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  1. Looks like I tried the ram on my other ULTRA-D nf4 with 3800+ x2 which is at stock voltage. Used the OCZ stock settings for the dfi nf4 - looks like something's not right. Is there someone representing OCZ from DFIStreet that I can talk to or.. ? Thanks Grogster
  2. I tried stock settings that I pulled down from OCZ site - no go Windows reboots alot and memtest for windows craps out quickly...
  3. Thanks for the quick reply guys Reason why I thought it was the CPU was because I replaced the DFI ultra-D with another one (yep I ended up buying another one) and it still had problems and I thought it maybe the memory controller on the CPU might have been damaged so I picked up a 3800+ x2 and I still got the same issue - oh well. So for now I'm using some generic Kingmax 2 x 512M sticks which seem to work in dual channel mode. Mac27: I ran test #5 for a couple hours no problems and when running windows it usualyl takes under 2 minutes to find an error in prime95 or memtest for windows or windows would blue screen sometimes within 5-10 mins SmokinJoe: I was using 623-3 bios I then updated to 704-2BT recently with CMOS reset and loaded optimal settings - no go so far. I wasn't aware of the stock database I'll try to lookup some settings there. If that doesn't work out I'll find AndyOCZ? Would I PM him here? or is there a different process as the [email protected] address never responded to my 2 emails. Thanks Grogster
  4. This is odd, system used to work fine. My 2 x 512 OCZ sticks prime fine in memtest86 but fail easily in windows and windows becomes unstable quickly too. Even when bringing the fsb back to 200 mhz at 2-2-2-5 even at 2T Any ideas? I've even swapped out the CPU and new DFI ultra-D mb. I've tried alot of timings in the socket 939 overclock database. I'm just trying to even get a stable overclock at 200fsb for the mem. Any tricks / settings for the ultra D would be greatly appreciated. Note: I've also emailed OCZsupport 2 times.. nobody ever reponds there
  5. oh man I am an idiot :eek2: I've restored my jumper back but too late the damage is done.. I can't even see 4x512 of ram anymore.. i see 1gig at most... My retailer is giving me trouble with RMAing my board too. Are there any other options for me RGone or does this mean I have to get another motherboard? Thanks Groggyoc
  6. Hey guys, Yikes I don't know if its my bad luck or what. About 7 months ago I got my first DFI UltraD mobo which ran flawlessly for around 3-4 months then started to get unstable and I ended up going from 285mhz cpu/mem to around 250.. that lasted for about 2 weeks then the board shutdown and never posted again. So I RMAed that board got a new one - using the same CPU and components. Approx 3 months gone by since the last RMA i think and its exhibiting the same problems - reboots often. I had to drop it down to 240mhz mem and kept it up at 285 cpu. Reboots are less often. Crap I wonder if its because I use the 4V jumper .. I am using 2.8V for memory. Nothing out of the ordinary 1.3 LDT volts and 1.6 for chipset voltage... cpu at 1.425 x 1.13... nothing too hot ... but the board is going... when I dropped it down to 250mem/285cpu i was able to prime it 10 hours for blended test and for max power dissip with no problems.. now a week later its getting worse and the blended prime test fails in a couple minutes... im sure i can rma it agian but wow am i doing something wrong ? Thanks for any help Groggyoc
  7. I only see the amber LEDs by the PCI slot after doing the above.. I thought that the RAM slot LED one is supposed to go on after the system is turned on? Also, just to note, when I unplug, then by pressing the power on button it would discharge the power so the LED goes off immediately but now when I press power on the mobo or using the case power switch nothing is being discharged, LED light stays on the about 5-8 seconds
  8. Yep everything was plugged in, working great , working on something in windows then it just shut right off. I took eveything out ,the cpu, memory, all sata connections etc. I still dont get any power to the fans. But i do see the yellow LED light on in the corner of the mb. Thanks guys for the quick response...
  9. After a few weeks of watching my system become unstable - even at stock my motherboard just died. It just shut off and never turned back on. I unplugged everything, removed ram, cpu, changed power supplies, led light comes on when AC power is plugged but will not do a thing when I press power on either on motherboard or on case. This isnt a bios issue because none of the fans will spin Originally I had thought maybe it was my venice memory controller was slowly dying as I had to move from 295 to 285 to 250mhz then to 200 stock then i just didnt power up again. The place where I purchased my UltraD is no long around. I couldnt find any RMA info in the DFI site. I am located in Canada. Am I SOL? Thanks DFier in need
  10. More development on this. using one stick at a time, I was able to hit my original fsb 295mhz for ram going back to two at the same time, dual channel it would fail prime95 in a minute or two. weird...
  11. Hello all, I think my Venice 3000+ memory controller is deteriorating. Over the past week I've had to drop from 295mhz mem speed down to 257.x mhz now down to 200mhz today - and its still not stable.. help! Running at stock 200mhz I will still get Prime95 errors (blended lots of memory tested) in under a minute I will not have any errors if I just test the cpu with Prime95 (6 hours - the option for maximum heat dissipation) I will not have any errors running Memtest86 (6 hours) at my original speeds 295mhz But my windows may crash and or reboot randomly even at 38C temps. and load temps never go above 48C My question is, How does memtest86 and prime95 max heat dissipation run ok for 8 hours when i run blended or memtest for windows it pretty errors out within a minute? Doesnt memtest86 still test memory and the memory bus goes through the memory controller? Does this mean I need to get a new CPU?
  12. I'm experiencing the same thing. Memtest works fine for me at 295mhz 1:1 but recently I cant even boot 9:10 or the next one down 8:9? Right now I have to boot 200mhz 1:1 I think it just got progressively worse... Rgone what do you mean high voltage to the ram may have taken the mem controller down a notch or two.. i'm not sure i see the relationship how cpu mem controller can get dmged by the voltage of the ram? Thanks
  13. Yes I found it strange that my memtest would pass for 8 hours but when I went into windows it would crash or reboot within like 1 minute. I have a good heatsink for the cpu and it usually hits around 38C when I run prime95 blended test but yet it reboots around that temp. Is the memory controller that sensitive to 38C? man this is just awful. 38C and it still reboots so I dropped it to around 285mhz and 9:10 on ram Any other tips? Thanks
  14. Hey guys, Argh.. my system has gotten worse.. now it reboots intermittently I had to drop it down from 295mhz 1:1 to 285mhz cpu 9:10 (257 mhz ram) I couldnt even hold it at 285 1:1 even with 2.5-4-8-4 and 12-16-3-3-2-3 settings My ram ran fine for a couple months at 295 1:1 Wonder if my ram is going bad... Help!
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