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  1. Ok WinXP installed (sitting at the Welcome Screen)..can someone advise which drivers to install 1st?? Read issue's about which to install (and not to) plus nVidia site with current ones vs mobo cdrom. thanks in advance
  2. We're baaaaaack Ok spent some time kicking this thing around and found the following problems and solutions...hope it'll help others: HSF was too tight..loosened it enough so that it still make's contact and still cools (Poor design with the 2 posts since weight bears down on one end when case is upright...will look into getting something thats not so heavy, nor loud...Arctic Cooling Freezer-64 AMD is light, quiet and cheap!!) Ran memtest from a floppy (created CD image off a bootable CD, but had trouble loading it)...no errors during 10 passes with 1 stick at a time in bank 2, but on the 8th pass with DC, my Corsair started throwing up errors. Removed the Corsair and startrd on the OCZ Premier series...10 passes with each individually, then DC..it flew threw it with no error's...I'll stick with OCZ until I flash, then see if the Corsair will play nice.... Next, removed PCI-E, and put in an ATI 9200 PCI card, 1 IDE, DVD, floppy drive and the 1 stick of RAM. Did jumper clearing cmos, booted into BIOS, Load Optimized, reboot, go into Bios and turned off 1394, USB, Audio, LAN, Serial, etc... left bare minimum. Booted from floppy to DOS prompt and tried to run Windows setup from prompt...CD spins, lights on but nothing is happening...it seems frozen again. Moved Optical from Secondary Master to Secondary Slave...which allowed WinXP Pro to run...and tell me it couldn't install on the SATA drives!!! Slipstreamed my old WinXP Pro into a new WinXP Pro Corp SP2 edition...it found SATA device's and let me format (its been formatting for 2 hrs now...) ...will keep you posted. Again, thanks for all idea's.. Note to StephenC: Corsiar memory is actually XMS TWINX Matched Pairs XMS3200 DDR400 2x512MB 184-pin DIMM (TWINX1024-3200LL)... not C2!! my bad.
  3. nut's...in my excitement, woke daughter up...which inadvertently woke wife..damn... ..will continue this tomorrow night.. Big thanks go to: StephenC, FX-WANNA-B, siddhartha, ExRoadie, spdiscus and the guys who run this board L8r
  4. ...its going to be a long night.. OK will do the following: 1 stick of RAM (Using the OCZ Premier 2.5-3-3-6 DDR400 512MB) in bank 2 (thanks StephenC) remove USB Mouse, using PS/2 (thanx spdiscus) have memtest image on bootable cd, (current Memtest86 3.2), when it passes with no errors, will get back here before flashing... Question: how long does flash take approximately?? including backup/skipping a backup??). Very nervous about a bad flash!! :sad: ========================================================== Post posting: All power connections are in, checked for loose connections/cards/etc.. Corsair is: XMS TWINX Matched Pairs XMS3200 DDR400 2x512MB 184-pin DIMM (TWINX1024-3200C2)... ...thanks siddhartha, I'll stick it back after I flash for sure.... ...you know, FX-WANNA-B , that actually make's alotta sense!! XP I'm using is old (like pre-SP1 old)...can someone save me some trouble and tell me if they installed with a pre SP1 version of XP??? It would explain it not recognizing SATA and PCI-E....
  5. Thanks for the quick reply StephenC... I'll do it with 1 stick in slot 2 (I also have some OCZ Premier kicking around)...For the Corsair, what do you need to know??..on the clr cmos, do a jumper reset or battery removing ok? And spdiscus..thanks also...moved the mouse from USB to PS/2 port, pulled the 2 front mount USB's & 1394 from board for time being. Big worry with flashing to 3/10's is the sporadic freezing, thereby possible toasting of board. Temps throughout have been low to mid 30's (Pasty Basement dweller), so I know it ain't heat related. When all else has failed I'll do it...precautions include underclock the CPU, single DDR266 ram stick, PCI video and everything off/unplugged. Sorry ExRoadie , posted too quick....I didn't follow it to the letter, but damn close. The optimized BIOS & 1 stick of RAM is the only parts I didn't follow. Usually go into BIOS after install & flash, to save doing it twice.
  6. I'm feeling like a total n00b :confused: I've installed/upgrade at least 30 times since the days of the 486, and never have I had such problems as I do now. My last AMD PC was a headache too, but got through it will a little help...I need help again. I read through some of the posts and answers and I seem to be at the right place. Ok here's my problem: The computer freezes on the "...checking installed hardware.." screen. I know it sounds silly, but I've run the memtest for a few hours in single and dual mode without error's..I've tested the CPU/Memory/Hard Disks/HSF/DVD/Video Card on another exact DFI board without a single problem...the psu in that one was a 300-400 watt no-name. I was going to flash the BIOS but worried it'll freeze (it did freeze while I was in the BIOS acouple of times). The is my 2nd board as the 1st one refused to turn on (no lights on mobo). FYI, everything is at stock "load optimized yada yada" settings. Any help is appreciated.
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