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  1. Well, I've never heard of any weird things...and it is nothing "weird" with multis below 8, it's getting weird with the mulit at 9x, when the CPU "suddenly" don't want to overclock as good as with the 8x multi...that is so strange for me, I have no idea...maybe someone else got a clue? Anyone got similar experiences?!?! Maybe I will try 7x multi tomorrow...7x500 sounds nice to me, I just hope my memory can handle 250MHz... :nod: :nod: :nod:
  2. Trust me, I know what I'm doing...I have 1.7Volts on the chip right now, it runs just fine...but that is still no answer to my question...this is really strange, yesterday I ran superpi1M @ 3250MHz, that was on a 8x multi...today I will try to use the 9x multi again, but I bet it won't work at these high speeds... I don't think the CPU will die that fast, even with 1.7Volts on there...the most dangerous thing for a CPU is the heat, if you can get aware of the heat, everyone should be fine, even at higher voltages...I had my AthlonXP at very high voltages also, it ran fine for 2 years, now problems at all...it was watercooled, temperatures were just fine, so, I know a higher voltage will shorten a CPU's life, but a CPU is made to work 30+ years, so, even if the lifetime is now only 1/6th of the "usual" one, it's still 5 years...
  3. No one can help me out?!?! This is really strange...3200 seems to be rock stable now at 1.71Volts...temps are -30°C on the evap!! Maybe I can get a bit higher when I get my new compressor installed (Danfoss NL11), which will give me another about 10°C less... :nod:
  4. Yeah, we were talking about UCCC memory only! A guy told me that all original Samsung 1GB sticks come with UCCC memory chips on them, is that right? If yes, I will cancel my order and get them elsewhere for cheaper...hehe...
  5. Hehe...I ordered them, I will see in a few days how they perform... :nod:
  6. I think I will just order them, and see if they are the same chips/board revision and so on...and if they aren't, I can return them to the shop within 2 weeks and get my money back...
  7. Do you think it makes a difference in buying a kit or two single sticks? Because the shop that sells the 1024MB kits for "cheap" only has single sticks, I will order 2 of them, they cost 84,50Euro each, which is very cheap compared to 220euros or more for a kit from G.Skill or OCZ with the same chips, or a pretested kit...
  8. I just found out, that this shop sells them as pretested kits for a lot more: http://www.h-h-e.de/pd1127242169.htm?categoryId=100 It seems that the number on the sticker is the same! So, can I go for these? This is very interesting, as they are really cheap!!!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm still searching for some new memory, I saw that G.Skill's kits uses Samsung "UCCC" memory chips. I thought "why not look for these chips on other memory", and found original Samsung memory modules, they use these chips: "M368L2923CUN-CCC 0548/0550/0552" So, are these the same chips that are used on some 2GB G.Skill kits?
  10. The CPU is cooled by direct-die custom phase change, no worries about the voltage! 9x320 is/was rock stable on air allready, 24h of prime95, no problems at all... 8x400 is stable also, tried 8x413 (=3304) at a slightly higher voltage, but I get some errors at superPi...but with a 9x multi, anything above 3200 was close to impossible...I have no explanation for this, anyone got a clue?
  11. Hi everyone! Today I tried overclocking my CPU a bit further, it was running at 9x350 (=3150MHz) at about 1.67Volts. Then I used Clockgen to increase the HTT speed, but anything above 355 was totally unstable and wouldn't finish even superPi1M...then I tried to check if it was the HTT which was too high, and used the 8x multi and a HTT of 394, so that the CPU would run at 3150 as well, but only with a higher HTT...I had no problems with it, so I used Clockgen again, and surprisingly the CPU now does 8x400 with no problems at all...so, why does it 3200MHz with a HTT of 400, but not with a HTT of 355?!?! All other settings remained the same, I just completed a 16M superPi test, no problems at all... Anyone got a clue?!?! Thanks in advance!
  12. Yeah, I just saw the RAM guide, never knew there was one, but that one has answered all my questions!! I will go with the G.Skill stuff then, they seem to run reliable without needing high voltages...that exactly what I need.. ;-)
  13. Thanks for that quick info, so, OCZ or G.Skill, but which of them to get? Will I really notice a difference between the two kits? I mean, will the slightly better timings make the OCZ ones a better overclocker?Or should I spent the remaining 50Euros an go for something else, like a better video card?!?!
  14. Well, there is a 50Euro difference between the G.Skills which are rated DDR500 at 3-4-4-8 and the OCZs which are rated DDR500 3-4-3-8...I'm just unsure if I will notice a difference between them...
  15. I found two OCZ memory Kits, both 2GB, the one is: OCZ5002048ELGE, Gold Edition the other one is called: OCZ5002048ELGEGXT, Gold GX Edition Both are rated to DDR500 3-4-3-8 So, which one to choose? they cost a lot, any other options?!?! How about Kingston HyperX? or Corsair TwinX? or as mentioned on another thread: F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ by G.Skill?? the G.Skill are the cheapest of them btw, they are rated DDR500 3-4-4-8, so a "tad" worse then the OCZ...so, what to get?!?!
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