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  1. Hi, I was having random crashes , not BSOD`s but right back to boot as if I had powered off. On an unclocked system , prior to installing in a Prommy , I wanted to check stability. Like you I was worried it was NB temps, CPU temps, power supply etc. I did 2 things , firstly increasing my ?? LDT ( cant remember its exact name , new to me on this mobo compared with my old NF-7S ) voltage slightly in BIOS, secondly flashing to the latest BIOS. Now works a treat. I had also increased previously my VDIMM and CPU volts, but was still getting random reboots.
  2. Hi all . Ok finally found Nforce 4 chipset drivers that allowed me to install Win 64 in a Raid 0 array : http://www.planetamd64.com/index.php?download=242 Not using Sil drivers at the mo , as have only 2 drives so no need for Raid 5 . Plus I see from the manual the NVRaid is @ 3gb/sec whereas the Sil is 1.5 . Thanks for the info on your setup Angry, will get my Prommy ready soon and get those OC`s going :-) Playing BF2 demo at the mo and running like a treat .
  3. Hi , Seems strange to me that a board mentioned in some reviews as " the best overclockers board ever " has such a patchy NB fan. Wouldnt it invalidate the warranty taking off the NB fan ? Secondly being fortunate enough to save up for a Prometeia, I`m a bit worried about those NB temps which look like some MB modding will be required for extreme overclocking !
  4. Hi all, First post here though I`m a longstanding member over @ Alliance for the overclocking arts . Just built my new sys, and like you Optimus , cant get the Sil 3114 drivers to work, including the supposed fix over at Amd64 forums. Can however get the NVRaid drivers in using F6, but just hangs when reaches Windows setup on XP64. The raid array is recognised and healthy. Angry what settings do you have in your Bios for the Raid 0 array ? What does Sata Raid " by old MB" mean in the BIOS ?? and had you changed your mobo BIOS prior to installing the array ? Cheers, G
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