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  1. Thanks! That chipset cooler is out of stock most places but I finally found it instock and ordered one.
  2. I checked Speedfan today and noticed my chipset temperature was at 67C. I opened up the case and noticed the fan was not spinning. The fan was not even attached to the metal underneath it, it was only held on by the magnetic ring of the fan. My question is: what are my options? Should I replace the fan? My video covers up half of the chipset fan, is there a heatsink/fan combo that would fit on this board? Here is a picture of what the videocard looks like over the chipset fan:
  3. I thought about doing that. However, I tested the voltage on my battery and it is the same as when I got the board (3.15 V). Could the battery still be causing problems even though the voltage seems OK?
  4. I set the clock to the correct time when I posted my original message and now it is already 6 minutes ahead again. Any ideas?
  5. Just recently, I have noticed that my system time is fast. The clock in windows reads about 6 minutes faster than it actually is and it seems to be getting faster and faster. When I set it back to the correct time, it was wrong within an hour or so. I turned my machine off and turned it back on last night and it kept up until I went to bed, but today it is 6 minutes fast. What could be causing this?
  6. I just upgraded to the exact same RAM, well worth the money, makes a big difference in BF2. Here is a setup from the OCing database, everything should work fine: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...29&postcount=23
  7. Yeah I was planning on using the Official BIOS. However, I am hesitant to update because I am not having any problems. If it will improve performance, then I wouldn't mind doing it as much.
  8. I am currently using the 3/10 BIOS with my SD (rest of system in sig), and I am not having any issues, but I was wondering if I should update to a newer BIOS? Would it improve performance at all? I'm not sure if the 3/10 BIOS fully supports SDs, but I am not having any problems; however if I need to update to get better performance then I will. I noticed when comparing my Everest memory scores to the ones in this post: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...29&postcount=23 (I have the same RAM and the same RAM settings) that my scores are a little lower. The BIOS was the only thing I could think of that would make much of a difference.
  9. As always, excellent advice and information from the members of these forums, thanks guys! I guess after looking over everything, I wouldn't really save all that much money by going with some Value series RAM, so I guess I will go with the OCZ Platinum. Newegg has a $27 rebate which will knock it down to around $237 (which is cheaper than Newegg's price on the Performance RAM). Thanks again.
  10. Do you mean update my BIOS for my RAM? My BIOS works fine right now with my current configuration. I've thought about getting 2 more 512MB sticks, but I can't find the same kind I currently have for sale anywhere, they are pretty old. I don't really want to mix different types of DIMMs, so I am thinking I may just pass my RAM to one of my other systems and get a new 2GB kit. Also can someone give me a link to the Mushkin Blueline 2GB kit, I found a 1GB kit, but I couldn't find a 2GB kit. Thanks for the input guys!
  11. I am planning on upgrading to 2GB of RAM and wanted some opinions. I mainly just want something I can count on to be stable and am not too worried about overclocking it or getting super tight timings. Can I get some recommendations on a 2GB kit that will fulfil my previously mentioned needs for a good price? I am looking at the OCZ Platinum Kit: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227210 , but I was wondering if there is anything cheaper that would still meet my needs.
  12. Exactly how much TIM do you have on there, if you put too much that could hurt your temps. You really only need about the size of 2/3 of a BB on the A64 heatspreader, at least that's what Arctic Silver says about their TIM, I never use the stuff that comes with my thermalright heatsinks.
  13. Yeah I kinda suspected that was the case. Thank you RGone, you have been a tremendous help.
  14. BUMP Does anybody have an answer to these questions?
  15. I took the voltage to 2.7v and it seemed to do wonders, 30 restarts without a hickup. Just because I like to rule out any possible problem with my rig, I just want to verify something. Could undervolted RAM have caused all my problems, including the BIOS resets? Also, has anybody else had an experience where there RAM worked fine at default voltage in an older system, but when they put it in a new chipset/board it needed more voltage? Thanks for your help everybody, I am going on vacation for a week. When I get back I will do some more testing, hopefully I won't have any more problems.
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