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  1. joecartoon22

    Unlocking The Multiplier On P4 Northwoods?

    i think he is trying to rip you off.
  2. joecartoon22

    Post Your Desktop Screen Shots

    or do u like this one
  3. joecartoon22

    Best M/b For Oc - P4 3.2

    the ABIT- IC is a very good overclocker try that. if not go MSI.
  4. joecartoon22

    Cpu / Agp / Pci Ratios?

    this is the frequency of AGP/PCI your talking about. thanks but i kinda want to know what the ratios are. they have 3/2/1 and some others. can some one please explain to me what these do. i.e. by turning up the agp/pci freuquncy, what does that actually do in performance, heat to the video card, and why do it? editing so i can get my post back in front so maybe someone can answer it finally
  5. joecartoon22

    Cpu / Agp / Pci Ratios?

    as of this moment i have the ratio set at AUTO. i was wondering is there an optimum configuration that will get some better performance. you can check my stats in the sig
  6. joecartoon22

    Corsair Cooling

    where are you reading the system temps from? the hydrocool unit or the bios?
  7. joecartoon22

    Here It Is!

    hey virus thats a nice OC. i got mine running at 3.6 but im a bit nervous running it at 3.7. i had it running there bit it got unstable when i was running prime.
  8. joecartoon22

    Is This Possible

    no way. that is such a big fish story. i bet he got his fsb @ 400mhz not his processor running @ 4.0 gighertz. if so that is godlike. i have exos and am just getting my chip running at 3.6. even with a peltier, i dont think he can get that athlon running at 4.0. that requires either liquid nitrogen or vapor chill. great that your friend has nice gear for his comp but you really shouldnt believe this big fish story. dont just post a wcpuid pic tell him to benchmark the thing and post it in one of their forums.
  9. joecartoon22

    So Wachu Guys Think Of My Rig Now?

    i think it is a bit excessive. i personally like the sleeper models with maybe a little bit of flare. its not about how it looks its about how it performs.
  10. joecartoon22

    Corsair Hydrocool 200 Water Cooling System

    its just like the koolance exos. its an external water pump and radiator combo. i saw one review of it dont remember the site though. i think u can browse through anandtech archived news they had it there. but in short its a decent cooler and it picks up on some of the things that the koolance dropped (ie top filling not bottom filling like the exos). i dont know how they perform compared to each other though the review didnt have that. i have the exos and its pretty decent. check out what my specs are
  11. joecartoon22

    P4 Overclock

    yeah you can clock the pentium 4 higher. you should be able to do it through the bios. why cant you do it? i dont know if there are any reliable ocing tools that u can run through windows. try updating your bios through the manufacturer site. oh wait if u have an intel made board i think u are screwed. dont think they have much ocing potential for the boards they sell themselves.
  12. ok my specs are below but i highly doubt i have the most OCed out of my system. im wondering who here has the pimp . rigs. like 4ghz or maybe more. i want to see your specs.
  13. joecartoon22

    Are These Temps Right?

    ok i just checked my temps after massive amounts of gaming. full load is 52C idle 46C i got my rig running at 3.525 now. any more and its unstable. u think those temps are alright? i got water wetter in the solution as well as artic silver 3 on die. any other solutions?
  14. joecartoon22

    What's In Your Water?

    ok so whats the most ideal solution to have in your water-cooler. mine has 50% distilled water 50% water wetter. is there a better combination? i just would really like to know if there is a better heat absorbing additive to put in the water.