option. I've posted a support question on 'Steam'. If I ever resolve this :-) i'll post here so anyone else who may be stuck has an answer...
  3. The 5.1 > 7.1 upmix button is on my Creative box (the subwoofer). Everything is as it should be in Windoze control panel (mind you, I didn't know there was a 7.1 wide setting, which will be useful one day!) Maybe I need either: 1. A set of 7.1 speakers with four leads that fit into the four sockets on the Karajan. OR 2. A Creative sound card so that the 3-plug connector that comes with my Creative box works properly...
  4. Thanks for your suggestions. >Suspekt, I really thought the 'clone' setting would work for me but it doesn't. The only way I can get sound out of my rear speakers in a game like say HL2 is to use the '5.1->7.1 upmix' button on the Creative box. Trouble is, that's not really solving the problem
  5. Thanks - yes, I have them enabled in nVmixer.
  6. Hey all I have a 7.1 speaker system which seems to work fine for everything except games. I'm running the latest nForce audio drivers, and get 7.1 sound when using Itunes, listening to game trailers etc. When I select '7.1 speakers' in 'audio options' in games I just get 5.1 sound, with nothing coming out of the two rear speakers. I've got Creative speakers, which only have 3 connectors for the PC instead of four, so I had to add in an extra lead to get the nVidia speaker wizard to give me the right sound from the right speakers. Okay, that's kind of a bodge, but it works fine in the wizard and in everything other than games. Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem and found a way round it... 52
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