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  1. i agree, try the 3/4 or higher divider, that should be sufficient. Unless you have ddr600 or above then the 9/10 or 8/10 should be fine. I think your timings need to be set right(or very close), even when you have it underclocked too.
  2. Is this because you were using anything other than ntfs with 4kb cluster? If so, then this is the reason. Something with Windows SP2 fresh install won't work with anything other than this. If you do Windows SP1 fresh install, then change the cluster and then update to SP2, or update to SP2 then change cluster=you're ok.
  3. Chances are it won't have problems in the other rig. I think problems like this is just certain components in certain mobo's, or combined with certain other components. When will the 6800 arrive?
  4. Are you overclocking anything? Have you changed any settings in the bios? BSOD, even for a nvidia.dll doesn't necessarily mean it's a video card or video driver problem.
  5. I think it's still going to be some time before there a drivers for everything (especially older components) for 64bit. This is the main reason most people haven't made the leap yet. You can search the net maybe find some beta drivers.
  6. It's not an easy process. All you can do really is read read read, then try try try, then repeat this process. lol. You can come asking questions, and people will suggest things, but still doesn't mean it's gonna work for YOU. Every system's different when overclocking, even when they have the same components. After reading the guides here, and trying some things, if you still have questions (and you will I'm sure) then try a search. I'll bet your question(s) have been answered several times over.
  7. a free program, like cpu-z(@.com), will tell you your revision (venice etc). When you say your ram is at stock settings, do you mean you manually entered each of these, you set the bios to default, or you have all the settings on auto? Many times the ram need just a little more juice. What volatage you at now? Have you overclocked your cpu? If so have you gave this more volts? I'll bet tweeking will solve this problem. btw, your sig did not work.
  8. doesn't an error like this sometimes mean not enough voltage to ram and/or cpu, or instability? Have you tried upping the voltages and/ or using more stable settings? Edit: I see you fixed it. If everything is stock settings like your sig says, then the ldt multi should have been ok. If you're overclocking its a good idea to just set it to x3 and forget it. no real advantage to a higher multi, but, as you see now, disadvantages to having it too high..
  9. Also clear the cmos while all the power is out. Should be doing this between every flash. Well, maybe not overnight every time but for a few minutes anyway.
  10. has anyone done comparisons to really prove if 2T is that much worse than 1T? Just curious.
  11. Good job newbie! I'll bet you can get these down to 2-2-2-2. Also try twcl at 1 or auto. Try it and compare. And 800kb/sec---WOW
  12. in the bios, isn't there a setting for resources to be controlled by "auto", and is yours set to "auto"? Have you tried just searching the net? Or maybe at a forum or help site for the video card manufacturer?
  13. Are you serious? I've heard of OC'ing moniters but not mice?!?
  14. naaaa, lots of people get lots of responses from lots of different poeple. Many times the response includes "read the rules, make a sig", but still....
  15. reports I've read say that the venice's have solved that problem. they run at 400, but cpc must be disabled (2T), which isn't much of a performance decrease. Also, from what I've read, people can't OC as high (but this is nothing new)...but 4 gigs will surely make up for these small things. Also would be a good idea to get all of these together to be sure that they're all exactly the same, matched pairs, or matched double pairs in this case...lol...is there such a thing?
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