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  1. Thanks you jus proved my point another non constructive BS negative comment that will help no one...... QUOTE=Spritzup]I don't know what other kind of advice you were looking for. What did you expect to be told? Maybe some help would of been nice ar some advise on what setting that i may have gotten wrong not u got wrong stuff bla bla dfi r wonderful OMFG ITS OK THIS IS MY LAST POST ULL ALL BE GLAD TO HEAR over and out
  2. basically i have a major problems with this nf2 s that why i came here to get help to fix em! they are all still F****D accept 1 which is very flakey still and only has 1 stick of mem to make it work and it has been no thanks to any ones defending of dfi nf2 and none helpful comments and negative remarks from people here, its been coz i spent like 1 whole week just trying non logical things to this POS This is the help i have had you have wrong cpu s, you have wrong mem, you have wrong this wrong that your fault for not researching defend dfi defend dfi go buy other mbo that isnt querky go buy other cpu dude this is not the kinda advise i am used to when having problems with systems, so can you see why i am getting fustrated?? maybe if you stop bitching at people who are fustrated that the mobo dont work how they expected and helped them a little more people wouldnot be getting so fustrated jus look at all the negative posts in this site, and you ll get my point.
  3. i have 3 nf2 mobo s i am tring to fix for 3 friends i cant have that in my sig can I also angry you can if you read the whole thread you will have ALL the info you need also you havent ansered your private message, and also i think your post above is negative and none constructive, there seems to be alot of that here in this forum.
  4. we are talking nf2 here...... i have 3 nf2 mobo s that i have built for 3 freinds and having quite a few problems My own rig is the 1 in the sig p.s ygpm angry games
  5. ye but with 1x512 All i can see here are peopel deffending DFI and critisisng people kinda funny and yes i did reseach actually and i wanted a 32bit system for 3 freinds that are on a tight budget. i reseached that this mobo was rated to 400 as was the cpu xp3200barton and i have 2 x 512 also rated the same also i was told this mobo was the best for high FSB s (250) so thats why i bought it NOW i get all these problems And then i get people like you telling me that.. i SUK and the mobo is flawless GIMME A BREAK!
  6. tom wtf are you talking about??? i am not sticking the fsb up i am trying to run it at stock speeds, i am jus making the point that my mem sticks are fine both of them in reply to shinobi s quote"Hmmm, its a possibility one of the sticks is bad. Have you tried each stick by itself Muztee? Also try running them in Single Channel, not Dual, and experiment running 2x stick configurations in different slots. You could also try giving those sticks more volts. I wouldn't give them much more though. I take it this is the TCCD? Try upto about 2.8v. Some TCCD i've seen hits a sweet spot with about 2.8v." So please can you stop with this Pointless post s that are critisizing me, and actually read the problems people are having instead of jus defending DFI.
  7. AthlonXP (Barton) 3200+ FSB : 400MHz , Ratio : 11, CPU Freq: 2200 A so why doesnt it work then?? so even people who do research b4 they buy are still gona be f***D SO how can you guys keep defending this mobo like you do cmon!!!
  8. i h8 this mobo!!!! the sticks test fine in my nf4 memtest stable for hours both stciks testsed for at least 4 hours stable @315 fsb 2.5,4,3,6 2.8-2.9 volts it this POS mobo that has a problem i am sorry but that s jus how i feel i am really displeased with it
  9. i have the same problem with GSKILL(tccd) 2 x 512 god these mobo s are so cool not only must u have an xp2500 mobile... but seems it dont like 2x 512....... and you must use 1x512 or 2 x256 (rofl at this mobo) not lets hear the dfi fans reasons for it......... Go ahead flame and blame knowledgable overclocking people with for not choosing the right bits etc etc when infact it s jus as simple as DFI nf2 is A BS MOBO design i have been overclocking for 4 years now 32bit and 64 bit AND NEVER EVER have i seen such a BS piece of hardware yes flame on me all you want but this is jus a fact Abit NF7 would of been a much better choice by far, that mobo works.....
  10. i think i am starting to see the problem here...... i now have the xpbarton3200 upto 200 x 11 = 2.2ghz and it seems standard. i have managed this by using 1 stick 512 mem instead of 2 x 512 and disabling cpc why is this??????? i want to be able to run 2 x 512 not 1 x 512........... so whats the problem ????
  11. i tried newest drivers, and yes it was Oskar Wu of DFI WHO DESIGNED THIS MOBO that suggested that i RMAed the Mobo, but i thought i would post here 1st, coz i really think that if i RMA i will still have the same problem, maybe im jus being negative coz i tried everything else and it is still happening and i really cant see it ever working. Or incase someone had already experienced this problem and there fore maybe new the fix!! seems not though instead all of you kinda have the same opinion as i about the RMA, that it wont solve it, but hey this is Oskar Wu telling me should i jus do it?????
  12. guys i understand your point about the "right bits" but most mobo s stating DDR400 on a box you put in Xp3200 (a 400ddr cpu) THEY WORK! This is not user end problem this is a CRAPY designed mobo PERiOD jus look at all the posts all having the same issue i for 1 am not a noob at building or OCing rigs i have 3 systems all failing the sam way with 3 diff CPU s in its BS!!!!!!!!!!
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