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  1. O ya, sorry, forgot to update.. I figured out what was wrong. Like the noob that I am, I ran ntune. At the time, I thought it was some sort of tweaking program that streamlined windows, you know, that type of stuff. I didn't know that it was actually an auto-overclocking program, or I wouldn't have run it. While trying to solve my problem, I ran across some threads about it. O well, you live, you learn. I've got a new board on the way so I'll be good to go when I get it. Word of advice, don't run ntune and if you have, and your mobo isn't working, that is probally why. Cheers wcg2007
  2. Thanx for the advice hmm... I Followed the above suggestions, did it all twice, inside and out of the case, still nothing. Now alot of the times it sticks at all 4 LEDs, so I havnt been able to flash, even though I tried all day.. do yall think I should just try a new bios chip from Tmod, if he is still sellin em? http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9886 Thanx again. wcg2007
  3. ^^bump Any Ideas? I dunno if this is really "cold boot" because I cant even really get to the Bios that often with any combo of slots or ram... :confused:
  4. I have the same stuff going on with me. I also started a thread to see what was wrong. I got the response to clear the cmos and take out the battery etc. I had done that before, but I did it again anyway, this time following the advise to press insert, I did, and the result was in the end, it is worse, now it stays at all LEDs still on and no beep. At least before, if I was lucky, I could get into the BIOS for a second or 2. Just thought I'd let you know your not alone, even though I have no idea what their typical response is. If you find anything out, pls lemme know. wcg2007 Your fellow frustrated member.
  5. I followed both above reccomendations, and I even got into windows once, then it shut down on me, again. then it was back to normal shutting down in the middle of a bios adjustment. I tried the same steps again, and now it gets stuck at 4 LEDS and doesn't even beep. Please don't tell me this board took my shiny new CPU out. I was willin to put up another 140 to get the comp just workin, but 400 maybe $500 is just something I can't do.. Thanx for the advice, and thanx in advance for any more.
  6. thanx for the reponse. I won't be able to test it till I get Home from work, but I will let ya'll know what happens. Thanx again wcg2007
  7. Hello all, first time poster here, so if I forgot something, lemme know. I recently built myself a new system, my first one actually, and it seemed to be working fine for a bout a week, but then a few days ago, it went out on me. All I had running was WinAmp, so it definately wasnt anything overly stressful, and then it just shut off. It wasn't OC'd, everything had ben left at stock, except when I first started, I bumped the voltage on the ram up a smidge (for stabability), but definately nothing major.I didn't think much of it, then tried to turn it back on, and it wouldn't. That got me a tad worried, but I had finals the next day, so I couldn't really take alot of time to fiddle with it. Now, after a few days, this is what I have done to try to fix it. First, i cleared the CMOS, and all that jazz. Nothing. Next, I unpluged everything, and redid all the connections, wires, etc. Still the same. Then, I took it all out of the case, and set it on an antistatic bag, unplugged all the nonnessentials, and tried to narrow down the problem. That didn't really help any, since it just gave me the same conclusion that I already had, bad Vid Card, Mobo, or PSU. I went through all the same general type of processes. I followed all the help guides I could find, like the reccomendations here, ocz forums and other such forums, but none of it helped. Now, what I find interesting is that it seems that if I just keep hittin the Powerbutton, it will get to windows. I know thats kinda stupid and dangerous to do, but I wasn't thinking at the time. The thing is, it is not a no response when I turn it on, everything whirs up, turns on, beeps, but most of the time I don't even get to the windows logo, other times I can get in and stay in for maybe 2 hours, then it turns off, and other times, it will start for only a millasecond then cut back off. most of the time it hangs at 1 LED I know this sounds kinda full of myself, but after all of this, I don't see much that I could have done wrong. I have followed all of the guides, not oc'd at all. I tried once, kinda halfheartedly, I did all the proper steps, and followed a guide, but if I recall correctly, couldnt get the HTT over 230. (If that has any bearing on this) The only Thing I didn't do that might be causing this is that I didn't flash the bios, I was kinda wary of doing it cause I didn't want to screw anything up, and I figured why fix something that ain't broke. (It had been working fine) I am almost to the point, after having already RMA'd this board once (karjan module damaged the board in shippinmg) of just paying the cash and getting a new board, cause right now after RMAing 4 products that were Broke on Arrival to newegg, I'm kinda tired of the whole process. Sorry for the long winded post, and if I forgot anything, lemme know, and I'll add it. If anyone can help me out, has any suggestions, or the like, they would be greatly appreciated, or, does this sound like RMA time for even some more stuff? Cheers
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