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  1. And if we just have one stick of RAM, which is the best slot? I have a one GB stick. Thanks.
  2. Yes, good question! CPU is obvious, probably a sensor at the base of the cpu chip. Chipset area must be near a sensor somewhere. Near the ram? I wonder what "pwm" means?
  3. Yes, logical possibly, but not necessarily practical if there are incompatibilities and the system locks up or crashes. Now, I would imagine the newer non-beta drivers on the nVidia website should work fine due to basic engineering and architectural specifications. But, that’s why I threw this thread out for discussion. There must be some reason DFI doesn’t show the latest drivers on their site. Has anyone experienced problems running a newer non-beta driver than what you find at dfi.com downloads?
  4. I have the LanPArty UT nF4 Ultra-D board. The dfi.com website for downloads shows older versions than you will find at the nvidia.com website. For example, dfi.com shows a download for the nVidia chipset driver at version 6.39 for this board. The nVidia site has a much newer version at 6.53. Anyone see any harm in getting the latest version right from nVidia.com?
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