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  1. Hello everyone, I am looking to OC my Rosewill X800XL to get a few more FPS out of it. I am not looking for something to hold my hand or anything like that, just a kick in the right direction so I can start learning.
  2. This might be a dumb question then, but will DFI (or have they already) be coming out with new Mobos for the new sockets?
  3. I have been out of the game for awhile, but it is getting be that time where I would like to build a new toaster. My old trusty venny has served me well, but it is high time I upgraded. So... A few questions for you guys: Are the Sandies still the way to go, or is the Opty a superior processor? (I am guessing this will have multiple answers, but I would like to hear them anyways.) I am currently running the OCZ Rev Plat 2 TCCD sticks, these are great RAM, but they crapped out on me after 6 months and I had to scale back my OC. What would you reccomend in terms of both performance and ability to maintain that performance (i.e longevity) over my currect RAM? Now hopefully I can get the wife to approve a budget that will let me have some fun...
  4. OK first off a warning the Thunda, this might drift away from DFI Hardware related stuff, so if you have to move it I apologize. I had the same issues with WOW about 2 months ago. Rock Stable OC for over 6 months, no problems gaming, then came WOW. Your crashes can be from a variety of areas, so check them all: #1.) Your UI mods are out of date, this can cause crashing, install latest verison of your UI mods. Also, try raising the Memory available to your UI mods, this can cause issues as well. #2.) Graphics Card Drivers are out of date or not getting along with WOW. On the WOW forums there are recorded instances where two people with the identical ATI card will have opposite experiences. One crashes, one doesn't. Can't explain it, but that is what happens. I think you said you had Nvidia, so this may or may not be your issue. Update the drivers anyways to be sure. #3.) How long did your Prime 95 your PC? For the OC database, you are required to Prime for 8 hours. If you play for 10 hours, you are theoretically pushing your OC further than your Prime. (Prime tests a bit dffierently, but you get the idea) Try Priming for 24 hours and see if you are stable. #4.) RAM issue. This was the issue I had. Sometimes RAM will have a SPD dump issue and lose it's performance. BH-5 has this happen, and TCCD users also report performance after 6 months. Here is a link to a thread on the SPD dump issue: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=85533 I have not tried this myself, so I cannot speak for it, but it is of interest. I fixed my RAM issue by going to a Divider and redoing my MEMTEST. It sucked to lose some performance like that, but I can now play WOW to my heart's content. Good Luck.
  5. I ran into a very similar problem to this with my 3200 Venice and OCZ RAM. I fixed it by going on a Divider. However there is a SPD dump issues (god help me if I can find the link over at Extreme systems) that can cause this on TCCD modules. (BH-5 Also) HA, found the link: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=85533 I don't know if this is your problem, but the symptoms do sound quite familiar. Apparently you can fix this SPD issue (if that is what you have) and get your system back to where it used to be. Once CAVEAT: I have not tried to do this on my modules, as I said, I fixed by using a divider. I would reply on that thread in the other Forum to get more help. I would definitely try the other poster's suggestion on the AS5. I ruled that out on my machine because I had reapplied with AS5 in November.
  6. Do you know where you can get the dump info for my memory?
  7. Confirm with Thunda that your MBM is set up properly. (I can't even begin to tell you how to do that, he has links to a great post on the subject) I personally would not add any voltage, but as I said initially there is no right answer to that question. I would be very satisfied with a 600mhz OC and load temps of 39 on a stock HSF. I get those temps on my XP-90 so if your reading are accurate WAY TO GO!
  8. I play WOW and I am just fine with 60. I read a post awhile back aobut how for online game 60FPS was about all the higher you will ever see. I don't remember the specifcs, nor do I know if that is true. I have seen 61 on my rig while playing WOW, but never higher. It stays constant at 60 and that keeps me happy. Of course I do not have a 7800 so who knows if this is true or not. Just thought I would add some fuel to the fire. 8)
  9. I have a link in my sig to a post by Dracula on the effect of volting a Venice and some guidelines. These are his opinions, which I agree with. Your system should run where it is and should be stable assuming you are priming appropriately. Just keep in mind that Drac's opinion and mine are from a more conservative outlook about what risks are worth taking when OCing and what risks are not. You have to decide what is best for you.
  10. I was running the RAM at 2.8v. The system was running at 260 * 10 (1.55v) with timings of 2.5-4-3-8. Lately it has been running at 2.8v with the FSB at 240 * 10 at 1.44v. Now in order to be stable I am running at 245 * 10 on a 3/4 Divider. Also the RAM needs 2.9v to stay stable. I will update the BIOS as soon as I buy a new floppy drive. Those damn things burn out way too easily on me for some reason. The biggest mystery to me is why this would happen out of the blue? I haven't been pushing my system to the edge. I was only running a fairly modest OC to narrow the risks olf something like this happening.
  11. I tried your adjustment and it did help some. However, I am still interested in the fact that this crapped out after 6 months. Does anyone have any isight on this? My system was OC Database stable until now. (I have a 23 hr Prime screenie to prove it.) Thank you everyone.
  12. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? I have OCZ Platinum El Rev 2 Sticks, 2 x 512. I had my system at the settings in my sig and it was running fine for over 3 months. I then reduced my clock speed to 2.4ghz in order to lower my volts for longevity. Well this week I have been playing WOW and crashing a lot. So I initially ran Prime95 and found my system to be unstable. I have been gradually lowering my OC and the crashing has been increasing. Today was the last straw. It wouldn't even boot. So... I started running diagnostics on my hardware. When I got to my RAM I found the culprit. I ran memtest and now my sticks will not pass test #5 unless I raised my DRAM voltage to 2.9 and I have the FSB at 240 or lower. I noticed when I have the sticks around the max they will take, they would error out at 95% pass or so. This was consistent. Does anyone have an explanation for this? I have a hunch that my sticks are going south, but I thought I would check here before I bother Ryder or Andy. Thanks everyone.
  13. There is bios option to set the temps at which the fans turn on. You can lower that to like 25C and then they will always run. I highly reccomend setting up MBM5 to monitor your temps. I suspect that you will have a very rude awakening when you prime that thing while running MBM5.
  14. Those temps are ridiculously low for a stock HSF. I think your reading software is off. See the overvolting thread linked in my sig for an idea of what can (and eventually will) happen when you put a ton of volts through your CPU. Before someone decided to flame me on this, note that I did not include a timetable. The effects of overvolting could take 50 years or 5 months. If it is the former, then volt away, the 3200 will likely be obsolete in 5yrs. If you have trouble with risking the latter, then you should consider what Dracula's post says and think about trying for a few less volts. My venice will get to 2400 at about 1.44 volts. My advice is to find the sweet spot in your OC. What is the sweet spot? It is that point where you can still OC at a decent rate without adding lots of volts to be stable. I would park your Vennie at say 1.5 or even 1.55 and see how high you can get her without being unstable. Mem dividers will take it even further. This position is basically that the last 100mhz is not worth the risk/ reward of the extra volts you have to use to get there. By stopping just before you have most of the reward with far less risk. The Decision is of course yours, there are lots of people on these forums that take either side on this so there is no "right" choice, just the choice that is "right" for you.
  15. Minor thread hijack: pcpbit is your sig accurate on your overclock at 1.4 vcore? 750mhz at stock????
  16. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't there some compatibility issues with the Redline Modules and the DFI Motherboard? I seem to recall reading that somewhere, but I could be wrong.
  17. OK, have not tried bringing the OC back to stock. This does not happen frequently, so that seemed drastic, but I can try it. Had crash issues with CIV 4 when the Chipset got up to 56C and triggered a shut down. Fixed that by rearranging wires and air flow of case. No longer an issue. System plays the following games at full Graphics settings with no problems: Neverwinter Nights, Star Wards Galaxies, C&C Generals, KOTOR, Civ 4(after above fix), Farcry, Warcraft III, and Dawn of War. What is 5.12CCC? Is that the ATI Catalyst? If so, I have the latest version from Omega Drivers. I find his stuff to work better with games and compatibility. (but maybe not today?) I have not primed my computer in quite awhile. I ran some tests about 3 months ago when I scaled back my OC, but no where near the level when doing an initial overclock. When I initially tested out my system I used Prime 95 almost exclusively. I could never get OCCT to produce the graphs so I didn't care for the test. My system did pass, I just never got to see any of the cool results. The system Primed for over 36 hours at 2.6 ghz. I am using special to get my voltage. I think it is running at 1.30 + 110%. MBM shows 1.44volts. Currently running at 240 * 10. I really don't think my Memory is the issue because when I benched my Memory during my initial OC I found the max FSB the sticks would take was 273 mhz. One theory I have on this is that the long end of my XP-90 is over one of the memory sticks. The Panaflo is blowing down on the heatsink, but could that maybe cause the stick to be hotter than normal? I would think that it would help rather than hurt, but the space is rather tight down there. Where is the command 2T function. I am at work, so I can't see my system, but I am drawing a blank on that one. I will give these suggestions a try this evening.
  18. I am not sure if this problem has anything to do with my Motherboard, but this forum is such a better place to seek Tech Support than most places so I thought I would try. This problem is related entirely to playing World of Warcraft. Let me start by saying, I know that crashed during game play are typically 90% driver related. I have tried resolving the issue by upgrading my drivers, and it has not helped. Here are the symptoms: While playing WOW I will sometimes have a complete system crash where my whole computer will reboot. I am running Win XP so this has me somewhat concerned. I have monitored my temps while playing Wow and with my XP-90 the hottest thing is the chipset, but it never gets above 51C. WOW will also crash to desktop due to in game stability issues from time to time. (I have been able to resolve this by removing some aftermarket game related mods that were causing the issues) Current Drivers on my Graphics Card are the latest version of the OmegaDrivers for my system with Fastwrites off. Also, I recently installed an old Soundblaster card from a previous system, it works fine, but I am wondering if perhaps that card could have something to do with these issues? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated?
  19. I was leaning towards the USB/PS2 converter myself. This isn't that big of a problem so I really haven't put too much time into it.
  20. I have had my DFI rig for awhile and have just been "putting up" with the fact that eveytime I shut down my computer I lose my mouse. I have to keep reinserting the USB connector until the mouse is finally connected. Last night I finally gave up and just went back to my old rollerball PS2 mouse. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?
  21. Megsy have you tried loosening your timings to get more of an overclock or maintain your OC at a lower voltage? 1.61V is very high for a 3200, especialyl if you are only OCing around 600 mhz. I run my TCCD at 2.8V at 2.5-4-3-8.
  22. See the post in my sig on Overvolting a CPU. If you don't care about having to buy a new CPU in 6 months then you can leave it above 1.6v, but if you want that thing to last you should drop it under 1.6.
  23. Yah I agree, it doesn't sound like your RAM is the issue. Well look at it this way. You can get a new Vennie for the same price as new RAM! Or you could go the 3000 Venice route, those seem to get better over clocks anyways, althought I love my 3200. I wish I could help you more, but I don't know what else to suggest. Maybe Thunda can pull a rabbit out of his hat?
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