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  1. Hi there Any idea of which bios version would possibly make these these sticks work? 2x 512mb Kingston KVR400X64C3A I am getting solid beeps, other ram works fine. If there are any links also to a bios cd for my board I would be grateful for that also
  2. Got it working using realtek drivers. Perfect, I see many not enjoying their Vista experiance So far I think its great, minor problems that ive been able to fix. Anyway goodluck
  3. Hi there I cant seem to get a working driver for sound in Vista 64. Everything else is fine, I downloaded what I thought would be the answer from dfi's site but after updating the driver it still wont work? Anyone any ideas which driver will get me my onboard sound? Thanks
  4. Ahhh its dead, they arnt worth much but ahhh would have been nice. Unless its a matter now of tryin another bios
  5. Its hard to find a pic of me that doesn't involve drink Just livin up to tradition. Thats me in the Navy blue : No drink here, my babies Christening, plently afterwards though : More drink : And if you fall asleep at my house this is what happens :
  6. Cheers for the reply. It wont even boot into the bios, is it worth using my xp2600 that is working fine then booting to the bios and setting the fsb to 100 like you say, then swapping chips? Or am I not thinkin straight Also is there a bios version I should be using to give me a better chance? Thanks again
  7. I havent posted in a while but no better subject to come back on I love cars. My Rieger Golf (ssshhh its diesel ): We are into our cars from your part of the world aswell as you can see http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v138/Mar...land/viper1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v138/Mar...nd/08e8fcb4.jpg
  8. Hi there Im selling some old cpu's, so ive been testing them on my NF2 Board, one is a xp 2200 thats working fine, but I tried running a Duron 800 and the screens black. Are Duron 800's even compatible? Or is it just a faulty cpu? Cheers
  9. Your hurtin my eyes, take that stupid big red text away
  10. Good, my specialist subject :nod: Spirits : Vodka with Red Bull Vodka with coke You cant really beat Smirnoff, sometimes I would drink Boru (Irish Vodka) Or Stolichnaya , Smirnoff do the black label stuff as well if your brave, its like wallpaper stripper. Beers : Guiness Tiger beer Bud Stella Wines : Any Rose as long as its strong Some white Never Red. Other : Magners Cider, its nice with blackcurrent and ice.
  11. Would you look at that 2.43 a gallon of gas/petrol :eek2: Take a guess for N.Ireland? England is the same as far as I know, petrol is near £1 a litre, diesel is the same, whats that roughly $1.75 a litre of fuel. Food here is the same, tonight I got a dominos, large pizza, chicken strips and 2 cokes, £19.15 , thats about $30 or more. Same with clothes and s***, I wear a good bit of Ralph Lauren, your average jumper here is £60-£100, you can buy the same thing in an outlet store in the US for buttons Anyway.... petrol is the one that gets me the most, I use about £10 a day. I see more and more people converting their petrol cars and jeeps to gas, its about 49p a litre.
  12. Heres one that best describes my situation this mornin Sé leigheas na póite ól arís - It is the cure of a hangover to drink again Go gcuire Dia an t-ádh ort Éire go Brách
  13. Happy St Patricks day I lay in bed all day 2, didnt do a thing, just getting geared up for a St Patricks night pi*s up though :nod:
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