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  1. ok good. phew. Anyways, yes, thats how it should be goin.....let it run for about 8 hours, make sure it passes all the tests, then you should be good to set up windows. Good luck
  2. wait, it says your processor is running at (0.09) ghz????? :eek:
  3. Hmm i dont really know whats going on here. When i insert a cd into the drive, it reads the cd and all no problem, but when i go to install something or unzip it, it takes a really long time for the installation to start. After that, its perfectly fine. Its just basically at the start of the installation its really slow. Examples: 1.) Unzipping the 3DMark'05 file took a while 2.) For the Installation of Brothers in Arms, it took a while for the installation bar to start goin. P.S. it doesnt take anything like 5 minutes, it just takes longer than it should. I approx. 30 seconds to a 1:30 for the installation to just start. -----------Sorry if this doesnt really make sense....this is the best i could explain it.
  4. hmmm only a 450 watt power supply..... Might bring up some problems.
  5. ok, ive decided it wasnt too much trouble to just change the path during an install. Ill live with it, it isnt a big deal
  6. Yes you can boot off of a CD, but floppy is soooooo much easier. I dont think you can use the Diamond Flash Utility to write the files to a cd, so you are going to have to do it another way. I personally dont know how to do it another way, but im positive there are other ways and i know other people on these forums know how to do it.
  7. Is this it? "Description This recipe will change the default location that windows installs programs. Directions I have always been a two hard drive kinda guy. I like to keep my main drive running mean and lean with mainly just the OS running. On my second drive I like to install the majority of my programs. However, windows always wants to install programs to "c:program files" and changing it everytime can be a pain. After you back up your registry, this is how you can change this default location. 1. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion 2. Find ProgramFilesDir whose default should be C:Program Files 3. Change this to whatever directory you wish. I changed it to D:Program Files for example. Remember you have to reboot for your changes to show. " Taken from: http://www.tech-recipes.com/windows_tips242.html
  8. This is the way i flashed my bios to 3/10. -----MAKE SURE YOUR SYSTEM ISNT RANDOMLY REBOOTING, SHUTTING DOWN, OR FREEZING------ -Go to DFI site and download the 3/10 bios with the diamond flash utility (onto a working computer with a floppy drive and Windows). -Stick blank floppy in drive -Run the Utility you downloaded -It will write everything you need to the floppy -Take it out -Go to your computer you are building (make sure Floppy is set to first boot priority in BIOS) -Stick it in the floppy drive -Start up your computer -It will run doing EVERYTHING for you (DONT SHUT OFF THE COMPUTER) -When it says it is done take floppy out, hit the key it tells you to hit (I think its F1). -Then turn off your computer -Clear CMOS (Move jumper to clear position, remove battery for 30 minutes or so, put jumper back to normal, put battery in) -Start up your computer -Enter BIOS -Load Optimized Defaults -Save and Exit -Hit yes when it asks you to save to CMOS and restart -Enter BIOS -Congratulations, you just flashed your BIOS. ------Sorry, i have no idea about your second problem
  9. C: drive = Windows Partition (9 gigs) E: drive = All other data partition (143 gigs) Dont know if this belongs here, so im sorry if it doesnt. I just have a simple question. I partitioned my drive last night using Disk Manager in Windows XP. Now, when i install programs (anything) it defaults the install file to the C: drive. Now, thats the section of the drive i wanted for Windows and my drivers ONLY. Is there a way to change it so when stuff installs, it defaults to my E: drive (my larger hard disk partition)? I know you can change it manually to where you want to install, but that becoms a slight nuisance (i can live with it if i have to) and plus, programs (Norton for example) STILL install parts of the program (The Symantec Live Update program for example) to the C: drive. I know you can change drive letters in Disk Management, but you cant change the letter name of your boot sector (i dont think) and the C: drive is my boot sector.
  10. i used Disk Management to make a new partition. Thanks guys. All's well now
  11. i installed with SP2. So what i do is i just partition the drive using the Disk Management feature in Windows XP? Do i delete all my other programs off of the partition i have now before i create the new partition?
  12. ok, i think its just installing to the boot sector i made. Is this the problem?
  13. ok...hmm this is kind of a big problem. I set up the RAID following Angry's guide exactly. I even made my bootup sector partition the same as his (9950 MB). Well, when i go to install something on my computer, it says i only have 5 gigs of space left on my HD. No, i know i have 153 Gigs. Why isnt the rest of the space showing up? EDIT: Thought i should add CPU-Z sees it as a 153 Gig HD (not where it lists the 3 drives (A, C, and D), but the other section)
  14. thanks. Ok update. Installed Windows successfully, installed the MB drivers (not the ones in ed's guide that say arent to be installed of course) and installed other drivers. Now im going to go get Prime95, 3DMark, and all those other goodies and run those. Thanks for all your help guys, i really appreciate it and would have had ALOT more trouble getting my first computer up and running if it werent for everyone on this forum. Special thanks to StephenC for helping me with almost everything. Angry, thanks for your help too, and the RAID guide was great .
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