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  1. I tried CPU Voltage at 4.5 and 4.75 but neither would let it prime. I actually already removed the pad and used thermal paste when I first installed it. I'll give that bios a try. I hope it's not a bad core. I had my old winnie running faster than this.
  2. I read quite a bit about these chips before I bought one and it said pretty much everyone is getting 2.5 or higher. I'm running at 2.5 right now, but when I run Prime95 on both cores one of them will go for 45 minutes and the other will go for 11 hours. I have OCZ 2x1GB Value Ram... I don't mind running with a divider. and an Ultra-D board. Can anyone recommend what settings I should use and if I should change my bios? Just any suggestions to get a good OC. I'll be happy with 2.6.
  3. I just did this mod (well, I thought I did anyway.) I got my computer all put back together and reset the bios and booted and still get nF4 Ultra to greet me. Did I just not do it right? Maybe I need to solder instead of just filling in with a #2 pencil. I thought I filled it in well enough but I guess not. If it worked, it would say nF4 SLI right? Thanks.
  4. Tried flashing the bios to two different versions. Neither fixed the network connection issues.
  5. Angry: Do you have any other suggestions before I apply for an RMA?
  6. The card doesn't even show up in safe mode. It continues to hang device manager when I try to change settings in standard windows. I tried loading optimized default and it still doesn't go. Anything else to try before I pack this thing up?
  7. ok, I'm pretty sure it's a hardware problem. Explorer locks up when I try to uninstall or reinstall ethernet drivers. I got them installed in safe mode without networking support, but when I got back into normal mode, it still doesn't work. I guess I'll try safe mode with networking, just for kicks. Where does the RMA go to?
  8. I'm on the drivers that came on the DFI CD I got with my board back in like March. I'm downloading the 6.37 drivers as I write this. Hopefully that'll fix it. I've had no problems with this board so far and have recommended it to several people who are happy with it as well.
  9. I don't know what you were pointing me to in those links. Manually entering a mac address didn't do anything. What could possibly cause this? Does DFI have any kind of advanced exchange? I would like to get this fixed but I'm not willing to go without my computer for 3 weeks while they send me a new one.
  10. Below: Notice in my first post I said I've tried switching the network cable and the port it went into on the router. Neither fixed it. Davos: Tried to install that and it didn't work. I also don't think that is the problem because I didn't change anything at the time it stopped working. I also formatted and installed as I have 2 or 3 other times with the exact same settings as before and it doesn't work.
  11. As of yesterday I am unable to get the onboard NIC to connect to any network. It won't obtain an IP addres and if I put an IP address in manually, it freezes the computer. I did get it to go without freezing the computer one time but the icon in the tray kept changing back and forth between 'obtaining an ip address' and 'cable disconnected' I've tried connected to two different DHCP servers (Router and Cable Modem.) I've also switched the network cable and ports. The onboard Marvell card works, but I'm pretty sure this works over PCI instead of right to the chipset, hurting overall performance. Also, I just don't like the idea that my NIC is broken. Thanks for any help.
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