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  1. I sort of ruled out a software problem because it did the shut off and auto turn on before Window was even loaded. But I'll disable that anyway just to see. If all else fails, I guess I will have to buy another board....probably not DFI again.
  2. Guys, hope someone can help me on solving an issue I am having. My sig has the most recent hardware update and I am currently running Bios version 6/23/05-NF-CK804. I built this rig around a year or so ago and everything was running smooth until recently. A power problem started couple weeks ago which I have trouble turning on my computer. It started by pressing the power button 3-4 times to turn on and then progress to pressing 10-20 times. (Btw, I was running Antec Neopower 480w before I did the switch to OCZ.) I even try to turn it on using the power button on the MB thinking it might be my case switch went bad but no luck. Slowly it took longer and longer to turn it on. All of sudden a second issue came up. While the rig was on and just doing simple task or just idling, it will shut off randomly. It's not quite just power off but Window would try to log off first and 1/3 way through not completely logged off, the power went off. It did that for couple days and never want to turn back on again. So, after talking to couple friends and searched on Dfi street, everyone pointed at my Antec power supply. I immediately ordered an OCZ Gamexstream 700w unit, installed it, and my rig is back alive again. I even switched out the noisey MB chip fan to Evercool while I was at it. But.... My first issue is now solved. The rig will turn on every time I press the on button. My second issue is still there....and got worse.... Not just once a while it will shut off by itself but after it shuts off, without pressing anything, it wants to power back on automatically. I can watch the thing trying to turn itself on but couldn't even pass the bios section and then shuts off again. Couple times, I tried to pull the power cable out of the wall and then plug it back, the rig automatically turns on and shuts off within 4-5 sec. Please also consider that this does not happen every single minute. It will happen maybe twice a day an hour each until it stop doing that...very very annoying. Do you guys think I need to flash a new bios or the broad is trashed? All comment welcomed!
  3. I fixed it!! Turned out the 510-2 bios allows me to disable the Command per clock!! Thank you guys for all the help!! Steve
  4. I finally had time to mess with my rig alittle more. Interesting thing is in the Genie bios section, i don't have a line call " commend per clock". Is there something else that might be the same thing? Weird..... Help please!! I see "Cas latency" and other settings but nothing for me to select disable. Thanks....
  5. I will do that, thanks so much for all of your help!! I'll report back if it worked or doesn't work.
  6. You have the same Corsair memory as I do? Please share some more information!!
  7. Thanks for all your support but I am really new to memory timing. I usually never overclocks but this dilima made me a stronger computer man. I would appreciate if anyone can point me to the right direction. I know how to change memory timing but I just don't know what to put in. Changing to 2T wouldn't make the timing even more aggressive? I thought maybe I should relax the timing more, I dunno, I'm noobing. Where do you get the 510-2 bios? I already flashed the newest bios I can find but I don't know if it's the one you are talking about. Some one please help!! :confused:
  8. I just finished my rig and for the love of god I couldn't boot into Window XP setup screen where I format the drives. After 8 hours of frustration, I finally figured out it was my memory sticks causing the freeze. After taken off one stick, I breeze through the setup process and enjoyed my new machine. I really want to get both of my memory stick working. The Corsair memory sticks I have are TwinX2048-3200C2PT 2GB of ram ( 1GB on each stick) with timing of 2.5-3-3-6. I never knew about this problem prior buying DFI Lanparty board or else I might of chosed another brand. Could someone please let me know how should I resolve this matter?
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