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  1. See my sig for my pc. Everything is currently at stock speeds/voltages. I turned my pc off this morning. When I went to turn it back on, there was no response from the power button. I opened the case, and moved the CMOS reset jumper to reset. Then I put everything back and tried again, still no response. I do see a little amber light flashing by the memory sticks. So, I take a stick out and the amber light stops flashing and just turns on... okay. So now, I press the power switch on the front of the case and the power to the pc turns on, all fans are running, and harddrive is running, but there is no video going to my monitor?? I check the video card. The fan is running, all cables are plugged in. I reseated it and I even tried changing to pcie out #2... still no video. Also, once I have the power going and the computer seems like it should be running, the power and reset switches on the front of the case as well as the buttons on the motherboard don't respond. Ihave to shut down power at the main switch on the back of the unit. There are 4 red lights lit up on the bottom of the motherboard. I'm going to download the manual to tryto find out what they mean... anyinsight into this would be appreciated. Thanks all.
  2. I used search to no avail, so sorry about this: I once saw on this forum a guide that listed all the different BIOS options for memory . It had explanations and suggestions.... ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND THIS??? Thanks
  3. I'm definately not brave enough to remove the IHS.... I can overclock to around 2.57Ghz with little problem at 1.45v Still having trouble with anything above 2.6ghz (even with voltages up to 1.55v) By the way, temps get extremely high when under load (59c) Anyhow, Just thought I'd share.
  4. The speed readings should be the same on these modules, they are the same model, etc.... but maybe they're not. No worries since I already ordered new mem, just saying. I hate not having a solution to a problem..... hmmm... Anyhow, thanks for the input. I'll try to update this thread if I find a solution.
  5. Yes, they are all gold vx pc 4000 (2 were bought in a kit, and 2 were bought separately as 512mb sticks (the two separate sticks worked flawlessly togetther, however, and are the same model, with just a 512 instead of 1024... I dunno...
  6. Previously when I was using 2x512mb gold vx, san diego 3700+, my oc was 2.75ghz and mem was 2-2-2-6 1T. With my new set-up (see sig) I can only get to about 2.5ghz (still not entirely stable) and I think the instability is a result of something going on with the memory. First of all, my computer properties and task manager are only showing 1gb ram, while cpuz is clearly reading 2gb... this bug alone makes me worried. Thus, I'm selling the 4x512 and getting 2x1gb modules.... In the meantime, however, I'd like to know how to fix this. Anybody have any ideas?? Is there a bios setting that can correct this. (I am running 623-2)? EXAMPLES OF INSTABILITY: Prime 95 torture test stable, Super PI 32mb not. 3dmark 2005 freezes up on me...
  7. I'll try the CPC disabled. Thanks... HOPE IT WORKS!!!
  8. New system: X24400+ Ultra-D with 623-2 Bios (currently 2x512mb OCZ vx pc4000) want to add 2 more sticks 2x200gb maxtor SATA drives 7800GTX EVGA Audigy 2 zs I tried the 623-3 and -2 bioses and my pc won't boot at all with 4 sticks of the ocz memory... whats up???
  9. I heard that the -2 and -3 signify optimization for specific types of memory. I'll be upgrading to the 623 BIOS, I just want someone to tell me which version for my OCZ gold VX PC4000. THANKS!!
  10. Thanks for the quick reply I know I should use the search but you get tons of #%* when you search for 2gb or 4x512 etc. etc. and I really didn't want to wade through it all.... Quick questions would be the 2t issue.... is that a for sure or just a likely thing???
  11. Check out my specs. I was thinking of adding another gig of OCZ PC4000 vx memory. I realize I may have difficulties running 1:1 but ultimately, if I use dividers I should be able to approach the same overclock with 2 gigs of this stuff... right? Anyone using something similar to my set-up with 2 gigs?? Any known issues with the ultra-D and 4x512mb ??? Thanks all.
  12. Did a little maintenance this weekend... Switched out the dfi ultra-D stock cooler (with AS5) with a Vantec Iceberq 4 (with as5). The Iceberq required a little finesse and some grinding to make clearance. I also switched out my 6800 ultra cooler from the vf700 cu to an NV5 silencer rev. 2. I also reapplied my xp-90 with a better layer of as5. RESULTS: Graphics card IDLE dropped from 59C to about 53C Graphics load dropped from 80C to about 75C Chipset IDLE dropped from about 49C to about 41C Chipset load dropped from 55C to about 48C CPU IDLE dropped from about 44C to 40C CPU load dropped from 55C to 47C (WOW!!!) Anyhow, I think the graphics card and chipset were really impacting eachother before and now with the enclosed graphics cooling solution of the nv5 I don't get all that hot air build up... Also, I noticed low fan speeds on the chipset are just as effective as if you leave the chipset fan speed on full blast all the time (this is the iceberq 4 we're talking about). Not to mention, this little sucker is quite a bit louder than stock chipset cooler. Thanks, just thought Iwould share my joy.
  13. Okay, view my sig for system specs. Running prime 95 I randomly get a rounding error (after anywhere from 20 minutes to 6hrs)... I noticed when I come back to find this that my virus software pc cillin has attempted to download updates and the little pop-up window is asking for confirmation.... didn't think anything of this being related to prime 95 until the 3rd instance where i came to find prime failed and the little trend micro pop-up.... so I decided to test... I disabled the internet and the trend micro's real-time scan.... and viola!! I was able to run the torture test blend/and small ftt indefinately (small ftt past 24hrs, blend around 16hrs). So, I guess my question is: Is this a bug(does the realtime scan trip up prime testing) or does this indicate my system is unstable???? Thanks.
  14. I have the gold vx running at 3.2v at 250mhz 2-2-2-5 Maybe not typical, but it's doable, plus I have the warranty still.
  15. WHOA!! THEY HAVE SEMPRONS BASED ON THE E. CORES??? ARE YOU SURE??? If so, I bet those are just normal E. chips with cache disabled! In fact, I'm suprised they have sempron chips with Winchester "esque" cores.... Before sending it back, make sure you're not mistaken on the sempy E. cores. If the E. cores do exist, send that sucker back, otherwise try to get some of your money back. If they aren't willing to do something for you except refund you, then take that!!
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