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  1. yep, clean install... actually i just reformated 5 mins before i posted this O_O
  2. Everytime i load windows my hdd acess light flashes consistently for like 15 secs until it actually loads windows. Its so weird. and dont say its suppose to be flashing...i know...im not retarted but its in a continuos sequence. thanx for all ur help, kev
  3. im running 1T so you think that my bandwith for my config is normal? lol BTW with Errata 123 disabled i get 7350/7250 will i see any probs with this? how do you know if you have the bug
  4. i would think the marvell would use less cpu usage since its not part of the chipset...hmm
  5. Hey guys just wondering what this does and what i should set it at right now it son normal Im at 300MHz 1:1 2.5-3-3-6 2.7GHZ i get around 7150/7050 in sandra which seems really low for 300mhz anyway just wondering if the response time could be the reason BTW i cant boot at FAST...doesnt get past do the checksum...ok thing
  6. TREF is at 4708 Oh , and what does DRAM response do? i have it set to normal BTW: im over 24hour dual prime stable with both core using 410mb
  7. Hey, im running @ 2.7GHz 300HTT 1:1 2.5-3-3-6 i get ~ 7150/7050 in sandra which seems way too low for 300MHz with errata i get 7350/7250 which is a bit better but still low!! any ideas?
  8. lol..yea im not having any probs disabled so ill leave it liek that but i still think my bandwith is low for what i have lol BUT WAIT!!!: how do you know if you have a bug?!??!
  9. yea i have already read that lol... but do most people have this bug? Should i leave it on?
  10. The Big thing everyone is saying is orange for TCCD Yellow for UTT/BH5 This may be true as i get better results in the orange O_O
  11. Hey, I was getting 7150 in sandra for 300MHZ 1:1 2.5-3-3-6 @ 2.7GHz which seemed low.... i tried a bunch of stuff and then i disabled Errrta 123 now im getting 7350 Just wondering what this does?
  12. 10 hours dual prime stable @ 1.475 vcore i max at 2.8GHz ill check everest and see if i get higher.....it seemed a bit low to me to especially for 300MHz...maybe it is because dual core
  13. just got my ocz pc4800EE 300mhz 2.5-3-3-6 @ 2.7vdimm 300HTTx9 LDT x 3 Anyway here are my sandra scores, do they seem right?
  14. its in the DFI OC guide....a TCCD link! easy to find
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