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  1. Looking into new motherboards. Whats the difference between the AM2, AM2+, and the 940 CPU/Mb's? Thanks
  2. Dirk

    HL2DM Question

    I checked all the settings in options and can't find anything. There is a croshair command in the console that was set to "crosshair 1" . I changed the number several times and it didn't change anything.
  3. Dirk

    HL2DM Question

    How do you change the crosshair image to be something more visable? All I have is a small white crosshair which is hard to see. I looked at my wifes screen and she has a circle with a crosshair inside. No wonder she keeps kicking my butt!
  4. Thanks for the info. I was just concerned beaduse a couple years ago I bought some HyperX ram and I've only found one board that I own that it will work on and that to some doing.
  5. I just ordered some OCZ play rev2 ddr2 mem that is on sale for a future build. If you go to their web site, the supported Motherboard list is kinda limited. IS this ram good ram for most MB's? what about the ddr400 version of this ram? I'd hate to be limited to my choices of MB's
  6. I just added another 7900gs and have set up SLI. The results are less then amazing. I read on Slizone that the bridge has to be installed a certain way and is not reversable. Does anyone know if this is true and which way should it be? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the reply! I'll look into it.
  8. I'm thinking of upgrading my 2 kids systems for XMAS. They both are running MSI socket A boards right now. I want to go to an AM2 board with at least 2 PATA connections and a few SATA. Over clocking is not an issue. I already have a couple PCI-E vid cards, so I don't need video. Built in sound is fine. At least 2 usable PCI slots. I know I need a new PSU, MB and ram. Any suggestions on a stable reliable and maybe inexpensive MB that will fit the bill? Thanks.
  9. Dirk

    halflife2 episode 2 out

    If you buy the orange box and already have HL2 and Ep1, steam will let you "Gift" those to someone else. Pretty cool... I got Orange box at Frys for $36.99 Portals IS fun!!
  10. Will this card or any DX9 card work with win Vista?
  11. Will my stock powersupply be able to handle that card? Think its only 300 watt.
  12. OK, I bought my wife a Dell, I know they suck. Anyway it has an AMD x2 5000, 2 gigs ram and Win Vista. 19 inch wide monitor at 1440. The only game she plays is HalfLife2 DM. The built in video sucks. It has a PCIE slot available. I'm looking at the 8600GT as a good budget card. Any ideas what would be good bang for buck in the $100 price range? Thanks.
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