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  1. Hi ... well ... cpu-z does a wrong readout ... vCore was 1,48 ... i know that the CPU can do it with 1,45 and a bit less (tested on DFI nF4`s). I just went up a notch to be on the save side . Basically the 0534 150`s fly, i had several in my hands - most can do 12x240 @ std vCore :nod: Primed a bit last night with 11x270, 11x275 and 10x280, 270 went ok ... 275 had slight Probs where i blame the Bios and 280 was a no boot .... so i really hope that a Beta shows up very soon. The Board has a nice potential - and with a better Bios it would really fly. Another Subject ... the readouts ... i wonder a bit if the temp readounts from sg are ok - and we need a new version of glockgen and prolly the long waited cpu-z update :nod: For the curious: XP120 fits nicely, i just checked this morn :shake: PS: @Dinos - thanks for posting on XS ... i`m not regged there
  2. sure - here we go: 12x240 12x250 More will come when ready ...
  3. Hiya ... some strange things happend here :shake: - but well ... 1st i did try with the stock bios i had on my Board - Prime would fail within 20 mins at 12x240 and 12x250 (and i know my Opteron can do 12x250 Prime stable for +18hrs). After the discovery that the Bios on the DFI Page is slightly different (i did a byte to byte compare), i flashed it - and started again. Prime 12x240 passed the 12h line without any Error ... now i run it 12x250 and already passed the 2h line without Probs :nod: ... so - somehow- the bios flash helped to get it stable. As Ram i use my OCZ PC5000 right now - same as during the 1st tests - so basically nothing changed - just the bios flash :confused: After i get passed the 12h Prime Line ... I´ll start to check with higher htt`s - as right now the 250 seem to be finally ok. I´ll keep ya posted :angel:
  4. Hey - sure ... Name is the same - but the contens is different .. i did a byte to byte compare ... and there were differences ... Left is the EU - right the Version from the Website: cya Pete
  5. Hi Folks ... just found out that there are at least 2 Bios Versions around, as the stock version i got on mine differs from the version on the official DFI page. If someone wants to host the "European" Stock Version - pm me an E-Mail addi and ya get it. So far OS installed ok - but my Opteron was not as good as on the nF4 ([email protected],45V). But i keep tweaking , maybe the other bios version helps a bit .... gonna flash it a bit later on ...
  6. Hi ... just tried the new 618`s 1, 2 & 3 ... no use for me. Can`t get the same OC Results I had before rock-stable for about 4 weeks. Prime/OCCT errored out very fast :confused: and i had them (before the bios flash) running at least for 8hrs - and yes - same Setup/Bios Settings and so on - so i went back to 510-3 on both Boards and all is ok again
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