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  1. I dont get what the problem is? I have a leadtek 7800gtx and it doenst block the sata ports at all.. I have 2 Raptors in raid and then a 320gb sata II on the Sil ports. Dont forget that the nvida ports 1 &2 are not locked, so you cant use them when o/c. But the card fits fine.. I have teh danger den block on it now and there is deffinlty clearance..But whith the reference cooler it fit with out probblems..
  2. Ya i did hte same thing. i orederd some mini sinks that everyone recommended. I forgot there name, but they where way better then the ghey plastic ones i got from koolance(yuck).. Dropped my temps by 5c and i have a fan blowing on them now also. Though i wish i could find a solution other hten a desk fan, so i could close my case...
  3. Mine fits just fine, though i have the 256mb model. The board just rests on the outside edge of the fan. Thogh once i heard the fan hit. You will find more heat in the chipset since the 7800gtx has a big capacitor thing that has alot of heat coming off it..
  4. I have that same memory and love it. keeps me at 1:1 with my X2.. Never had any probs and when i put my 1gig of pc4000, which is 2.5 2-2-2 i didnt notice any difference in speed. Except that Bf2 didnt run as good! lol I wouldnt send them back, no sir not at all..
  5. I have the samething, and no i do not think there is a way to remove them..
  6. I have my Leadtek 7800gtx water cooled. I also have it overclocked at 518/1.51 (Core/Memory) for the person wondering and havent had any probs. I get a 33c idle and 49c load(hours of gaming). I also removed the piece covering the back of the memory and put AS5 on it, when I put the Danger Den Heatsink and started tightening it down, all the memory models made contact after i removed that white pade, just had to tighten everythnig down again.. When my koolance system leaked and I sent out for RMA i put the stock cooler back onto the 7800gtx, and all the memory models still connected to the memory bar thing...
  7. Hey, if you can get that cooler to fit will it fit if you have a 7800gtx installed in the top slot?? (Angry, no worries you still my hero)
  8. Are you over-clocked?? Serial ports 1 and 2 are unlocked, so if you overclock you can have issue. Move them over to ports 3 and 4..
  9. interesting, that would explain why one core is weaker then the other..
  10. You need to turn off boot from other in the bios..If its plugged in its trying ot boot that before your harddrive.. Cause it see floppy as removable and removable=usb device..
  11. I have a 4400+ and am giving seriouse thought to getting rid of it..I am having alot of issue and myabe it just i havent learned enough. All my issue have to do with gaming.. With my 3500+ i could game and encode dvd's with dvd shrink. Now i cant If i start of encoding, then load the game i am ok, but suffer a huge hit in FPS.. I play WoW the most now, with out anything running i get 64fps in WoW, which is the max it allows. If i have dvd shrink going before i play, my fps drop to 13 where as with the 3500+ i would be at like 55-58. But if i am playing WoW and load Dvd shrink, my puter locks up and i have to manually reboot. I even just reformated and loaded drivers as listed in the sticky.. If i play neverwinter nights, the game runs to fast, unless i alt tab out and set the affinity and then it runs fine but the graphics mess up every so often. The same for Advent rising. Now i didnt build a big system, to have issues.. So perosnaly i am thinking of going with the 4000+ get alittle bet O/c and not have so many isseus.. So far i have been able to mulitask(the bit i do) better with a non dual core.. I dunno, i don't want to have to changed settings every time i load a new program. I wanna double click and go, which is probably my fualt for getting brand new hardware before the bugs and such have been worked out.. Just my 2 cents
  12. I have my 4400+ at 1.67 and runs just fine..33 at idle 45ish at full load
  13. I have water cooling now, i don't wanna push it to its max, tired of stuff dieing out, really the only reason i will water cool it, is simply to lower the temps by the chip set.. if i can help push me closer to 9k then i will..But i have not been lucky with vid cards and have gone throuhg 3 6800gt's for 1 reason or another.. I also wont use the Koolance water block as 3 of them have started leaking on me. Why do i need Ram sinks on the vid card, teh water cooler from danger den and koolance cover the ram.. I think the back ones on the 7800gtx may not be covered, but i can get some sinks for those.. BUt the rest will be water cooled with the GPU.. Heh nice score BTW!
  14. I have the 2x1024 and am at 264mhz 1:1 with the ram at 3-4-4-10..I would try higher but my system has no need, as i am at 264x10 with my 4400+
  15. You reset your bios after you flashed? Remove power cord, remove battery, move jumper for about 30-an hour?? I went from 704-3 to 704-2bt when i got these sticks, i have tehm at 264mhz(264x10) they are memtest stable and have had puter on for 24 hours, playing games or encoding dvd's and she is rock stable. Here are my settings, i acuatlly got these from Angry_Games sticky, tommorrwo i will test these vs my old settings to see if i find any difference.. Only thing you need to chnage is the cas setting..Put it to 3 DRAM Frequency Set - 200 (DRAM/FSB:1/01) Command Per Clock (CPC) - Auto CAS Latency Control (Tcl) - 2.5 RAS# to CAS# delay (Trcd) - 04 Bus Clocks Min RAS# active time (Tras) - 08 Bus Clocks(I think 10 is better for NF4) Row precharge time (Trp) - 04 Bus Clocks Row Cycle time (Trc) - 09 Bus Clocks Row refresh cyc time (Trfc) - 19 Bus Clocks Row to Row delay (Trrd) - 03 Bus Clocks Write recovery time (Twr) - 02 Bus Clocks Write to Read delay (Twtr) - 02 Bus Clocks Read to Write delay (Trwt) - 04 Bus Clocks Refresh Period (Tref) - 2560 Cycles Write CAS Latency (Twcl) - 05 Bus Clocks DRAM Bank Interleave - Enabled DQS Skew Control - Auto DQS Skew Value - 0 DRAM Drive Strength - Level 7 DRAM Data Drive Strength - Level 2 Max Async Latency - 9.0 Nano Seconds DRAM Response Time - Fast Read Preamble Time - 6.0 Nano Seconds IdleCycle Limit - 256 Cycles Dynamic Counter - Disable R/W Queue Bypass - 16 x Bypass Max - 04 x 32 Byte Granularity - Disable(4 Bursts) I think i fell in love with the picture of the girl in your signature.. :angel:
  16. But doign 2.8 doenst cause another part of the computer ot go slower.. Like 2x1024=1t and 4x1024=2t Even though i never noticed a difference iwth 2t in games, but still..
  17. I got OCZ's 2x1024 pc4000's. They are at 3-4-4-8 @264 with stock volts. They are just about to hit 24hrs of being in my puter..After a week or so i will try tightning them up a little.. It was great though i dropped them in, changed my cas from 2.5 to 3, and went 250x10 no problem, reinstalled windows cause my dual core was actining funny..Got windows installed in little over 15 minutes.. rebotted and put it to 264x10..No memory tweaking or nothing.. OCCT, Memtest and dual prime stable baby =-0 Just gotta install BF2 and i am good to go.. WoW is in, but isnt memory intensive, but damn it runs good with all graphics maxed and Supersampling turned on :shake:
  18. Hey sorry, i forgot about this.. Here are my setting from Genie, this puts you at 2.64ghz which so far is about as stable as i can get both cores.. I can get 1 core stable to almost 2.8ghz but not the other.. From the top Enter(Put you in DRAM Section) 240 Auto(just leave it at auto) 16x16(This is diff if you SLI) X11 (240x11=2.64) 100mhz disable - Startup(Let the comptuer do the guess work) 1.500v(Alot of people seem to do it with less volts, i cant get both cores stable with less) above VID 113%(If you use 730bios dont go higher here)=1.67v 1.40v 1.60v 2.8v(You will diff here with VX stuff) the rest of that section is up to you. DRAM 1:1 disable 2.5(If your VX are burned in you should be at 2.0)(Go to OCZ suport forum to read about burning in, if you have not done that yet) 3(this will be diff with VX) 10(seems to tbhe the best on NF4s) 3(this will be diff on VX) 11 24 2 2 1 2 3120 1 Enable Increaseing 0 7(I need 7 to be stable with 4x512) Auto 7 Normal 5 16 disable 16x 7x Disable Thats what i use, I will list some settings from Rgone that are real good 2, you can try both, see how they work, even run a couple of benchs if you want.( i cant use RGones as with 4x512 and Dual core one of my cores is not stable, but i bet with 2x512 you will be just fine.) 1:1 Auto 2.5(Vx will be diff) 4(VX will be diff) 8(or 10) 4(VX will be Diff) 9 19 03 2 2 4 2560 05 Enable Auto 7 2 9.0ns Fsat 6.0ns 256 cycles 16x 4x Disable 4bursts Try those out one at a time and use memtest to test it. WHen you get into memtest hit © for config, you want to select test then select test number 8 and let it run, you shouldnt have any errors and then you know you are pretty much all set.. Though letting memtest run all night will be the best. Once you get are all set with the mem, you need to read this sticky on how to set up Prime95 to correctly test both cores How to Prime with Dual Cores Correctly Good luck let us know the results.. Oh so far as the temp, don't let it get much over 50c. You can try lowing the volts alotof people do 1.3v +113%, but i am not dual prime stable with that
  19. It does seem a bit low, with my 6800gt is was getting 5.5kish With my 7800 i get over 8000+ highest so far 8124 =-)
  20. Either tonght or tommorrow i will send you my settings for memory..As i have the same cpu and i have OCZ PC4000 gold (2.5 3-3-8) memory.. You just need to watch your temps as I am water cooled.. That CPU seems to be stable up to 2.64mhz. So for you I would start at 250x10 so you memory is running 1:1 Put your voltage to 1.4 +110% which should put your right around 1.55volts.. So watch yoru temps. I would put LDT volt up 1 notch, which i think is 1.4, also move your chipset up a notch. Again watching your temps. You can play frm there, don't go over 260x10 as it wont be stable..Leave your LDT mulit on auto. Now your memory voltage settings are differnet from mine, so just use my settings as a baseline. Also you might wanna post over at OCZ as they my know better settings off the top of there head for you memory..I wil ltry and send those settings when i get home..
  21. Well the Regular raide is the NVida which supports SATAII, but ports 1 and 2 and unlocked so if you o/c you can have issue. If your hard drives are SATA i would use the Silcon, and save the otehr 2 ports for any SATAII devices you might gte later on.. Also i would go edit your signature before someone tears into you for it..Also read hte forum rules..
  22. :dog: Dude your nuts, I love my Front X..My Koolance case uses RCA's for the front audio which is super ghey..THe front X matches the case and connects to the mobo like it should...PLus I can add to it.. The included front X was on of the reasons i origianly become interested in this board!
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