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  1. CPU-Z: Freq: 200.9Mhz FSB: DRAM : CPU/11 CAS/tCL: 2.5 RAS to CAS tRCD: 3 RAS Orecgarge/tRP: 2 Cycle Time/tRAS: 5 Bank Cycle Time/tRC: 7 Command Rate: 1T DRAM Idle Timer: 256 I should prob change CAS/tCL to 2 ?
  2. ok, weird. its not showing up that message anymore. but it looks to be running at 2-2.5-2-5 now. should i manually change it to run to 2-3-2-5 ? T1 or T2 ? or should i leave it at auto?
  3. I got my ram, upgraded it. - OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Platinum [2x1GB] (TCB3/Other) [2-3-2-5] Part number: OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K But everytime I load up, it will POST, and when it is finishes posting, says that It is now running in Safe Mode. Please check BIOS settings or hit F1 to continue. Not sure, (I am kinda retarded atm, as I dont need to explain..blah), but settings are set to auto. Am I to manually change the settings? When it is posting, it shows memory at 2GB tested..ok Trcd 2.5 TRAS 5 TRP 2 (?-2.5-2-5) Not sure what I am doing wrong? able to load to windows just fine (on it now), and windows shows 2GB of ram
  4. I have the RAM setup in my sig. just bought the OCZ 2GB kit ( http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=80087 ) question is. I remember awhile back when I first built my rig, (around time that the 7800's were first released, along with the X2 dual cores just being released) something about problems or issues if I filled in all 4 slots of memory. I was thinking on filling up the slots to have 3GB of RAM, but could not remember (nor find) anything about problems with all 4 slots filled up with sticks of RAM. Nor can I remember what it was about. But I know something was mentioned about it. thinking I should just fill in the slots, and go from there? and if I have problems, just replace my 1GB kits with the 2GB kits ? anyone by chance remember?
  5. yeah. just need to clean up all the wires. thanks for the help
  6. i can get the thermalright. can it be mounted in any direction? my video card goes right over the fan....and in one direction, is a huge CPU fan
  7. So, my computer was getting a bit dusty. I decided to can-air spray the dust out. was too lazy at the time to unplug everything and do it like I normally do, and the computer was on. I went spraying, and in the process, I think screwed up the Fan that cools the chipset. It doesnt spin very fast, so I am kind of afraid of overheating. Where can I get a fan or even the stock fan to replace it? The setup is what is in my sig (Changing sig to show that it is what I have now)
  8. after messing around with it even more it comes down to deepfreeze. It works fine when deepfreeze is in the "unfrozen" state (where anyone can make changes to the computer) or is not installed on the machine. but when it is installed and in its frozen state (no changes can be made to the computer), it refuses to work. it is very weird, because it is not a physical drive, and DeepFreeze is only supposed to affect physical drives (and certain partitions that you specify, such as I did in only protecting the C: drive) now, what to do with a spare 160GB hard drive, as i just upgraded the secondary drive from this to a WD Serial ATA2 320GB drive. So far, Deepfreeze has shot down to things for me now. =(
  9. it doesnt seem to have a problem i have formatted the hard drive also, and seems to still have problems. one time, even wrote 0s to the drive and formatted again, but still no luck. ill get a replacement enclosure and see if that is the problem.
  10. Weird Problem I took this 160 EIDE Seagate hard drive, and put it into a external hard drive enclosure. Any changes I do to the contents of the drive, whether adding file to the hard drive, deleting files and folders, and even a full format of the drive, gets erased when i unplug and plug the hard drive back in. all the original contents are still there, as if I did nothing. any ideas on what to do? later on today, im going to plug the hard drive back into the computer and see what it does again.
  11. i heard it will work, and a couple people on another board said it will work fine enough for you to flash the bios .... but dunno, as I never tried
  12. Any stress tests I should do before I dive into getting the computer back to normal? memtest for 8 hours, 0 errors 3DMark 2001/04/05, all done and passed PCMark 04/05 all done and passed ^ both with good scores Prime95 5.5 hours, all tests failed and 0 errors. anything else I should test?
  13. ahh, never thought to check there! only other thing, there is wires ALL OVER the place!! i got wires all over from the fans, frontx, case, etc etc ... maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
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