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  1. Update: I posted earlier about not being able to run in dual with my 2GB PC4000 kit of Ballistix from Crucial. I have tried some OCZ PC3500 EB Platinum (1GB kit) and it works perfect. I've ran for days without any issues at all. I've been running 2 instanced of [email protected] and Prime 95 Torture and it's been flawless. The Ballistix crashes after a few hours no matter what I adjust timings too. It doesn't give memtest errors, but it fails. I believe it's safe to conclude that the board doesn't like the RAM anymore, and that there is nothing wrong with my Ultra-D or processor as it works great with the OCZ.
  2. What latency parameters do you mean? There are so many different opinions on what timings should be. . . what would make it more stable? Please include a list of what you use. Thanks. I'll try 2T when I next reboot.
  3. I am having the same problem with the second rig listed in my sig. I'm running 2x 1GB of Crucial and suddenly I can't run dual on my Ultra-D. I'm actually running the stick right now in the top two slots (farthest away from the CPU) and they seem to be stable. Memtest checks everything out fine in both single and dual channel, but the system crashes once under load (gaming, prime, folding, divx converting) when ran in dual channel. I did a fresh install, and have the same issues. I was hoping that it was a software thing. I'm going to talk to Crucial and see if they think it's a RAM thing (they have admitted to bad batches) and then see if they want to RMA. Everything was working great until recently. . . that's such a pain.
  4. Excellent work on the updated CD TMOD. If you want to add a link to your list of mirrors, you can download the 6.5 CD here. It should be a fairly speedy mirror.
  5. Using the 704-2 BIOS worked fine. Everythings peachy now. Weird that the board came with a buggered up BIOS.
  6. Man, I love this CD. This has helped me and several other computer tech's lives easier. I feel that I have a duty to mirror the file as well. . . I've recommended it to many friends, and I don't want to kill other people's bandwidth. My site is generally pretty fast so you can grab it over here. Excellent work Tmod.
  7. I discovered the deal on this board. If I use a HTT multiplier of 4x or lower it works fine with the 6/23 BIOS. I'm downloading the BIOS CD now and giving a newer BIOS a shot. This board seems rock stable and overclocks quite well, as long as I have the HTT mult at 4x. I thought I'd better post and update, and I'll update again after I flash the BIOS. Thanks for all your help & suggestions.
  8. I'm using a Enermax 461W PSU, I've also tried the OCZ Modstream that is currently working in my other NF4 Ultra-D board. I've tried the Kingston RAM as well as Crucial Ballistix PC4000 (in my other Ultra-D) and even some OCZ EB Platinum PC3500. Tried SPD and stock timings as well as looser timings. . . all no go. I'm assuming the BIOS date is 3/10 . . . I haven't been able to really get it to boot. I'm trying the overnight CMOS clear, but I've never even flashed the BIOS. EDIT: The BIOS is 6/23 and I've now tried the board out of the case on a box. Nothing is shorting out. . . it just seems borked.
  9. I just got a second NF4 Ultra-D because my first board was so solid. Unfortunately the second board was DOA so I put if for an RMA from NCIX and got the board I'm working on now. The board will only boot immediately after the CMOS has been reset. If you go into BIOS and exit - saving changes (although none made) the board will not post. I've tried reseating everything and even tried a PCI graphics card instead of a PCIx. I've tried three different types of RAM in single and dual slot configurations (single stick in top orange slot) and get nothing. I've even specified lower timings when I'm in the BIOS, but once I exit the BIOS the machine will not post. All I get is 4 red LED's. This is real frusterating as this is a brand-new board I got back from RMA when the other board was DOA. (I took it to a local computer shop for them to verify). Please help as I really need my system back!!! Thanks in advance.
  10. I picked up a 3000+ Venice from NCIX in Canada. I'm running at 300-305 HTT/FSB right now at 1:1 with a pair of Crucial PC4000 running at 2.9v. The CPU core is at 1.55v running 28°C idle and 37°C 100% load. I love this chip.
  11. That fixed it. Thanks for the info. I'm new to DFI, and haven't had this much fun since a hacked BIOS on my NF7-S Rev.2 and a Barton Mobility! I'm looking at 300FSB at 1:1 and still going!
  12. I will give this a try later. I've tried messing with the voltages on stuff, CPC etc, and it makes no difference. I'll try to stick with a whole integer and see what happens. I should mention that I'm using a 3000+ Venice as well.
  13. I've just picked up the DFI LP UT NF4 Ultra-D, and I'm impressed. I've got some Crucial Ballistix PC4000 that can run upwards of 300MHz. I'm having an issue though when I overclock my FSB higher than 290MHz, the memory drops down to 20MHz slower than my FSB. At 290MHz FSB, the memory is sync at 290MHz. At 295MHz the memory is 275MHz. At 320MHz, the memory is 300MHz. This is according to CPUz, and can be verified by running some benchmarks such as Everest. My timings are 3-4-4-10 1T @ 2.9v, with chipset @ 1.6 and CPU @ stock. I'm generally running a 7.5x or 7x multiplier right now as I'm trying to top out my memory. Any thougts on why this is happening would be greatly appreciated.
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