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  1. after I managed to get no errors in memtest I runned prime. In one cpu i did the blend and in the other the small FFTs so that it will also test the ram. Aftem 30 minutes I got a blue screen. I runned memtest again and I got one error in test 5 and the rest pass was error free. in the second pass I got no errors so I assume that the memory heats up and is gives the errors. I runned prime in both CPUs but this time with small FFT's in both so that no memory is tested and it runned for about 2 hours with no errors so I believe that the CPU is OK. I am buying two small fans to attach new to the memory to have better cooling ang I will try again. If any sugestions on how to do that they are welcome. I will appriciate that. I will keep you posted when I start again. Thanx all for the help.
  2. thank you for that. I will try to make something when I have more free time. Just finished 225 at 2.9 with no errors and I'm running prime x2 for both CPU's to see if 2700Mhz is OK for the CPU also. hope it works. I will post you tommorow on my results. Thanks again for your relpies
  3. the 90mm fan is blowing exactly at the ram. but it is about 15 to 20 cm away. I couldn't think of any other way to place a fan closer. do you have anythink to suggest? MemTest finished without errors at 220Mhz 2.9 volts. I had one error with 2.8V. running now with 225 at 2.9 to see what happens. if it works I will finishit fir today and I will come back to you tommorow with more results(math quiz have to study). thank you for your replies.
  4. With my older 4000+CPU(clawhammer) I was able to do 2-2-2-6 in 250Mhz but now I can't. After that I had a 3500+ in which I was able to do the same timings but after a few weeks my system was crashing and I had to decrease them from 2-2-2-6 in 250Mhz 3.3V to 2-3-3-8 in 200Mhz 2.6V otherwise I couldn't get an error free MemTest. I thought it was the CPU's memory controller but now that I got the 4800+ it doesn't seem to work again. Memetest in 2-3-3-8 2.8V 210MHz finished successfull will try 220MHz.
  5. maybe I don't understand what do you mean active cooling. I have One 120mm fan taking air into the case from the front. one same taking air out from the back. the zalman cooling the CPU is also providing air to the memory and also a 90mm fan running at full speed in the side of the case blowing air at the memory. isn't that enought? if not can you give me any information how to cool my memory?
  6. I went for 2-2-2-8 in 2.7 volts DDR 400 but a got errors in test 5. I try now again with 2-3-3-8 and it passes. I will try to increase from 200 to 210MHz in the same voltage to see what happens and I will post the results. probably I need to go slow to understund what is producing the problem. I try to decreace the room temperature(about 20 Celsius) to see if that helps also.
  7. it is not working with 3.3V I got 2 errors in test 3 and I moved down to 3.2V and I got 32 errors.
  8. I understand that but the CPU's fan is giving cooling to the memory and I also have a 90mm fan blowing air directly at it.
  9. *new update* I did DDR400 with 2-3-3-8 timings. everything else as stated above. I tried in 3.0V and I got errors in test 8. then I tried in 2.6V and I got no errors. how is this possible can anyone explain? then I changed the TRC to 10 and TRFC to 14 and I got no errors again but in 2.6V. I thought if you get more volts you increase the overclocking abilities how come I decrease them? continue to try to get DDR500 but probably will take some time.
  10. I just changed my cpu to a 4800+ and i want to see how it over clocks. since I had problems before with my memory, I started slowly to move up. the settings I used are stated bellow FSB - 225 LTD/FSB - x4 CPU/FSB - x10 PCIx - 100MHz Genie Bios Settings CPU Startup Value - Startup CPU VID Control - 1.350V CPU VID Special Control - 113%(to get 1.49V because I read in this forum that because VX memory works in 3.3V if you don't give much Voltage to the CPU you might kill the memory controller) LTD Volt Control - 1.3V Chip Set Voltage Control - 1.6V DRAM Voltage Control - 3.3V DRAM Config Settings: 200 enable 2.0 2 8 2 12 24 03 03 02 03 3120 Auto Enabled auto 0 auto auto auto fast auto 256 cycles disable 16x 07x disable(4 Bursts) I disabled my IDE and SATA devices so they won't take any voltage from the PSU(In a previous post of mine some tould me that my PSU is not powerfull for my configuration). I run MemTest86+ and I get errors in test 3 and 4 and then stoped the test(memories installed in bank 1 and 3). I remove the memory from bank 3 and I test the memory in bank 1 only. two passes of all 8 tests and no errors. I then remove the memory from bank 1 and I place the other memory in bank 3 alone. boot the PC and stops in the three leds. I remove the memory from bank 3 and I place it in bank 1. boots OK and the test runs with no errors. I place both memories back in bank 1 and 3 run the test and get errors in test 3 and 4 again. I didn't try putting the memories in bank 2 and 4 since I read that there is a problem with the voltage and the memory might be destroyed. please help me! thank you.
  11. After the problems that i had a few weeks back with my memory I RMAed it and a new pair of memory was brought to me from OCZ. for the past two weeks that i had the memory I had it working at CL 2-3-3-8 at 2.6V(400MHz) according to the OCZ Website. Everything was working excelent so I started overclocking this evening. Since the last time I have changed my AMD 4000+ ClawHammer with a 3500+ Venice and my memory get extra cooling from a 90mm fan. I found in this forum the timings below that are for Venice core prossecors and OCZ VX memory. 200 enable 2.0 02 06 02 07 16 or 14 03 or 02 03 02 or 01 03 or 02 0648, 2560, 3120 auto enabled auto 0 level 8 level 2 auto DRAM responce Time: fast or normal(I tried only fast) auto 256 disable 16 07 disable In Genie Bios 200 and higher(tried 230 at first and 200 after same result) auto 16 16 7 100 disable 1.500v 1.300v above VID 123%(and 113%) 1.30v(and 1.40v) 1.70v(and 1.80v) 3.3v(first tried 3.2v) I tried all different compinations and every time I was getting an error in MEMTEST86+ in the first pass of the test. I also tried in VDIMM 1-3 and 2-4 to see if there was a problem there and every time MEMTest was giving me an error. after that I tested the memory according to OCZ in 2-3-2-8 3.0v(400MHz) to see if I will get an error and again I got one. So is this a problem with the memory again or with the rest of the Hardware that I have? Can you please help me? z
  12. i tried both shutting down and turn off from the back
  13. i probably have a bad stick. i tried again the instructions(http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10644) to see if any lack and it boots with the one stick but when i put the other it doesn't. i then tried to take the (probably good) stick from slot 2 and i putted the (probably bad) stick in slot 4. and it sticks in the third led. if that means i have a bad stick i have one. the think is that a few weeks back when i had the same problem i did the same thing and everything went well with memtest. weird. i will RMA the ram. if any better solutions please post. and thanx by the way.
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