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  1. wellthat was a ratehr generic response. done all the above. I was hopiong for a mroe specialised answer tbh
  2. I have a 6600gt and nf4 ultra-d. I turned my computer on about a month ago, and the screen resolution was set to 640x480 with 4 bit colour, and it would not let me change it in display options. It also seemed that the nvidia drivers had disappeared, I had no icon in the system tray. I checked program files and all the drivers which I expected to be in Program Files/Nvidia were all just in Program Files, in no real folder structure. So I installed the drivers again, rebooted, managed to get normal res/colour, but the nvidia icon was still not in the system tray, and it seemed there was no trace of the drivers on my system. When I rebooted, I got straight back to 640x480 with 4 bit colour. So I tried using driver cleaner, and reinstalled the drivers, and got exactly the same situation as above. As soon as I reboot with nvidia drivers installed, I get 4 bit colour. So next I tried going into device manager, and uninstalling display drivers from there. This was kind of stupid, because when I rebooted, windows would not start and it just got caught in a restarting loop, even in safe mode. Eventually I bit the bullet and reformatted, same problem, so it is hardware. i rma'd my graphics card (seemed obvious) but that isnt faulty. I have reset CMOS, removed all pci devices and unnecessary components. I tried flashing BIOS, and here is the interesting problem... In winflash, there are 3 boxes to tick on the left, one of them being "pnp area". When i try to tick this, the box wont tick. Is soemthing wrong with my pnp section of bios? When I boot, I can see that IRQ 5 is taken by graphics controller, network controler and usb 1.0 controller. Do I ahve an IRQ error, as pnp is not functioning? This really is a strange error, should I be looking to rma my motherboard? Anybody got any suggestions, because I am at my wits end
  3. What options as far as motherboards go, do i have if i want intel dual core on a dfi? which mobos do dfi produce that will support intel dual cores? thanks, Dave
  4. thanks for the reply, which memtests should i run? i heard 5 and 8 are the best but ive never used it before. i had contemplated a reformat and if memtest says my sticks are gd then i suppose that is my next step. cheers Dave
  5. for a long time iw as running one stick of 512mb geil value ram. all was fine and stable. it was in slot 2. i then got a dual channel kit of geil value ram (but different IC's i think) and installed it in orange slots. i started to get crashes and errors wen playing CS:S. "the memory referenced at xxxxxxx could not be read, click ok to terminate the program". i would either get that or my system would reboot completely. i heard that NF4's dont like hynix ram and i thought that these sticks could be hynix so i went back to my old stick which worked fine. i still kept on getting these cs:s errors. since then i have tried everything i can think of with both sets of ram... upped voltage tried 2T tried loosening timings (2.5 4 4 8) tried in yellow slots and it just tells me at bootup to use orange for dual channel or use slot 2 for single channel :confused: i have tried flashing BIOS, tried 6/18 and am currently on 3/10p and i have reset CMOS aswell. i had some luck last night when i put the dual channel kit in slots 1+2, causing it to run 2T at ddr333. whilst this seemed to work it is hardly a permenant fix. so do these errors seem likely to be becuase of hynix ram? and why does my stick that used to work now still give me errors? these crashes can occur at any time really, i have lasted up to an hour without them before. please help me get this rig stable again! cheers, Dave
  6. ONE stick of ram in the top orange slot (slot 2) go into bios and change boot order so that cd-rom is first. this si very strange because i have the same problem as you, although i have xp installed already. i mean, when i boot ir does the verifying poold ata thing then just goes blank for a while...then loads xp. SOMETIMES it backs up cmos but never says boot from cd any more when it used to. change the boot order and lemme know how it goes.
  7. sorry if it is mentioend somewere else in the thread but may i ask why you chose to use an IDE hdd and not SATA? or did you just have it lying around?
  8. if you buy a modular psu you may find tht the AUX cables are available from the manufacturer upon request.
  9. cm stacker wd be an ideal bet, but very expensive
  10. run network setup on all computers and make sur ethe workgroup name is the same. (ideally WORKGROUP or MSHOME)
  11. is weight an issue here?? i imagine that thing is pretty heavy, especially with a waterblock or something similar and only the ram seems to hold it up. very interesting btw im impresed with your imagination.
  12. it seems only one of mine work at a time, one dies so i switch to the other, then in a coupl of months they swap again lol. doesnt bother me as lng as one works.
  13. put your specs in your signature before angry_games finds you.
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