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  1. It's been a long time, but here goes. I actually found the problem to be the USB poll rate, which i had changed when i made my slipstream version of XP. This basically overclocks the USB ports and is meant to help make your mouse smoother whilst gaming. I've found that i can not set mine faster than 250Hz. Anything higher and it says i have exceeded bandwidth and the devices fail to work. Your problem is probably unrelated, but thought i would say it anyway. You seem to have an awful lot of USB devices plugged into one of the controllers (ie the motherboard) If they work when they are plugged into the other hubs (ie front panel or KB) then you have solved the prob. Just have to move them around or leave them unplugged. Sorry i couldnt be more help.
  2. Have you held down INSERT whilst booting the PC. I believe i had a similar pattern of beeps (obviously can't be sure!) when i installed another gig of memory. Held down insert to load up optimised defaults.
  3. Cheers fellas. Will add "Google is your friend!" to my sig soon. Another couple of questions.... What type of BIOS chip is used on the NF4 boards? And are they all the same, eg SLI-D, SLI-DR etc etc? Also, what BIOS savior will i need?
  4. As title suggests. Where in the UK can i purchase a BIOS saviour? I've seen several people on these forums saying how much they help when BIOS flashing goes wrong. I also want this assurance!
  5. Best be safe than sorry. I've already had an RMA episode that i don't want to repeat. Sounds good to me. I'm running 2.8v @ stock speeds 2-2-2-5. Will i need to up the voltage to keep these timings?
  6. So i've just ordered my second pair of that lovely OCZ 3200 Gold BH5. Now, with running 4 x 512 sticks: 1. Am i good to stick to the 6/18-2 BIOS (or any of the -2 revisions) ? 2. I know the answer, but i'll ask anyway, will it run @ 1T 3. Do i need to load optimised defaults when i install the new memory? 4. Can i still be "toight " (like a tiger) @ 2-2-2-5? Feedback from peeps running with 4 x 512MB would be most helpful.
  7. These are the settings i use for mine. Seem to work well.
  8. Ok, bit of a thread hijack here, but sod it! Is it possible to run 4 x 512 sticks of the OCZ Gold 3200 BH-5 (2T obviously) @ 2-2-2-5? I love this memory and want more!
  9. Just my $0.02, but I RMA'd my mobo after the 4 LED syndrome, got it back, and im flying! Pain in the arse, but it worked!
  10. Just my $0.02, but ive had no problems since i flashed to the 6/18-2 BIOS. Works everytime.
  11. Flashed the 6/18-2 BIOS and no more lock ups. w00t The system as a whole, is a lot more stable.
  12. I RMA'd mine because of the same problem. Got it back and it works. TBH i think it was a corrupted BIOS, as several peeps have suggested. My advice is to follow the useful guides on this forum, especially BIOS flashing, CMOS clearing etc. I've flashed to the 6/18 using Pershoot's advice and have had no probs getting going. See if you can get hold of a spare BIOS chip to try. Its a big downer when things dont go right, especially when you pay out (i pulled enough hair out), but DFI got it sorted, and away i go.
  13. Just another update. Got a replacement board back from DFI and set about, nervously, assembling back together. Installed some new OCZ 3200 Gold just as a kick up the backside! Using the very helpful advice of Pershoot, i flashed the BIOS to 6/18-2, following exactly, Pershoots instructions and hey presto, everything works! :angel: RAM is working fine in yellow slots, Windows installed A-ok and no diagnostic LEDs yet (
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