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  1. I dont get what the problem is? I have a leadtek 7800gtx and it doenst block the sata ports at all.. I have 2 Raptors in raid and then a 320gb sata II on the Sil ports. Dont forget that the nvida ports 1 &2 are not locked, so you cant use them when o/c. But the card fits fine.. I have teh danger den block on it now and there is deffinlty clearance..But whith the reference cooler it fit with out probblems..
  2. Ya i did hte same thing. i orederd some mini sinks that everyone recommended. I forgot there name, but they where way better then the ghey plastic ones i got from koolance(yuck).. Dropped my temps by 5c and i have a fan blowing on them now also. Though i wish i could find a solution other hten a desk fan, so i could close my case...
  3. Mine fits just fine, though i have the 256mb model. The board just rests on the outside edge of the fan. Thogh once i heard the fan hit. You will find more heat in the chipset since the 7800gtx has a big capacitor thing that has alot of heat coming off it..
  4. I have that same memory and love it. keeps me at 1:1 with my X2.. Never had any probs and when i put my 1gig of pc4000, which is 2.5 2-2-2 i didnt notice any difference in speed. Except that Bf2 didnt run as good! lol I wouldnt send them back, no sir not at all..
  5. I have the samething, and no i do not think there is a way to remove them..
  6. I have my Leadtek 7800gtx water cooled. I also have it overclocked at 518/1.51 (Core/Memory) for the person wondering and havent had any probs. I get a 33c idle and 49c load(hours of gaming). I also removed the piece covering the back of the memory and put AS5 on it, when I put the Danger Den Heatsink and started tightening it down, all the memory models made contact after i removed that white pade, just had to tighten everythnig down again.. When my koolance system leaked and I sent out for RMA i put the stock cooler back onto the 7800gtx, and all the memory models still connected to the memory bar thing...
  7. Hey, if you can get that cooler to fit will it fit if you have a 7800gtx installed in the top slot?? (Angry, no worries you still my hero)
  8. Are you over-clocked?? Serial ports 1 and 2 are unlocked, so if you overclock you can have issue. Move them over to ports 3 and 4..
  9. interesting, that would explain why one core is weaker then the other..
  10. You need to turn off boot from other in the bios..If its plugged in its trying ot boot that before your harddrive.. Cause it see floppy as removable and removable=usb device..
  11. I have a 4400+ and am giving seriouse thought to getting rid of it..I am having alot of issue and myabe it just i havent learned enough. All my issue have to do with gaming.. With my 3500+ i could game and encode dvd's with dvd shrink. Now i cant If i start of encoding, then load the game i am ok, but suffer a huge hit in FPS.. I play WoW the most now, with out anything running i get 64fps in WoW, which is the max it allows. If i have dvd shrink going before i play, my fps drop to 13 where as with the 3500+ i would be at like 55-58. But if i am playing WoW and load Dvd shrink, my puter locks up and i have to manually reboot. I even just reformated and loaded drivers as listed in the sticky.. If i play neverwinter nights, the game runs to fast, unless i alt tab out and set the affinity and then it runs fine but the graphics mess up every so often. The same for Advent rising. Now i didnt build a big system, to have issues.. So perosnaly i am thinking of going with the 4000+ get alittle bet O/c and not have so many isseus.. So far i have been able to mulitask(the bit i do) better with a non dual core.. I dunno, i don't want to have to changed settings every time i load a new program. I wanna double click and go, which is probably my fualt for getting brand new hardware before the bugs and such have been worked out.. Just my 2 cents
  12. I have my 4400+ at 1.67 and runs just fine..33 at idle 45ish at full load
  13. I have water cooling now, i don't wanna push it to its max, tired of stuff dieing out, really the only reason i will water cool it, is simply to lower the temps by the chip set.. if i can help push me closer to 9k then i will..But i have not been lucky with vid cards and have gone throuhg 3 6800gt's for 1 reason or another.. I also wont use the Koolance water block as 3 of them have started leaking on me. Why do i need Ram sinks on the vid card, teh water cooler from danger den and koolance cover the ram.. I think the back ones on the 7800gtx may not be covered, but i can get some sinks for those.. BUt the rest will be water cooled with the GPU.. Heh nice score BTW!
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