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  1. From last night I'm trying to get system stabil with Ballistix and DFI Expert, no luck....I 'm stuck I need a little help, I was not able to get stability in windows in anyway, but memtest runs with no errors. I tried latest official bios, and 704-2BT. Settings.




    This is on default 250FSB, I tried various combinations changing DRAM Drive Strenght from 7-10, lowering TREF, lowering TRCD and TRP back to factory defaults, DRAM data strenght to AUTO, higher timmings for Read Preamble and Max Async, main difference was I was able to enter in windows and then crashes with one settings and other setting was when I trie entering windows BLUE Screen. Few times I was able to run prime but crashes and reboots immeditely.


    Also tried this settings on 270FSB




    Same as above



    Before Expert I had Ultra-D never had any problems with Ballistix and Ultra-D. I bought Expert because 3rd PCI slot and was hoping some higher stabil clock, but instead I have a big hedache. Can someone help on this please, from this position I would say these two components can't work together. I'm writing this and in my computer is Kingston Value now, no problems at all. Thanks a lot, help appreciated.

  2. I jumped to conslusions early :( It's not Yamaha fault, same happen later, reboot, lock, bad....I will definately try other PSU and post results, something will fly out of window :nod: I lowered voltage to 1.41 it was running prime like 13h normaly, before that S&M was running like 90min. and SCCT was running for 30min. all was error free on 1.41...stange. I pulled out 4-Pin Peripheral from mainboard and turn on PC and it hang when showed CPU code that never happen before. So I think it is definately related somehow also to PSU. Putted back 4-Pin Peripheral, normal POST. This is 20PIN PSU after all....




    What is your startup voltage?

    Perhaps you should go to like 1.45v in case that is the problem.



    I can't get 1.45V when I put 1.45 it is 1.43-1.44, when I put 1.425 it is 1.41. I tried various combination I couldn't get 1.45V, also 1.475 shows 1.46 and so on..



    Have you tried running on the bare minimum of components required?

    If you take out your dvd burner, etc, then the power you need will be less. If it boots securely and consistantly after this, then you know you have a PSU problem.


    I did try, same thing......



    well it could be the voltage as well, but you said it was 100% stable at the lower voltage right? if so, it should be a problem during POST either.



    Yes all is even 100% stabil on 1.41V as I said.....

  3. Also, you may want to try disconnecting your two optical drives and boot, if it doesn't give you problems, then possibly a firmware issue.



    I have 3 optical :) Anyway, I have disconected Yamaha, I reset 3-4 times and it is working for now fine :nod: Thanks, I tried lowering voltage to 1.425 (board shows 1.41) and it was the same, hangs on first screen after reset. I discionected all 3 optical on that voltage 1.41 same thing. I called friend I will try his PSU I think he has Thermaltake 680W practicly new one week old. I will try on this voltage 1.41, but if it is not working I'm happy with 1.44, so if Yamaha is causing problems it will fly thru window definately :shake:

  4. I have a following problem.....I have opteron 170 which is working on 2.5Ghz, 250x10, and almost every time I reboot windows system hangs on first screen I see Award bios version, but CPU and memory info are not showing, then I reboot on button and everything is normal again. Curently CPU is running on 1.44V, 100% stabil in windows, all test and all I tried is runing normal on this voltage, I play games also normaly, but have this problem when rebooting but not everytime. I lowered voltage to 1.41V all the same except when I reboot have a little line near sign where says award, but also all test I run and all games 100% stabil, dual prime was running about 15h no errors. +12 rail says 12.02 sometimes and sometimes 12.09, +5V rail 5.04 all the time. Memory is running at 2.7V but it is just fine with 2.6V. CPU steppings says JH9-E6, as in signiture I'm using 6.23 offical bios, also tried with 702-3, all is the same. Can someone help on this please, much appreciated guys?



  5. Like the earlier posts stated; it depends on your case's air flow. I use the Thermaltake VA8000 case and the air flows from front to back with no side fan, so the Zalman 9500 works perfectly in that scenario. If you have a side fan on your case the TT Big Typhoon might work better for you.



    I have Chieftec Dragon series with one extra cooler on the back. Thanks guys

  6. I don't want to open new thread, no need, I have a big dilema. I'm not sure what to buy, Zalman 9500 or Thermaltake BT. I have DFI NF4 Ultra-D, I planing to put some of these coolers on opteron 170. Can you please tell me which one is better in your opinion? Thanks

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