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  1. I am not overclocking it right now. I have everything at stock, except my voltage is at 2.8. I was told to try that voltage, but I cannot get it to boot with 2.6-3.0. It was onlyoverclocked for about 2 days. I don't run it on a daily basis overclocked.
  2. My sig shows what it might be, but not sure. I simply cannot get my system to boot with 2 sticks of Dual Channel. And before anyone else asks have I tried in in another machine, I have. I tried it in an A8N-SLI Board, as well as a cheapo' Wal-Mart Compaq Presario. All of the RAM is fine. Here is the RAM: G Skill PC4400LE (512 x 2) PQI PC3200-2048DP (1GB x 2) Corsair Value Select PC3200 (512 x 2) None of them work in my board in Dual channel (Yellow or Orange slots), but they work independently in only the closest orange slot to the CPU. ( Slot B1)
  3. Alright. I have the signature changed now. The people in CA would not refer me because they said it was my RAM that was bad, not the board. I also talked to Kevin Wong in Taiwan (I guess), and he said that it was the RAM. I am not pissed or anything, I just want a board that works, and I have yet to get any help. Besides, everytime they tell me to try something, they say try it and call me back. I have done this numerous times, with no good results. Thank you.
  4. I have spoken with 3 DFI employees saying they would get something done with my SLI-DR, but I haven't received an email from any of them in a week. I am trying to get another board. Basically, they keep telling me it's my RAM, but all of the RAM works in my A8N-SLI Premium MoBo. I have tried everything that they have told me, including the RAM settings of AngryGames, and nothing seems to work. One of the guys said that the board slots were probably bad, but I can't seem to get ahold of any of them to RMA my board. Can someone help me please?
  5. It appears as if my board isuffering from the cold boot issue. I read on a few other forums, and that is what they concluded. The reason for that theory is, all four sticks of RAM will boot independently, but not simultaneously. Anyone else having this problem?
  6. Okay, I updated my BIOS to the 6/23 BIOS, tried the ram, and nothing. Any other ideas?
  7. I tried Angry Games guide, and still nothing. I can still get all four chips to run by themself, but not together. Any other ideas please?
  8. Well, the RAM is suppoed to run at 3-4-4-8, so I set it to that, and nothing. I boosted the RAM to 2.8 and I cannot get it to boot at that either. What other timings could I change to try and help?
  9. I have just purchased a 2gb kit of PQI RAM, and now I cannot boot with 2 sticks in the board. I have tried them in 1&3 and 2&4, but nothing works. I have also tried my G Skill 1GB kit, and it is the same problem. I can boot into Windows with all four sticks in slot 1, but nothing else. All of the chips alone passed memtest all the way through 10. Anyways, can anyon help me out with this?
  10. LOL, one other thing I forgot, I got a video screen in Windows that said because I am not receiving sufficient power to my video card, so it lowered my clock speed to 201/599. Any ideas on that?
  11. Alright, I tried to boot into windows with both, and one stick is apparently bad. I will run MemTest in the morning. Thank you for the help guys.
  12. By the way. Which slots are for Dual Channel? Orange slots or Yellow Slots?
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