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  1. OK here goes. I finally put in my 2 sticks of g.skill RAM and I finally got her rock solid stable. Currently I'm running @ 255 x 10. I haven't pushed pass that yet b/c I want to see if this mem will burn up over time. It's been a month or so and she's takin' it like a champ. I added another fan to blow over the RAM and everything seems to moving along quite nicely. I think my problem before was the memory I had in there. I don't think it could handle all the overclocking I was putting it through. Well, like I said, so far so good, I'll update if things change.
  2. time for update... I think I figured out that the g.skill mem I was running last didn't like my voltage being as high as I had it. I finally burned up both sticks so I've moved on. I'm currently running a single stick of 512 PNY mem that I bought for super cheap @ CompUSA. This is a temporary fix until my new mem shows up. I just bought G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 500 (PC 4000) Dual Channel Kit System Memory. I love newegg. Once you know.... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231021 I'll keep you updated on how this new mem works out for me.
  3. Question. Does anyone have any idea why I keep having my mem go bad. I have been away from PC for the past few months but I'm back for now and I just discovered that I have had yet another stick of mem go bad. The last post said it was just a rumor about this mobo burning up mem but mine sure seems to be doing just that. Has anyone spent anytime coming up with dram configs for this mobo that are consistently stable?
  4. Ok!!! I have some news. It looks as though the memory stick in slot #2 was bad so I took the other 256 of mem and put it in the #2 slot and so far I've only had 2 crashes in the last 100+ hours of operation. I think we may found the problem. I'm replacing the memory now but I had a question for y'all. I've heard rumor that the NF4 SLI-D mobo is burning up memory in the #2 slot. Is this true? If so, what can be done about it? Once again, I appreciate your help.
  5. Alright, I'm going to adjust the memory settings some but like you've all noticed, I'm a noob, so I was hoping y'all could be a little more specific on how to make the CPU and RAM adjustments. How do I find out if I'm using IDE drivers? I'm pretty sure I'm not but how do I confirm? Also, how do I determine which Prime95 test I'm running? Is there anything else y'all want to know? And like I said, could y'all give me some specifics on what to try next to find stability. I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate all the help. Thanks.
  6. Where can I find other bioses? Because the one I'm using is obviously not stable enough.
  7. Okay, time for a much needed update. I apologize for taking so long but I've been working hard to find stability. For awhile I was able to find some stability but recently it has started crashing while playing Quake again. To give everyone an idea of my bios here it is: Genie Bios Settings 264 Auto down16 up 16 x10.0 100 mhz disable (Auto) 1.425v readings 1.72 1.4 1.7 3.03 1.425 Above Vid *113% 1.4 1.7 3.0 Disabled The DRAM Settings: 200 enable 2.5 4 7 3 7 14 2 2 2 3 4708 1 enable auto 0 Level 8 Level 4 7.0 Nano Auto 256 Disable 16x 7x disable 8 burst Any ideas why I might still be crashing?
  8. I've now got her stable at 268 x 10. I'm still trying to break the 2.7 mark but so far she can't handle it. I will say however, she is a beast of machine and she runs like a champ. I love my PC. But not as much as I love my girlfriend. Sorry I had to get sappy but my GF read an article I wrote for q3machines.net where I made a stupid comment about lieing to my girlfriend. So I figured I would make up for it here.
  9. OK, we are stable all the way around. I changed the settings to 265*10, and she is as stable as the day is long. I haven't had a crash since the change. It's been a week now. She is 24 hours Prime stable. I'm thinking I may have fixed it for now. I still plan on trying to OC some more to see what I can pump out of her, but it seems that the *9 multiplier and the *8.5 multiplier just won't run stable. Thanks for all your help. I'll keep you up to date if things change.
  10. What would be a good example of a "registry cleaning program?"
  11. Ok, so I unplugged the monitor, moved the vid card back to the top PCI-E slot, did a safe boot off the mobo and she came right up. I reset the Genie Bios settings to the 29 hour prime stable settings, and I didn't get through, 8 mins of Quake b4, she froze up. I got an error message to asking to send error report to Microsoft but I couldn't click anything, or tab to the don't send button. I had to do a restart. She came right up and I'm back in Quake now. I'll keep ya' posted.
  12. Well, have I got some interesting developments for you folks. So I take the PC home from my office where I built her. I had been playing Quake for a day and a half (about 7 hours total quake time) with only 2 crashes. I get home, set her up turn her on and everything is fine and dandy. I play quake for about 20 minutes, and decided to run Spyware. I had just defraged, double clicked Adaware, and crash. Well crap, no big deal though right? Wrong. She reboots but now the monitor isn't working. The light on the monitor is changing from orange to green indicating that it is atleast recieving a signal. I can hear Windows boot up just fine. I give it a few minutes and shut her down. Now for the interesting part. This is the same problem I had from the beginning with my other nF4 Ultra-D board when I first started building this PC. On the other mobo, I used just a crappy PCI vid card to test and it worked. I purchased an ATI vid card to test and it didn't work in the PCI-E slot at all. So, I did a system reboot off the mobo, plugged it back in and the ATI card worked so I put the nVidia card back in and it worked as well. Then it happened again 2 days later. I tried the same reboot and bupkiss. That's when I purchased the SLI-D board to swap out. Everything went together fine, I turned her on with stock bios and she worked. I downloaded the latest bios from DFI installed it, and she wouldn't boot into windows. So I put in the last know 29 hour stable OC, and she booted into Windows w/o so much as a hiccup. It was then that I played quake for a day and a half. Got home played for 20 minutes, and a crash while opening Adaware. Since then I have cleared the CMOS, tried numerous safe boots, took her apart, took out battery, set Vid card in different PCI-E slot, and absolutely nothin' is happenin'. She won't boot into Windows at all. My next step so far is to go buy a PCI vid card and see if I can atleast get the monitor to work so I can update the bios, and then try the PCI-E vid card again. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED BY THIS WEEPING, SOBBING, DISTRESSED SHELL OF THE FORMER MAN HE USED TO BE. "WHY ME?!? WHHHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!" Haha, ok I feel a lil better now. Thanks again.
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