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    How I must configure partitions so&progs

    oki, well annotated!!! have to resume again with my pc cause it's not the way your explaining it. have everytihng on c: drive, and i'm realy worry before pc datas start growing-up. i'll start now on paper to think the best way. anyway, are there any link about these type of questions? thanks!!!!
  2. CalGary59

    How I must configure partitions so&progs

    ok thks all, and last quetion... when ever i'll need to reinstall wxp, the new one will reconice al programs that are on drive "D"??? ............ or i'll must do somthing more to say to wxp that programs are on "D" drive?? i've benn reading something that says: fwd thks
  3. hi, i'm not sure about this..... i'm trying to see the best way to configure my HD with xp-pro on seperate partition and programs on another partition. music, films on third. is it posible to do this or it 's not so good? how should i do the best way? fwd thks
  4. hey there, well i'm trying to fit a 120 mm fan on side door, that way i'll be fitting air to my amd to slow down horse temps.. but firstly want to know if anyone done allready, can't find it foreward thanks
  5. CalGary59

    Bios config? pls help me!!!!

    thanks man, Angry_Games your grate, pulled dwn this page and aplicated config. lets see wat happens thks again calGary
  6. A very good forum i’m impressed I’m new in all this, but finally, after 6 days i mount this pc, but now i’m trying to find the best configuration on the bios, flashed 310 because don’t know which’s the last one. I would really apretiate anyones help on this matter. Thanks!!!!!!!!