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  1. Using the onboard Karajan module of my LanParty NF4-D, I get really really loud and annoying static sounds playing video files through VLC media player. Winamp and WMP work fine for playing music, so I'm not 100% sure the module is the issue, but I used the same version of the software on my old computer and never had any sound issues. Has anyone experienced anything like this before?
  2. Kind of related, but I think my Karajan module only has 12 pins on it. Shouldn't it have 14? It only fits in one place on the motherboard, but it's still bothering me.
  3. Sorry to bump my own thread, but I have my specs in my sig now if it helps. I haven't even powered up yet.
  4. I just received my new LanParty NF4-D and began to put parts together when I got to the audio module. It says to plug the 14-pin soldered plug into the slots on the motherboard where it lines up with the mounting holes. But my module only has 12 pins! Should I line up 1-12 on the module with 1-12 on the board, or with 3-14? Or has something gone horribly wrong with my stuff?
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