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  1. I heard this was true with a bios flash. just trying to confirm this. thanx
  2. read through the 4th sticky in this forum. the one that ends with updated os install routine. it is extremely helpful in setting up and making sure the system is stable before the os install. with the sata drive you will most like need to use the floppy (i am assuming the floppy you mentioned is the one for raid/sata, even if you are not using a raid setup you still need the 3rd party drivers for the sata drive)and hit f6 during the xp install to load the drivers. someone can correct me if i am wrong
  3. out of curiousity at what level of a64 do the multi's grow past 9x? guess this was one thing i forgot to check out before buying. in fact the thought never crossed my mind to check on this. thanx all
  4. thanx guys. that is what i thought from doing research, but thought i would ask at th source to be sure. scott
  5. see sig for specs. so am i stuck with only increasing the HTT? just like to know where i stand. thanx
  6. thanx, cpuz. i knew it had something to do with cpc, but when viewing the cpc option there was nothing that stated 1T.
  7. i have tried searching the forum for this answer, but half the time the search dialog just tells me it cannot find anything w/ these specified terms. so, it has prompted me to ask the question in a thread, even thought i am sure it has been answered before? what setting in the genie bios indicates/represents whether you are running at 1T or 2T?
  8. did you try updating the firmware on the burner? if not give it a try.
  9. anymore memory recommendations. i need to get my order out today.
  10. i have not built a machine for awhile so i am having to relearn all the terms and such that applies to memory. from what i know there are 2 main types of chips: bh-5 and tccd (please correct me if i am wrong). also, this will be my first 64 machine, so i know many things have changed since the last time i built. currently running a nf7-s2 w/ 2500+barton, 9800ptoxt, 512mb. what is the difference b/t bh-5 and tccd? good/bad points of each? etc. i am really not much of an overclocker but like to know i have the option if i choose to do so (hence getting the dfi board). just want a stable but fast pc, that can be so at near stock if i want or have to run it that way. i have not done too much oc'ing and tweaking of memory (never messed with upping voltages before). thanx
  11. memory is the last piece to the puzzle so to speak. once it is ordered i will be up and running :nod: setup: lanparty nf4 ultra-d 3700+san diego w/xp90hsf seasonic s12-430w bba x800xt 74gb raptor, & a larger sata drive for storage dvd burner, floppy loaded in an antec sonata trying for silent but deadly :tooth: just need the memory. had many suggestions on other forums for the twinmos sp pc3200 (2x512) as best bang for the buck. at its price it is tempting. i was hoping to stay around $150 or less. other suggestions were ocz gold vx or the mushkin redline, both going over the $200 mark thought i would come to the dfi source for memory suggestions before ordering the twinmos. all help is greatly appreciated
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