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  1. But I havent heard of or seen anyone else with a the same problem, so was wondering if it was a one off?
  2. Ive recently purchased an Enermax Liberty 500W PSU for my PC. Since installing it, my PC has been randomly restarting. I dropped another PSU back in and it worked fine again. So I phoned up for an RMA on the Liberty and the guy told me that there is a known problem with the Ultra D boards and the Enermax Liberty PSUs... Has anyone else had this problem and is it worth me RMAing for the same PSU or a different one? Cheers:)
  3. Ive just had exactly the same problem on my housemates DFI Ultra D. It was a brand new motherboard, cpu, ram, psu, gfx card etc. All put together... turn the power on, fans spin up, screen stays black, no beeps or anything. Tried the hotflashing but it wouldnt post with my bios chip in there. His specs are: A64 3700 SD DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D ATI Radeon x800 GTO2 OCZ 1x1gig 2-3-3-6? Any other ideas?
  4. im thinking about installing xp64... but im wondering about the sata drivers. Can i use the standard ones that came with my board or is that what the nvraid.exe is for? Im not running raid btw...
  5. cheers for the replies... i managed to get it working by flashing to the 510-3 bios and everything boots fine... although i cant get it running at 1t, it gets to the point where windows is loading then gives me a bsod. Any ideas on getting 1t to work? [edit] i upped the cpu volts to 1.5v and the ram to 2.9... it now all seems to boot fine at 1t:D
  6. I just put together all my new parts for my new pc, the spec is... A64 3500 DFI Lanparty Ultra-D 1gig Corsair 3200XL (running at 2-2-2-5, 1T) Radeon X850XT Enermax Coolergiant 480W Everything built ok, and it all powered up first time... I boot to my XP (XP Pro + SP2) disc and carry out the installation, then when it loaded into windows, i started to get the xp blue screen of death! Started coming up with the following errors... IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA PFN_LIST_CORRUPT it would also randomly restart until i turned off XPs "restart after errors" function. Also came up these files in the bsod... win32k.sys at address .... in .... and after id installed the radeon drivers... ati2dvag.dll came up with an error! Then it also started telling me "current display driver cannot be used, it was written for a previous version of windows" Ive tried it with all the harddrives apart from my raptor unplugged... im using an XP90C heatsink and the temps are never over 40C in the bios so im thinking its not temperature related, havent memtested my ram yet, but it was working fine with no errors in my old system. Anyone got any ideas as to whats going wrong?
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