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  1. First at all, I gave this subject by impossible 4 the Zero support from DFI (as result 0 purchases 2 DFI in the future), & i didnt hope to receive more answers but seems that the problem go on & not only 4 me...




    Second Ill try to answer to the following "jokers":


    Your voltages are all over the place with that PSU. If they are anywhere close to what you posted, then a much better PSU appears to be a must have for your system. Your 3.3v rail is at 3.22v to start with and fluctuates from 3.14v to 3.47v? The 5v rail is a bit better, but it still has about a .5v swing? The 12v rail starts at 11.92v (if accurate that's okay), but then it jumps from 10.82v to 13.19v, that's more than a 3v change; I'm surprised you can even boot up your system!!? Vbat has a 1.2v swing. I'd check all your voltages at idle/load (if you can get load readings) with a multimeter, to see where they are really at. Maybe those readings are completely inaccurate? I'd start there though.


    This is the configuration file 4 that output:

    bash-3.00$ less /etc/sensors.conf


    chip "w83782d-*" "w83627hf-*"


    # Same as above for w83781d except that in5 and in6 are computed differently.

    # Rather than an internal inverting op amp, the 82d/83s use standard positive

    # inputs and the negative voltages are level shifted by a 3.6V reference.

    # The math is convoluted, so we hope that your motherboard

    # uses the recommended resistor values.


    label in0 "VCore 1"

    label in1 "VCore 2"

    label in2 "+3.3V"

    label in3 "+5V"

    label in4 "+12V"

    label in5 "-12V"

    label in6 "-5V"

    label in7 "V5SB"

    label in8 "VBat"

    label fan1 "Back"

    label fan2 "CPU"

    label fan3 "Front"

    label temp1 "M/B"

    label temp2 "CPU"


    compute in3 ((6.8/10)+1)*@ , @/((6.8/10)+1)

    compute in4 ((28/10)+1)*@ , @/((28/10)+1)

    compute in5 (5.14 * @) - 14.91 , (@ + 14.91) / 5.14

    compute in6 (3.14 * @) - 7.71 , (@ + 7.71) / 3.14

    compute in7 ((6.8/10)+1)*@ , @/((6.8/10)+1)


    # adjust this if your vid is wrong; see doc/vid

    # set vrm 9.0


    # set limits to 5% for the critical voltages

    # set limits to 10% for the non-critical voltages

    # set limits to 20% for the battery voltage


    set in0_min vid*0.95

    set in0_max vid*1.05

    set in1_min vid*0.95

    set in1_max vid*1.05

    set in2_min 3.3 * 0.95

    set in2_max 3.3 * 1.05

    set in3_min 5.0 * 0.95

    set in3_max 5.0 * 1.05

    set in4_min 12 * 0.90

    set in4_max 12 * 1.10

    set in5_max -12 * 0.90

    set in5_min -12 * 1.10

    set in6_max -5 * 0.95

    set in6_min -5 * 1.05

    set in7_min 5 * 0.95

    set in7_max 5 * 1.05

    set in8_min 3.0 * 0.80

    set in8_max 3.0 * 1.20

    # set up sensor types (thermistor is default)

    # 1 = PII/Celeron Diode; 2 = 3904 transistor;

    # 3435 = thermistor with Beta = 3435

    # If temperature changes very little, try 1 or 2.

    set sensor1 3435

    set sensor2 3435

    set sensor3 3435


    # examples for temperature limits

    # set temp1_over 40

    # set temp1_hyst 37

    # set temp2_over 52

    # set temp2_hyst 47

    # set temp3_over 52

    # set temp3_hyst 47


    ## ignore temp3

    set fan1_div 4

    set fan2_div 4

    set fan3_div 16

    d u know what i mean? or maybe ill have to explain u in pictures :P These r the alarm limits, no real values!!!!!!!!!!!: Alarm values 4 example ---> (min = +2.40 V, max = +3.60 V)



    Initialy saying that the spec sheet states minimum PSu is 250w LOL made me kinda wonder. I gave up then, i dont know anyone that would try to run these mobo on that spec. :)


    The only requirement is to know read. Do u know read? If ur answer is yes then begin to read:



    If u r lazy:

    The system board requires a minimum of 250 Watt power sup-

    ply to operate. Your system configuration (amount of memory,

    add-in cards, peripherals, etc.) may exceed the minimum power

    requirement. To ensure that adequate power is provided, use a

    300 Watt (or greater) power supply.


    Im not an overclocker, & I have tested the system with only cpu, memory & vga. The problem persist.

    I changed the mb battery 4 a newone but problem persist also...


    Sorry 4 my english 2 the rest of people :P.

  2. XDDD funny joke XDD I dont speak english too well but i understand this joke XD


    BTW, the same exact configuration was working flawlessly with an Atlon XP 2600+ (333 FSB) before the CPU Upgrade, and reverting back to the old CPU makes the problem banish.


    VideoMate TV Gold Plus II (PCI Tuner) & Antec SL350P Power Supply go well with infinity & xp2600???


    I m questioning about that because i have a pci tuner and a 300W PS also...in which pci slot are the pci tuner?


    In this moment i put the fsb @ 165 & the system clock go fast in order a couple of minutes at day... something is something :( but anyway ill try ur method & thanks 4 ur post...


    Sorry 4 bad english again & again XD...

  3. 4 sempron buy a mobo with via chip (no nf2). why?



    1) 4 example sempron 2200 @ 1.4GHz can easily overclocked (with a mod to mobile [unlock multiplier]) to 2.2-2.4GHz . Support well 200fsb & without raise vcore at 2.2 GHz (with a nf2 mobo u CANT unlock multiplier). The temp of core raise only a couple of ºC at 2.2GHz vs 1.4GHz


    2) I have a serious problem with sempron 2600 & dfi nf2 ultra infinity:


  4. Edit: That spec sheet or whatever your using still doesn't overcome the fact that I don't know anybody on the DFI NF2 chipset that gets more than 2 fan speed sensor readings.


    Well, it is all that i wanna know about fan speed sensors. The confirmation that i'm not the onlyone that has this "problem". I know a friend of mine that has got similar problem with a abit nf7 but i needed confirm that becouse u can see in the link above, datasheet of winbond seems clear... Thanks.


    On the otherhand the main problem 4 me go on been the irregular clock signal (title post) & i'll be thankful if some dfi person in charge post about it...


    Sorry 4 my very bad english again XD...

  5. When i see the picture above (gkrellm), i remenber one thing. I have attached to mainboard 3 fans: 1 cpu fan & 2 case fan (front & back). Well, the cpu fan & the 2º case fan are detected with programs like sensors in lnx & equivalent in windows, but 1 case fan isnt detected. I tried change the fan divisor but nothing happend...


    bash-3.00$ sensors


    Adapter: SMBus nForce2 adapter at 5100

    temp: +23°C (high = +85°C)



    Adapter: ISA adapter

    VCore 1: +1.60 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +0.00 V)

    VCore 2: +1.50 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +0.00 V)

    +3.3V: +3.22 V (min = +3.14 V, max = +3.47 V)

    +5V: +4.87 V (min = +4.76 V, max = +5.24 V)

    +12V: +11.92 V (min = +10.82 V, max = +13.19 V)

    -12V: -11.62 V (min = -13.18 V, max = -10.80 V)

    V5SB: +5.35 V (min = +4.76 V, max = +5.24 V)

    VBat: +3.20 V (min = +2.40 V, max = +3.60 V)

    Back: 2657 RPM (min = 1328 RPM, div = 4)

    CPU: 2678 RPM (min = 1328 RPM, div = 4)

    Front: 0 RPM (min = 332 RPM, div = 16)

    M/B: +35°C (high = +0°C, hyst = +0°C) sensor = thermistor

    CPU: +35.5°C (high = +120°C, hyst = +115°C) sensor = thermistor

    temp3: +25.0°C (high = +120°C, hyst = +115°C) sensor = thermistor


    PD: This fan is detected when i put it in other system...

  6. Your PSu is a lil too weak for the mobo, minimum requirement for these mobo's are about a 450W.....its possible its this that causing some of the probs.........bios running fast and slow is sometimes down to a dead or dying cmos battery, try changing it out with a new one......



    Battery seems correct but sometimes Vbat moves to 2.2V like "deeppeaks"...but anyway I have had similar Voltages with other systems & the clock was correct in them...


    I think remenber (Motherboard English Manual) that the min PSU 4 this mobo is 250W with default values & few device attached. Like reference:


    (4 Overclock [isnt this case]: http://newstuff.orcon.net.nz/wCalc.html )

  7. First at all, ill try to contact with Dfi via:

    Email to Technical Support Team

    If you have any technical support questions, please send e-mail to below email.



    In 3 i found a Problem Description Form :


    but when i filled it and send it, i get the following error:



    java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01841: (完整的) 年份必須介於 -4713 和 +9999 之間, 且不得為 0


    at oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBError.throwSqlException(DBError.java:134)

    at oracle.jdbc.ttc7.TTIoer.processError(TTIoer.java:289)

    at oracle.jdbc.ttc7.Oall7.receive(Oall7.java:573)

    at oracle.jdbc.ttc7.TTC7Protocol.doOall7(TTC7Protocol.java:1891)

    at oracle.jdbc.ttc7.TTC7Protocol.parseExecuteFetch(TTC7Protocol.java:1093)

    at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleStatement.executeNonQuery(OracleStatement.java:2047)

    at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleStatement.doExecuteOther(OracleStatement.java:1940)

    at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleStatement.doExecuteWithTimeout(OracleStatement.java:2709)

    at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.executeUpdate(OraclePreparedStatement.java:589)

    at _support._pdf__twn2._jspService(_pdf__twn2.java:195)

    at oracle.jsp.runtime.HttpJsp.service(HttpJsp.java)

    at oracle.jsp.app.JspApplication.dispatchRequest(JspApplication.java)

    at oracle.jsp.JspServlet.doDispatch(JspServlet.java)

    at oracle.jsp.JspServlet.internalService(JspServlet.java)

    at oracle.jsp.JspServlet.service(JspServlet.java)

    at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:588)

    at org.apache.jserv.JServConnection.processRequest(JServConnection.java:456)

    at org.apache.jserv.JServConnection.run(JServConnection.java:294)

    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:484)


    Becouse i cant send the form to dfi ill try to send this information via forum:


    Country: Spain





    *Revision: A

    *BIOS Date Code: 2004/11/24




    *Brand / Model: AMD Sempron 2600 @ 1.83GHz




    Memory Module


    Slot: Brand: Frequency: Size:

    1) Kingston K PC3200 166 256


    3) Kingston K PC3200 166 256



    Display Card


    *Type: AGP

    *Brand & Model Name: Aopen Aeolus FX 5200 DV-128


    Other Device


    *IDE Device:


    IDE Device

    Brand/Model: Storage Size/Speed:

    Primary Master: FUJITSU MPE3136AT 13GB UDMA-66

    Primary Slave:

    Secondary Master: HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8520B UDMA-33

    Secondary Slave:


    SATA Device

    Brand/Model: Storage Size/Speed:

    1: Maxtor 6 Y160M0 SCSI Disk Device 160GB 150 (Device configured in lnx & windows at UDMA100)





    *PCI/ISA Card


    PCI/ISA Device:

    Slot: Type: Brand: Model No.:



    3) PCI Avermedia TVCapture98 w/VCR (BT878)





    Power Supply Unit Rating: 300 W


    Operating System


    *Type: Slackware Linux 10.1 with 2.6.11 kernel

    If others please specify: Windows Xp Prof. Ed.


    *Problem Description:


    System Clock (&BIOS clock also) go too fast: sometimes 10sec for each min, other times when reboot 5 seconds for each minute...This is happen in both OS (win & linux).

    In windows i can see how the clock moves 4 "seconds" too fast and the five is a little more slow (irregular clock). In lnx seems that the "seconds" re much more regulate (without pauses) but go too fast also...

    In the bios screen the same problem can be observed

    With early bios 7-2004 happens the same...

    Problems with that:

    Music play too fast with xmms in lnx 4 example, & other programs run bad.

    4 minimize this problem i have to low fsb @165Mhz then the system clock go fast but "only" a few minutes at day. In comparison with my previous systems that this happens in order of months not days... :(

    Note: If i put fsb @ 165 in bios, system goes at 165, if i put 167, 168 or 169 system goes 167, 168 or 169, etc, but when i put at 166 (default) system goes at 167.5 --->1840 (1833 default...)


    If u need more data: email-me (or tell me with a post)


    Sorry 4 my english & thanks in advance.

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