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  1. Hello everybody. Hope you all enjoyed a relaxing and safe holiday weekend. Now down to business. I installed my 2nd eVGA 6600GT to get SLI going. I am having two issues since I SLI'd my rig: 1. When I do a hard reboot, there is no display all the way through the enitre boot process and nothing ever appears. What I have to do is unplug my display from the DVI connector on one of the cards, then plug it into the second, then plug is back into the original connector. Very bizarre. I am using a VGA-to-DVI adapter on an old ViewSonic 15" LCD. 2. Whenever I play Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the screen locks and then the PC does a cold reboot about 2 minutes into the game. This happens everytime as I have tried four or five times now. I checked me display settings in the control panel and noticed a SLI tab in the Advanced properties of the NVIDIA CP. I enabled both checkmark (can't remember the name of the setting tho). I tweaked with that settings but it makes no difference. Both cards are running at 51c and 53c, respectively. The temps on the rest of my components are nominal too, so I ruled out heat problems. Any ideas here? Check my sig for BIOS versions, etc. I am running the latest NVIDIA drivers too. Thanks for any input!
  2. squarrelhanded

    Fan modification, need your oppinions!

    I would recommend you leave the airflow pattern as original. If you make the back fan an intake, the air that is pushed through will heat up immediately from the CPU exhaust and the rest of the components will recieve that heated air. I would mount as many intake fans as possible on the front so cool air will flow inward and cool all of the parts, and put a high-performance exhaust fan in the back to pull that hot air out.
  3. squarrelhanded

    Armor Case?

    I bought three fans the other day: 2 Vantec Stealth 120mm @ 54cfm and 1 Delta 120mm Triple Blade @ 76 cfm. Two of them replaced the stock crap fans that come with the Armor, the third is an additional intake fan. I replaced the stock fan on the drive cage, this time turning it to pull the warmed air from the drives outward and not into my case like the original configuration. I replaced the rear 120mm with a Vantec. I fashioned a 5.25" drive slot kit with the Delta 120mm, turning it inward to act as a massive intake. Finally, I took a reciprocating saw with a fine-tooth blade to the center of the acrylic window on the case door to make a cutout for a spare 120mm I had lying around. I turned that one outward to act as a exhaust. Here are the temp results: STOCK FANS CPU - 41/57 PWM - 46/54 CHIPSET - 45/57 NEW CONFIGURATION CPU - 36/51 PWN - 36/45 CHIP - 44/52 I averaged about a -10C difference in temperature. My ambient temp is 24C.
  4. Hello everyone, In the endless conquest to optimize case flow, I have decided to change out a couple fans in my Armor case. Currently I have two 120x120x25 fans: one is an intact fan mounted in the front of the case and one 120x120x25 mounted in the back next to the CPU, acting as an exhaust fan. I don't think these fans really do the job so I want to get a couple good fans with better CFM ratings. Any recommendations on 120x120x25 fans will be appreciated. I am looking for something >50cfm with reasonable dB. No deltas! Thanks!
  5. squarrelhanded

    Water cooling basics and links.

    Thank you for your efforts in creating this comprehensive, content-rich thread. Hopefully people will notice it and make it a sticky... Wink, wink :nod:
  6. squarrelhanded

    How does this Danger Den water cooling kit look?

    Point taken, AG.
  7. T-10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.... LIFT OFF!!! 220 CFM would literally have your rig levitating off the ground.
  8. Do you realize that Delta fan is 65dB? That would be extremely loud, too loud for me.
  9. That looks like a picture taken from Thermaltake's website. I think that picture depicts the ability to move the single 120mm fan/hard drive cage assembly to any of those spots. I don't see how I could take a 120mm fan and just plop it in without any mounting hardware.
  10. squarrelhanded

    Stability Issues with Clawhammer 4000+

    After reversing the CPU fan (thanks ianocean), I noticed considerable temperature drops. PWN and chipset temps went up though. I began overclocking using the AMD overclocker's guide stickie on these forums. I couldn't even get past the first step! That is the step which determines my system's maximum FSB overclock. Using clockgen in Windows, my system failed to surpass 220mhz on the FSB, which is very poor in my opinion. I think I am looking at a dud CPU. Who knows, Ill keep trying. Now I am looking into optimizing my case airflow. I am thinking about installing an additional 120mm intact fan in the front since I have a spacious Armor case. I also want to replace the stock 120mm fans the case has with Panaflos or Sunons. We'll see....
  11. Mistakes you made (constructive criticism): 1. You used NTune. Don't do it again. NTune can easily destroy a motherboard, so consider that a warning and a lesson learned the hard way. 2. You probably didn't research the BIOS update you were upgrading to. There are different types of BIOS for different types of memory, cpu, etc. Always do a little research before you pull the trigger. The 623-3 BIOS is buggy and caused problems for a lot of people here. Now, if you can get past POST, then you can downgrade your BIOS to its original or a known good BIOS. The 623-2 BIOS is fine, the 5/10 and 3/10 are fine. Revert to your previous BIOS if you were not experiencing problems in the first place. Otherwise, try the 623-2 BIOS.
  12. squarrelhanded

    Armor Case?

    Does anyone know if it possible to mount additional 120mm fans in the front drive bay area? I have a lot of extra slots available; about 5 to be exact. That would fit one more 120mm fan i believe.
  13. Like many of you here, I have an everlasting need to increase case airflow and decrease temperatures. My current goal is to increase air intake and minimize resistance as much as possible. To do this, I want to replace the 2 stock case fans that my Armor case came with (1 is an exhaust fan mounted directly above my CPU assembly, the other is an intake fan which attaches to the front of the hard drive cage) with some highly efficient Panaflo 120mm fans. I also want to add a third 120mm case fan, placing it in the three vacant front 5.25" drive slots directly above the hard drive cage. Lastly, I plan to cut out the area where my 120mm exchaust fan mounts agains and put a finger guard in its place. Anyone here own an Armor case? Every try to install a 120mm fan in the vacant drive bays? I hear it is possible to do, but I am not certain whether additional hardware is required to make it work. Thanks!
  14. squarrelhanded

    How does this Danger Den water cooling kit look?

    My biggest concern is the return on investment. Is it worth switching from air to water?