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  1. I've done this mod a long time ago and have been using 6600GT. My friend was upgrading and he gave me his 6600GT! (same company XFX Geforce 6600GT). I installed the video card and installed the driver. but nowhere does it have an option for me to enable SLI. from what I know 6600GT SLI is possible without a bridge. Do I need to change the BIOS settings? Pin settings? Its been a while since this thread opened. But I hope I can get some help!!!
  2. Thanks... Would I need to update my bios? thanks.
  3. Yeah, the boot drive is the raptor... It's in RAID 0. Two 36 GB Raptors... So I do need the RAID driver. I always used the floppy to "load" the drivers. BTW Thank you for such a quick reply.
  4. I've done a bit of searching "integrating drivers, slipstream, etc..." but I couldn't find it so here I am to ask for some help. I find it increasingly annoying to even put in a floppy drive. Alas, one failed on me and I decided NOT to buy a floppy. I need to do a fresh install of Win XP and I need help from 'yall to either 1. Guide me through the steps or 2. Point me in the right direction in how to integrate the latest drivers (especially the RAID) Lanparty nF4 Ultra (modded to SLI). Thank you for your help DFI gods! =) edit edit!!! Oh, BTW... My BIOS is 704-2BT. Is there "improved" BIOS(s) out there? Thanks...
  5. I have 2x XFX 6600GT ( PV-T43G-NDF3). Both Purchased from Newegg. I have them SLI'ed right now. However, under games such as battlefield 2 and call of duty 2, the computer just crashes. They are same cards with same part number. However I realized that one of them has Ver. E.1 and the other has Ver C.3 on it. What is the difference between the two? Is the difference whats making it crash? Can I download a bios somewhere and flash them to identical BIOS? I'd appreciate your help BTW I'm not using the bridge connector. Is that the problem?
  6. Bump! My Location: La Crescenta, CA, USA PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME RMA THIS BOARD The Board is under warranty, it was purchased from Newegg so I have the invoice as well. I really need to rma this board.
  7. My Location: La Crescenta, CA, USA PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME RMA THIS BOARD The Board is under warranty, it was purchased from Newegg so I have the invoice as well. I really need to rma this board.
  8. I've been running A64 3200+ Winchester, 6600 GT, OCZ powerstream 520 OCZ EL DDR PC-4800 Platinum Elite Edition Raptor 36 x 2 RAID Friday Night, I left the machine on for a big download, Saturday Morning the computer was frozen. I reset the machine but the darn thing wouldn't boot. I opened up the computer to see that the 4 LED was on. After bios flashing, no luck. I took the mobo out trying to isolate the problem but couldn't do it. Today I went out to frys and bought a A64 x2 3800+ and ECS Mobo. On the ECS mobo, the cpu, video card and memory works fine. I popped in 3800 in the LanParty and It stills stuck at 4 LED. I KNOW I need to RMA this mobo. Can this happen? 15 years of system building this is a FIRST!!! I believe I exausted ALL POSSIBLE METHOD! Can I get RMA information please?
  9. Thank you for your reply. This is NOT a new build. I've had the system for about 5 months. Basically, on SATA 3 slot I have the Raptor 74 on SATA 4 slot I have the WD250 I had windows installed and have been enjoying it until 4 days ago. I turned the comp and and it would just hang at bios. I pressed 'TAB' to see what was going on and it would just get 'stuck' at the BIOS screen trying to detect the IDE devices. It will not get past that. I've tried using my Raptor 36, and Maxtors to no avail. It jsut simply will not go past the initial BIOS POST screen. Sometimes I would flash the BIOS (the complete way, by taking out the battery, etc...) and it would go PAST the BIOS screen but without detecting the ANY SATA drives. On the next boot, the problem begins again where it will NOT go past the INITIAL BIOS SCREEN. I have 4 red DIAG LED on when I reboot and the system hangs at the BIOS Screen. I have the OCZ POWERSTREAM 520 which has been really steady. I've tried the Antec Purepower and it does the same thing. I've tried using different RAM as well. (well, it's Mushkin PC2700 Basic) but it does the same thing. Instead of going DUAL channel, I've trided just sticking 1 stick in slot 1 but that does not make any difference. I'm beginning to think something terrible has happened to my mobo......
  10. I've also tried using different BIOS to no avail. I'd hate to RMA this board but just use it with the problem fixed...
  11. The problem arises even before we start going in to the Windows boot screen. Why am I getting these problems? I've exhausted all different combinations of SATA connection methods but to no avail. There are DFI employees in here, right?
  12. It hangs at Detetcing IDE..... Also, sometimes it goes PAST the Boot Bios Screen but DOESNT RECOGNIZE ANY SATA DRIVES! What's up???
  13. BTW... DFI website is VERY sluggish, and doesn't load at times... Not only today but many times in the past as well... Anyhow... I wish someone can address my problems mentioned above. Thanks.
  14. I have nf4-SLI. with the following setup 3000+ Winchester xp90 with Panaflow 1Gig of OCZ 600 Platinum Elite in Dual (orange slot) OCZ Powerstream 520 XFX 6600 GT WD Raptor 74 WD 250GB NEC 16x Now... When the computer boots, it just stays at the initial 'LanParty' Screen and won't proceed any further with my power led on and hdd led on. Now, I take all the SATA out and re-boot and the computer will boot all the way. Now, I thought my drive was faulty so I connected a couple of other SATA drives (maxtor, WD) and I get the same problem. I tried all the SATA slots, and even tried flashing the bios to the original one and the latest one but to no avail. Is my mobo just out of it? Do I need to RMA it? Can some one help?
  15. And here is an update from the Frank Wong fella... Hello Joshua, I answered your E-mail immediately on the very same day and I said we kept using USB mouse all the time in our lab with no problem. We need to have the configuration of your system to reproduce the symptom. But you never E-mail me back. We can’t solve the problem without seeing the symptom. Please help. Thanks Frank Wong Technical Support Manager DFI San Jose 510-274-8000x115 Over 1 month later, he says he hasn't received my email... LoL... I love it when people play "I haven't received your email" game....
  16. Its funny, everyone is saying that they have a USB problem and first thing I hear when I call the DFI people is "That's strange, we've never heard of the problem..." lol... Still no support from a DFI person. Come on DFI, step up to the plate here!
  17. I had the same identical problem. I spoke with a guy named Frank Wong from DFI. I told him my problems. He sort of was in disbelief and rendered me moot. I emailed him, he said he needed to contact overseas. I gave him a few days and he did not respond. Here is the message from him dated Fri 4/29/2005 2:40 PM. Joshua, It’s strange. We keep using the USB (Logitech) mouse to test the LP NF4 Ultra-D all the time with no problem. Please tell us the hardware configuration of your system so we can try to reproduce the symptom here. I also Cc this message to DFI H/Q. They’ll check it out for us too. Thanks and have a great weekend Frank Wong Technical Support Manager DFI San Jose 510-274-8000x115 Its been a month since his supposed "I will get back to you" email and no word from ANYONE from DFI. I am waiting to see who steps up to the plate and actually helps me out.
  18. I guess OCZ is revered around here and I understand. However, ed_jacobson had the same problem where it won't go beyond 210mhz. I'd like to call it the "210mhz barrier" I wasn't selling OCZ short because "I guess OCZ is not a great performer ALL ACROSS THE BOARD" is a correct statement for the owners of OCZ4001024ELDC who paid $$$ expecting average overclocking results. =)
  19. I think I know why my setup won't overclock beyond 210mhz... I think I have the same ram Ed_Jacobson had... He makes the same reference to the 210mhz barrier that I am facing... Here http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8087 The Model name for the OCZ RAM is... OCZ4001024ELDC-K (Thats the 2x512mb version) They advertise it as being CL 2-3-2-6 (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS) The link to the RAM is here http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memory/ocz_el_ddr_pc_3200[/ur] Its the DDR400 Dual Channel Enhanced Latency Series (Without Rev 1, 2 or 3 suffix to it) So my question is... 1. Does this RAM suck that much? 2, Can this RAM overclock to average standards (around 250mhz) at other settings besides 2-3-2-6? 3. What is the best setting/voltage for this RAM in overclocking? 4. Also, I did overclock to 210mhz without much problem but it still posts as "Athlon 3000+" Isn't that suppossed to change and post as 1890mhz? (9 x 210 = 1890). I think I'm stuck with a subpar OCZ product, I guess their products are not good performers across the board.... Any help?
  20. 2 Questions... 1. Is there any way to take screen shots of the BIOS? (Besides, using video out) 2. Also, I did overclock to 210mhz without much problem but it still posts as "Athlon 3000+" Isn't that suppossed to change and post as 1890mhz? (9 x 210 = 1890)
  21. Then what is THE memory to get for my DFI motherboard. I think I can still return these and get me new ones...
  22. Thanks guys, I'll report back to you guys asap. BTW, is there any way to take screen shots of the BIOS? (Besides, using video out) Also, I did overclock to 210mhz without much problem but it still posts as "Athlon 3000+" Isn't that suppossed to change and post as 1890mhz? (9 x 210 = 1890) Thanks guys.
  23. updated: Well, I've been surfing the web like crazy because I see others getting 275mhz like nothing but I am stuck at 210mhz off the bat. I thought I was the only one but it seems as if I am not alone... I found the following links. Same problem over at bleedingedge.com DFI Street Well, the jist of the story is as follows... There is a High Performance Series RAM at OCZ called the Enhanced Latency Series with Copper Heatspreader (Model #: OCZ4001024ELDC) that sort of has a overclocking "barrier" at 210mhz. You have to lower (slow it down) the DRAM timings and change the divider only to get somewhere around 225. It seems as if Ed_Jacobson had the IDENTICAL problem... I'm waiting until Andy from OCZ replies back to my email. Original Post Hellow everyone! Well, I think I have all the necessary tools but I don't know why my mobo will not overclock. Let me first laydown my hardware specs Mobo: DFI nF4 Ultra-D Bios: 310 CPU: A64 3000+ socket 939 Winchester RAM: OCZ4001024ELDC-K (OCZ 1 Gig (2 x 512mb), CL 2-3-2-6 (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS) )) VID: XFX GeForce 6600 Ultra with nV Silencer HDD: WD Raptor 74GB on SATA 1 HDD: WD 250 GB on SATA 2 OD: NEC 16x Burner on IDE1 Master Power Supply: Ultra X Connect 500 Watts Cooling: Thermalright xp90 with Zalman 92mm fan @ 5 volts. I don't have a 24 pin ATX so I have the 20 Pin plugged in and running without a hitch. NOW... I am able to run Windows XP Professional and run different tests (memory and prime95) without a hitch under normal conditions. I change the FSB to 225 and LDT to 4x and windows should be loading up but my computer just restarts itself without windows ever coming up! I see that people are upping their FSB to 250 without a hitch even with stock cooling. Did I get a Bad Mobo??? Am I doing something wrong? Can someone help me step-by-step? Thank You. :angel:
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