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  1. I had that CHS-mode problem too. I downloaded the hutil tool from samsung in the version 2.0. That supports sata. In that tool I selected my harddisk and told to reset the size of my harddisk. Ofcourse I backuped my data before. For me it worked.
  2. I search a lot I can't find anything. DFI Support tells me everytime, that it is a memory issue. And I have to live with it. Very poor. I tested the mem in several other boards and there it works like it has to be.
  3. my hibernate doesn't work neither. trying hibernating the pc shutsdown and then starting again. Normal shutdown and reboots works fine.
  4. That problem not to switch in the BIOS is even on a Motherboard from a ATI chipset. Looks that isn't a nforce problem. I took my 2 SATA drives and did a RAID0 and brought me a new IDE-P HDD for importen data and as Bootdrive. But that is proberly not what you wanna hear ;-)
  5. I guess that the hibernate problem is not a windows problem. More a hardware thing. Ich tried winXP and XP64. and installed it 3 times. the PC writes the MEM in the hibernate file and shutsdown. Then an half second later it reboots. It also sounds different from just rebooting mode. My USB Keyboard is pluged into my PS2 port and it works with starting on a Key. For that I change in the BIOS the Wake on keyboard on "Any Key"
  6. I tried the beta BIOS and checked my WOL settings, wich where all disabled. No effect. My PC still doesn't stays off. :-(
  7. Hi, I got the problem, that my board reboots instead of hibernating. DFI support tells me that it is a problem with my RAM, but my RAM goes into hibernate on other boards. Does Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D doesn't work to hibernate? thx
  8. I swapped my 1.8V RAM with one from my company wich are labled with 2.6V. Now works my Guildwars without crashes.
  9. HI, I think I have a little trouble with my RAM and after checking the modules for issues I mention that the lable says 1.8V. Its a Kingston module KVR400X64C3A/512 But my DFI makes min. 2.5V
  10. hi, I found only one thread where someone got the same problem like me, but he didn't got answers. So I try it again. I want to let my PC go to hibernate. After the PC switches off, if starts again und boots up. Anyone with an idea? thx
  11. hi, I got the same problem like JBT. My second SATA drive is now CHS. I can't change the mode via BIOS. Any help about that? thx
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