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  1. ok thanks for the help. just 1 question. How can i see/test if the slot is x2 or x8 or x16 mode ? is there a program for or can you see it in the bios ?
  2. is it possible to move the jumpers by hand ? because there is no chip puller provided.
  3. so if i run my graphics card in the second slot it wil run at x16 speed , right ? and if 2 cards are inserted two times x8.right ?
  4. so the info from dfi is not correct (there are no 2 x16 slots !!!!!!!!!) at page 67 in the manual it says 2 x16 speed pci slots.... furher it says in sli 2 times x8 speed. and in single vga mode slot 1 at x16 and slot 2 at x2. is it possible to run slot PCIE4 at x16 and slot PCIE1 at x2 speeds ? if not, why it says that there are two x16 slots...... gr Dimitri
  5. Hello, i just bougt a nf4 ultra-d and a HIS x800xl graphics card. when i try to install the graphics card in the first pci-X slot it doesn't fit into the slot because the fan of the nb is in ists way(on the x800xl is a large cooling fan on it) so i put it into the second pci-x slot and everything works. now my question. if i put it in the second slot wil it work at x16 speed ? (bandwith) in single vga mode ? the manual says single vga mode: 1 pci exprss graphics card on the pcie I slot will run at x16 bandwith the other x16 (pcie4) will run at x2) but i don't understand it good. will the second pci-x slot run at x2 if a graka is inserted in slot 1, and is this the other way around also? is my card running at x16 in slot 2 ? (nothing is inserted in slot 1) if not,is it possible to change with the jumpers ? i hope you understand what i mean. thanks in advance Dimitri
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