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  1. Hello, I have tried to what says this post 8 Hours Cmos and the problem continues equally. Please help me
  2. Hello Friends, I have a problem with my DFI. :sad: I have installed the system (CPU, memory, vcard,...) but to the moment to press the power button anything it doesn't happen, it seems not to arrive sign to the video card. I have proven CPU, memory, Vcard and disk in another system and everything works well, but apparently the board not. Some idea of as solving this problem? :confused: RMA? :confused: Thank you for any help that they can offer me. Bye
  3. Hello bestmancajun, My OCZ has worked perfect in dual channel during a lot of time, they are even excellent occers. This is what I find strange and due to that I want to know if there is form of avoiding that this happens again. Is it possible that when upgrading bios with winflash, the upgrade is not as effective as with the awflash? Until soon
  4. Yes friend. Now I have the OCZ running perfect in my board with dual channel @ stock. Is what I worry about that it happens again, for that reason I want to know if this is symptom of future problems and do I also want to know like I can avoid that this happens again? thank you for the whole help
  5. Hello guys. After proving a venice 3000+ in the board, I have put the 3700+ again and now I am working again with the 3700+ and my twimos bh-5 in dual channel. Does somebody know because it could happen the problem of the 2 LEDS? Is this symptom of slow death of the board or the cpu? All help is well appreciated. Thank you for the collaboration.
  6. hello, I have already proven each stick for separate and they pass the memtest for but of 5 hours without errors. Now I wonder: Can the bios be who presents problems? Does some bios that can recommend stop this problem? Thank you
  7. Hello ExRoadie, I have attempted what describes in the post but there is not onbtenido good results. Whenever I add the second Stick of ram the system it doesn't load and single sample 3 LEDS. With a single Stick the system works perfect. Thank you for all help that he/she can give me. Until soon
  8. Hello. I have already attempted with 2.8 - 2.9V and the problem persists. Now alone 1 LED lights with 512mb x 2. In occasions it shows the screen of DFI but not continuous the load and I have to make reset. I have already proven other memory and it happens exactly same. The processor has 1.5v and the memory 2.8 - 2.9v. Suggestions friends? Thanks
  9. Now I am confused... :confused: Is this a problem of OCZ or DFI?
  10. Ok, I will try to go up the vdimm up to 2.8 - 2.9V. The strange thing is that until few days ago they worked perfect, in fact these OCZ is excellent OCers ([email protected] with 2.8V in 1T) Thank you
  11. Hello, Thank you for yours answers. I have already tried to run the memtest to each module and they pass without errors. The 4 connectors are correctly together to the board and the problem of the 2 lit LEDS persists when I add the second module. [email protected] with 2.6v each stick. Some other solution? Until soon
  12. Hello Friends, First that everything thank you to read this topic. The reason for the which I write it is because for a time my DFI doesn't want to accept 2 x 512 MB of OCZ Rev2. When I put one alone, the system works perfect but when I add the second module the system non boot and 2 LEDS always lights. I have attempted in the yellow and oranges slots but the result is the same one. This is the configuration: - AMD 3700+ SD (Stock) - DFI Ultra-D (6.23-3) - OCZ Plt Rev2 (512mb x 2) - MSI 6600GT - Fortron BlueStorm (AX500-A) Please help me to solve this problem. Thank you for all the collaboration that you can offer me. Until soon.
  13. Excuse that it takes this post but I have similar problems. Once I have tried reset to my system this remains showing the 3 leds. I have tried proving each one of my ocz in each slot without results, have tried with my twinmos in each slot without results, have tried with another CPU without results, have tried to leave this by a day without using and disconnected of the PSU and without battery without results. Single in the morning mysteriously it managed to again enter Windows but restart the 3 leds and nothing of boot. Please I ask for aid to solve my problem to them. These are the specifications of my system: Venice 3200+ (250 x 10 = 1.4v) OCZ Plat. Rev 2 v1.1 (TCC5 = 2.7V) DFI NF4 Ultra-D (510 - 1 Bios) Fortron AX500-A Hitachi 160 GB SATA Thank you very much by any aid that can offer me on the matter. Until soon
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