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  1. Another update: It boots! Apparently I must have had a cable loose on my CDROM or some such. With RGone's settings, after I disconnected and reconnected the CDROM, it boots flawlessly, 4.6k 3dmark 2k5, 10k 3dmark 2k3. I ran memtest on the kingston stuff with Rgone's settings, it checked out. So I loaded optimized defaults, ran it again, checked out. I'm surprised it was something so little, but I'm glad it's working. Now all I'm wondering is....I'd like to get my ram a little tighter. It's rated for [email protected], and I think with optimized it's running 2.5-3-3-7 or something. So what I'm wondering is, from the optimized defaults, where's the best place to start tightening from?
  2. Another update: I found an old IDE harddrive I had with a partially corrupt, but still bootable version of Linux on it. Unplugged cdrom drive, plugged in the IDE drive, and it boots that drive fine. I'm going to try to get my old motherboard up and running and see if perhaps my old hard drives have somehow become corrupted...
  3. I've noticed something else too. I can get a different motherboard for cheaper than memory to work with this piece of crap. Sorry, I am just getting very frustrated. Memtest has been running for a while now in single channel, no errors.
  4. Alright, so I tried those settings. A little better. I can get past loading pool data now. I think however that the GRUB loader is messed, so I've been trying to boot a winxp CD to reinstall the MBR. However, it will only get to the initial "setpu is examining your hardware configuration". After that, the screen blanks, and a short while after, the hard drive activity light seems to turn on permanently. I also tried running with one stick, and doing that let me flash to the 3-10 BIOS. I'm running memtest right now just to see if anything's wrong. Oh, another note, I also tried disabling CPC as per the memory guide on the forums - again no such luck. Any other ideas, or am I SOL without getting new ram? EDIT: Another addition. It may be because of the speed, but I put a single 256 meg stick of PC2700 DDR into the furthest orange slot from the CPU, and upon boot I get the constant repeating long beeps.
  5. By the way...another thing. If this memory /does/ end up giving me problems, does anyone have a reccomendation for another good brand? I will likely do some overclocking, but I'm not looking to do a crazy amount yet, I don't want to risk frying anything.
  6. Thanks a bunch Sparx. I'm at work right now, but I will try that when I get home. Those settings, from looking at them, seem like they might explain the behavior for sure. To me, it doesn't seem like a physical hardware issue, since the way it reacts is so incredibly sporadic.
  7. Do excuse my lack of terminology knowledge - I'm just getting into the overclocking scene. 225x10?
  8. That will be difficult....none of my friends have anywhere near up-to-date computers. But...say for a minute the memory was not the culprit. What might be the problem other than that?
  9. Ah....wonderful. I don't think I have any more even halfway decent memory sitting around. And of course I /really/ don't want to have to spend more money on RAM. But I'll see what I can do...rather disappointing that this highly-acclaimed board would have compatibility problems with what I consider to be a pretty popular brand of ram...
  10. So. I am having incredible troubles getting my new motherboard to boot completely. It will reach the LanParty logo screen fine. I get three red lights initially, then the fourth one flashes a couple of times, then it counts down 3, 2, 1 (beep) and the logo comes up. Tends to take somewhat of a long time but that's beside the point. It detects my CDROM and two SATA drives fine. Then comes the problem. Right after it is finished detecting PCI devices (with the long list of devices displayed on the screen), it stops. Nothing happens for about 5 seconds, and then the board reboots on its own, and will continue in this same loop seemingly indefinitely. Strangely enough...on /occasion/ I've managed to actually get past this, and through the DMI data and CMOS save portion. This happened the first time I booted the machine, and I got into windows fine. However, every time after that when I managed to get past detecting PCI devices, it would have problems. My computer is dual-booting XP home and Gentoo Linux, so it's using the GRUB bootloader. In those rare times when I get into the bootloader, if I choose windows, the entire system will hang with no response whatsoever. If I choose Linux, I get a crc checksum error, and the system halts - suggesting possibly a bad hard drive? (I doubt it though, I was using the HD fine right before I started putting together the system) I've tried nearly everything. Disconnecting all fans to make sure the power supply was adaquate, doing the CMOS clear, I even attempted to flash the BIOS, however this board won't often even get to the point where it attempts to boot from the floppy. Help, please? This is so incredibly frustrating, I do not want to have to RMA anything in my system that I've waited a month for. :drool: EDIT: One other thing to note. Those hard drives were swapped out of my other machine, which was P4 based, if that makes any difference.
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