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  1. I feel your pain. I was so fed up with all the shutter and pauses, I went out and bought that killer nic. Which is kinda of waste of money. Now I am finally enjoying my system for the first time. Wonder why I didnt try this sooner... Winxp x64 is not that bad. I got all the drivers for my hardwares. And if you buy the OEM version now, you are guaranteed an upgrade to VISTA. Not that I like vista.
  2. Sorry you guys, I only tried the driver on x64. I wasn't sure if it would work for XP 32bit or not. I would not recommand simply replacing the sys to your system32/driver folder. I am gonna install it myself personally to see if it works. The 64bit VISTA driver definately fixed all the issues I was experiencing. I know other people with other brands of MB using M1575 also having similar issues. Since we already knew the existance of 6.3, why not have DFI ask nvidia for it? It would be alot easier and safer then hacking it ourselves. Update: Alright, I've tried and confirmed the 32bit VISTA driver will not work on XP. Evidently XP x64 shares some kind of commonality with VISTA that XP doesn't.
  3. Alright, I heard your plea. This is the 32bit driver from VISTA. See if it does anything for you. It is said nvidia/uli refuse to support their own chipset, and we had to get it from Microsoft. Do Not Install!
  4. I dunno how many of you checked, but if you simply installed VISTA, the driver that it came with is version 6.300, which is newer than the 6.2x DFI/ULI have provided. I found out long ago that the creative VISTA driver can be installed on Windows x64. So I assumed the ULI driver should too. It is under a different name, but the size is about the same. So I ripped it out and renamed it M5288.sys and replaced it with the one from the F6 floppy. Everything installs fine, and while I don't have a DFI board, I do have the A8R32-MVP. I do have the occasional error, and alot of shutter in games, but none of the freezes you guys had with the DFI board. I just played couple of hours of game, and the shutters are gone. So this driver did something. I only installed 64bit of VISTA, so I don't have the 32bit ULI 6.300 driver, the one I uploaded is the 64bit one. If I have time later to install 32bit version of VISTA, maybe I will upload that one too.
  5. This beta driver definately causes that error. I got myself a asus a8r-mvp here. With the official ULI driver, I've never seen the error on my system before. I updated the driver, and now I am begining to get this error. It occures now, like twice per 24 hours period. This is interesting.
  6. Does anyone know if the 975x chipset support ECC Registered memory? I heard it only support ECC but not registered memory. Is that true?
  7. It works just fine. I was using it with the 704 bios and now the 11/14 one. I have no idea if the 623 works or not.
  8. Steer clear of serie 80 for now. They are not that stable, and you are not alone.
  9. Does anyone have any experience with Samsung TCCC 1GB module? I was running with 2 sticks of 512mb Samsung TCCC sticks. I realised that I could use more ram and so I bought 2 1GB module. That should give me a combined capacity of 3GB, which should last for quite awhile. But the system just beeps with all 4 sticks plugged in, and it would just freeze at the post screen if I attemp to boot with only the 1GB stick(s) plus some minor actifacts here and there on the screen. I even tried booting up with the 512mb and manually select 133 or 166mhz ram ratio, and it does nothing.
  10. Forget about NV lan. Ive had couple problems with the nvlan from NF3 and NF4. There seems to be a driver side issue, sometimes the "auto negotiation" screws up and it really chews up your internet speed. There is a reason they decide to go with another lan... lol
  11. I am not saying I don't believe you. All A64 will work with 4 sticks DS rams @1T, so long as they are running at DDR200.... With the latest 90nm core, I could almost boot to windows @ DDR266, almost. It certainly looks they have made progress, as the older cores won't even post at DDR266 speed. It has been like 2 years since the initial launch, after like 4 core updates, it still isn't possible. Either they can't, or this is a low priority call for AMD.
  12. Really? I doubt it. There is a limit to the memory controller when the MB traces exceed certain length...
  13. Cool. So I just get a piece of sand paper, lap the base of the heatsink and get a lower temperature? Thanks.
  14. E4=512kb E6=1024kb I think the E6 4200+ are failed 4400+ or 4800+
  15. Ok, I guess I will disable SLI and see how it goes. Water cooling is not possible I think, the 2 video cards are right above the chipset. Infact, the 7800 is so long it blocked 2 SATA ports. Maybe getting SLI is a mistake.
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