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  1. I've had my LanParty NF4 Ultra-D for about a year and a half now. Sometime last week, the system running it just dropped. I say "dropped" because I only had network access to it (1700 miles away), and it just disappeared off the network. When I finally got home and rebooted it, it froze right after it showed the "PCI Devices" screen (when it starts looking for the boot devices).


    I discovered that if I disabled EVERYTHING (including IDE controllers) it would move on and try to netboot (failing of course). If I enable the SATA drives* (onboard), it freezes. If I just enable the PATA drive/controller, then it takes a while, and then fails to boot off them, telling me "MISSING SYSTEM DISK" or some such. I'm at my wits end here, and can't remember how long the warranty on the board is :(.


    Pretty much guaranteed that the controller died for some reason. I have no idea what happened since I had to reboot it when it froze the first time. If need be I might be able to get the kernel logs from the system disk to see exactly what happened before it froze. But that wouldn't be easy, especially since I can't boot a CD off the box... BTW, I pulled the power off of every drive in the system to be sure it wasn't the PSU, and I really doubt it is the PSU.


    *It doesn't detect the SATA disks correctly (160 GB instead of 250GB). It also doesn't always detect the PATA drives across reboots, even if the controller is enabled.

  2. Since the power supply and the memory are the two most important things in a configuration it seems; I had hoped he would at least put the power supply in signature as that was the main thing I wanted to get a look at. The old days of generic power supplies that don't have any real ooomph is gone with these boards for sure.




    I have an Antec TruePower 300 Watt. I noticed the note on PSU's when I joined the forum, so I am ordering a new one from NewEgg.


    same thing happened to me once i went back to stock from an overclocked state for some reason. id get that machine_check.. and then a lockup. what appeared to have cured it, is installing realtek's ac97 codec driver instead of nvidia's audio driver.


    Unfortunately, I am completely locked out of Windows, and it happened with Linux, so it isn't a driver problem. Plus, I have never overclocked.


    Since it locked up first with the DVD drive, I think it might be my secondary IDE controller. I hope it is just my PSU.

  3. I just installed WinXP x64 on my Lanparty NF4 Ultra motherboard w/ 3000+ AMD64 proc. I am running 2x 512MB Ram (Corsair I think). I installed a new DVD burner, and, without installing any drivers, tried to read a CD off it. The machine instantly BSODed w/ MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION ( KB 329284). I restarted and everything was peachy. Then, a few hours later, I returned to my computer and it was BSODed again (same error). When I restarted, it BSOD'ed a few seconds after the Windows Logo came up and instantly restarted itself. It has done this every time. I tried to boot into safe mode, but it froze on apcitab1.dat every time.


    Figuring Windows had just messed itself up, I tried installing gentoo, but it dropped w/ a kernel panic as I was unpacking a portage snapshot.


    Clearly, I have a hardware failure somewhere in my system, but I have no idea how to figure out what it is. I have run memtest86 for a couple of hours, with no errors. I am currently running it again and will do so till tomorrow just to rule memory out completely. I tried booting with only one cdrom, to make sure I wasn't taxing my powersupply, but it failed the same way.


    Help please!

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