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  1. I understand that my Mobo has built in fan controllers for the CPU, Fan 2, and Chipset fan connectors. However, using the Speedfan program, I can only control the speed of any of the fans that are connected through a zalman fanmate 2. All 3 fans are plugged into the motherboard via the 3 pin header, not the 4 pin power. I've tried the Zalman fanmate on the CPU and chipset fan and only the one plugged into it is controllable via Speedfan. Is this how this should work? Do I really need to put fanmates on all 3 fans?!
  2. I was playing HL2DM the other day as usual and the computer crashed. Upon restart, any 3d application or game (So far I've tried Warcraft III, Half Life 2, and 3dmark03) creates the surfaces but has screwed up textures. Video playback and all other computing processes work fine. Here is a picture of what the 3d graphics look like (Everything looks like this) I assume I fried some part of either my graphics card or chipset. Are there any other tests I can do to narrow down the problem?
  3. The chipset fan quit working long ago. I've been running the rig without a chipset fan for almost a year. I've ordered a replacement already. It is currently not running any hotter than it used to before the problems started. So therefore I am guessing there is permanent damage. I'm doubtful it was the graphics card.
  4. Yesterday when playing HL2DM my computer crashed and restarted. I checked the chipset temperature and it was about 76°C. Ever since I have not been able to run any Steam game nor Warcraft III. When I get to the WCIII menu, there are just blocks of crazy colors everywhere. Starting any Steam game leaves me with a black screen. I can exit the apps just fine and even play videos/music. I reinstalled the graphics card drivers with no luck and then this morning I reformated with no luck. Everything seems to be working fine except for my 3D games. Also, when I start the computer on the information screen there is less information displayed than there used to be. It shows me my memory count, and then detects all 4 of my hard drives, but says no information about the NF4 chipset. Is there any sure fire way to tell weather I have damaged my chipset and or graphics card?
  5. On my SLI-DR using all 4 slots limits the memory to DDR333 unless you want to overclock it. I would've been better off buying 2x1gb as opposed to 4x512mb.
  6. I think that if you are only going to spend about $100 on a raid card you may as well use the onboard SIL raid. Cheap controllers like that are fine, however they are not a true hardware raid solution. Maybe buy the 4th drive and look into the 0+1 nForce raid. I was in the same boat as you, and quite upset to learn that the raid 5 sucks. Later in its life, this computer with my DFI mobo may become a dedicated media server in which case I can sacrifice performance of SIL raid since I will not be using the computer for daily usage. For now I am slowly buying 500gb 16mb buffer NCQ 7.2k Samsung Spinpoint T series HDDs and using them as a JBOD setup until I acquire four at which point I will backup my data and create a 0+1 raid.
  7. You are better off getting 2x1gb sticks. When I filled up my RAM slots with 4x512mb sticks, the speed automatically got reduced to DDR333 from DDR400. BOOOOO
  8. I was thinking about getting it, but my case already sounds like a vacuum cleaner. My CPU even has C'n'Q enabled and the Zalman CPU cooler with 120mm fan doesn't even spin unless under 100% load. It must be the SLi 6600gt's and 3 case fans that are causing all the nosie. The HDDs are inaudible as well. My rig is slowly being transformed into a HTPC so noise is an issue.
  9. Yeah too bad 4 sticks in 4 slots can't run at the intended speed. Wish I would've known that when I bought the board. But anyways, I like my PC quiet, it does what I want as is, no overclock. I use AMD C'n'Q and a fan controller... CPU fan spins 1% of the time. Also, my chipset fan died so I took the fan off and left it as is, chipset runs at 61°C. I'm buying a passive 7600gt when they come out with HDCP. As of now, all the blow holes on my computer blow cool air pretty much even under load. I guess I'll go with the 4400+.
  10. Hey guys, With holiday money coming in, I was thinking of upgrading my SLI-DR to have a dual core CPU. I saw there are very few selections left for s939 dual core. I don't need anything extreme and want to stay as cheap as possible so I'm thinking of one of these two: AMD X2 s939 4400+ Toledo 2.2GHz 2x1MB cache 2000MHz HT OR AMD Opteron x939 170 Denmark 2.0GHz 2x1MB cache 1000MHz HT What are the strengths and weaknesses of each CPU compared to one another? I don't overclock my system which is used for SOME gaming and is used as a media storage center which distributes music/movies/recorded tv shows to my roomates over our router. In the future it will probably be doing a lot of CD/DVD backups and encoding/decoding video files for storage. Oh yeah my computer runs 24/7 but I assume most every computer does now a days. Thanks for your input! Patrick
  11. Colonel, I didn't even think about raid 01. Reading about it looks good, I'll still have to sacrifice 1/2 my available space, but I get raid 0 speeds... right? How is it in terms of stability/rebuild ability? I've read somewhere that it is quite inferior to raid 10. Anyways, I think I'm going to ignore the Sil chipset and add in cards and just do a raid 01 on the nvidia raid. I see 4x500gb Samsung Spinpoint T's in my near future Maybe I'll raid 0 my two IDE drives for a boot drive (This 4 disk array is going to be for music/movies/downloads/archives etc) is it easy to set up a raid on both the IDE channel and SATA channel?
  12. I know everyone hates on the Sil for any raid (especially the raid 5) however I am considering doing it and seeing how I like the results (I can always uninstall if I want.) What I'm assuming is going to happen is it's going to work but be slow, and so I'll deal with it and upgrade later. Which gets me to my real question: If I build a raid 5 array (I'm planning on using 4x500GB Samsung Spinpoints or 4x500 WD RE16) on the Sil chip, can I move the array to another raid card (for example some Pci-e x4 raid solution?) The raid card I would be buying in the future would be Sata300 instead of 150. Would this be an additional problem? Also, will a cheap hardware solution (one that still has the CPU do a lot of the work) be much of an upgrade from the Sil chip? Or would I have to go with a full blown $600 raid card that uses true hardware processing? By the way, I would still want to game on my machine with the Sil Raid 5 installed. I'm not overclocking and I don't need THE BEST performance, I just want to be able to run games smoothly... would using the Sil raid slow down my machine to the point of making gaming wothless?
  13. CPDMF, What raid card are you using? I was actually wanting to do a raid5 soon and didn't want to use the SilRaid for it. I was looking into a cheap hardware raid solution (So really the CPU is still going to be doing it anyways because I'm not going to buy a $600 raid card... buuuut this is just going to be a media pc soon ayways)
  14. Sucks, guess I have to get a PCI tuner card, and apparently a raid5 card is out of the question. The hell if I'm going to use SilRaid.
  15. Simple question, can I use my Pci-ex1 slot for a half height card if I have 2 6600GT running in SLi? I'm 99% sure the card will fit in, but does putting the two cards in SLi kill the rest of the PCI-E slots? For that matter could I also use the PCI-E x4 slot? http://www.pcalchemy.com/product_info.php/...-cardstv-tuners (such as this ATI Theater 550 Pro Tuner card)
  16. Problem solved. Primary CD-Drive did not have a power cable connected to it. Thanks everyone.
  17. Of course I'm no guru at this, but I didn't change anything when I was doing this cable management, so I don't see how it could be the battry or CMOS. But I guess I will try it. Is there any way to determine if I screwed up my GFX cards or the MoBo while I was messing inside the case? It DOES have to be one of those two since it hangs on two led's right? I get the feeling I will be taking this into a local shop
  18. Ok so I have had my computer running for a year now with few problems. Tonight I took it apart to do some cable management and when I put it all back together to give it a go, the boot sequence hangs on two red led's and the monitor stays black. My two 6600gt's are SLi'd and were working fine before. I never even took them out of their slots while doing the cable management. All 4 power connectors are in the board. HELP! DFI LanParty NF4 SLI DR Bios 6/23/2005 Athlon64 3500+ Venice 4x512MB Corsair Value Select (Dual channel running DDR333 160GB WD 8mb Buffer 120GB WD 8mb Buffer 120GB Seagate SATA NEC 3540A DVD-RW Sony 16X DVDrom/CD-RW eVGA 6600gt SLI Leadtek 6600gt SLI Enermax 600w powersuply Creative XFI Music Soundcard Windows XP Pro SP 2
  19. Continuing with my ongoing problems, my chipset fan half the time will NOT spin at all. Ive made sure in the bios settings that the "Turn chipset fan fully off if temperature is below" is set to 25°C. Occasionally it WILL turn on, and it will spin at 6kRPM and is LOUD. And my chipset is always hot (around 55°C) Did I get a faulty fan? Am I eligable to send it in for a new one? Could this have anything to do with having faulty ram (Many many errors in memtest, and I think the faulty ram is the source of my BSODs)
  20. Ok, so I guess Ill flash to 3/10 to see if it helps... I won't loose any of my data unless something goes wrong correct?
  21. Ok, bumped up voltage... just curious, what does that do? DFI LanParty nf4 SLI-DR AMD64 3500+ eVGA 6600GT PCI-e 2x512 Corsair Value Select Enermax Noisetaker 600w Zalman 7700cu heatsink/fan Sony combo drive WD SE 160gb storage drive ATA WD SE 120gb main drive ATA
  22. Where is the VDIMM adjustment? (I looked around in the bios and couldnt find it) DFI LanParty nf4 SLI-DR AMD64 3500+ eVGA 6600GT PCI-e 2x512 Corsair Value Select Enermax Noisetaker 600w Zalman 7700cu heatsink/fan Sony combo drive WD SE 160gb storage drive ATA WD SE 120gb main drive ATA
  23. Running Memtest again finally gave me over 100 errors in less than 5 minutes. Ok so that explains the BSODS... but why the noisy chipset fan/hot chipset temps? DFI LanParty nf4 SLI-DR AMD64 3500+ eVGA 6600GT PCI-e 2x512 Corsair Value Select Enermax Noisetaker 600w Zalman 7700cu heatsink/fan Sony combo drive WD SE 160gb storage drive ATA WD SE 120gb main drive ATA
  24. I think its bios version 6.00 Venice core CL2.5 on the Corsair ram All 4 power connectors are in.
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